Thursday, 24 September 2015

Little Shopping Trip | Haul

So yesterday I went to my local shopping centre with my mum to have a look around and to pick up a few things I wanted. It was nice to get out of the house because I haven't been feeling very well for the last few weeks, and I also had a nasty chest infection >.< so I've been wrapped up indoors, spending most of my time watching movies & catching up on TV shows. Luckily, the weather was nice for most of the day and I came home feeling happy with what I'd bought. My main agenda for the shopping trip was to get a new lipstick that goes well with the purple dress I've bought for my birthday celebrations and as you can see in the photo above, I looked at ALOT of different shades! I went into Debenhams looking for MAC lipsticks, but they didn't have any :( I also looked in Boots & Superdrug, and eventually decided on a lovely plum shade by Maybelline. I promised myself that I'd explore using more lipstick colours this year and other than red, I've never worn any bold colours like this, but my friends liked it on me so I'm excited to start wearing it. It's called Plum Passion.

Maybelline Plum Passion Lipstick, Maybelline Lipstick,

Maybelline Plum Passion Lipstick, Maybelline Lipstick,

My shopping budget was not as much as I'd have liked because most of my money is going towards the birthday celebration I have planned for this Friday. Me and my best friend are having a joint birthday party, which is exciting! We've been friends for so long & have never thought of having one big celebration for the both of us but with her birthday being only a week before mine and the fact that this is the first year we've been able to spend our birthdays together since I left for uni 3 years ago, it seems like a great idea! 

Whilst I was out shopping, I also got to see one of my closest friends who was popping into town to meet his brother and decided to join us for dinner at El Greco's cafe. For anyone who lives in and around my hometown, this cafe has always been one of the best. I remember going there with my mum when I was little, and also as a teenager with my friends. I had chips & a bacon sandwich, it was delicious! It was lovely to have a catch up with my friend and chat about how excited we both are for this Friday!

After saying goodbye to my friend, me & my mum went to the market :) I love markets! I really enjoy looking around all the little stalls and finding things that I wouldn't in the shopping centre. I was looking for another birthday present for my best friend but I can't tell you all what I got yet because she reads my blog (Hi Jess!) From the market, I picked up this adorable mystical hare magnet, a dragonfruit scented yankee candle, some cheap purple nail vanish in preparation for Halloween & some map postcards showing some of the towns in the county of Lancashire (where I live)...  map postcards are very popular when swapping postcards with people from other countries :) I always have to get my rabbits a treat when I go to a market; they'll be very happy with these banana chips

Lastly, I couldn't go shopping without having a nosey at all the Halloween stuff! The £1 stores seem to be as excited as I am about Halloween approaching! As soon as autumn begins, I'm constantly thinking about Halloween. It's my favourite holiday of the year, and you can get so many cute things. I got some pumpkin tinsel to put up somewhere in my bedroom to add to the autumn decorations that I already have up. I spotted this Candy Corn scented yankee candle in Clintons. It smells yummy, but not as yummy as the pumpkin gingerbread I got at Morrisons!

Halloween Haul
I had a great day shopping yesterday and spending time with my mum :)

 Hope you're all enjoying your day, wherever you are & whatever you're doing.


Did anyone else go shopping this week? What did you buy? 


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