Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Bonfire Night Celebrations

On Saturday 7th November, I went to the bonfire and firework display at my local country park. I was really happy that I got the chance to go to an event this year, because for the last three years at university I went to an event and I was missing uni a lot as I sat at home on bonfire night listening to all the sound of distant fireworks outside. Facebook timehop reminded me of the bonfire event in my hometown by showing me a photo of me & my friends there 4 years ago, so me and my mum decided to go. The event at Witton Country Park in Blackburn, Lancashire (NW England) is great fun! There's a fun fair, lots of yummy fastfood stalls, a great bonfire and a fantastic firework display. This post is going to be rather picture heavy, but I hope you all enjoy it!

When we arrived at the park, the first stop was the fun fair because it's always set up right by the entrance. I love funfairs... all the bright colourful lights, impressive cartoons and illustrations painted all over the rides and the music. They look so much better at night too. I love the sound of laughter and people's excited screams when they are on fast rides. I don't actually like going on rides myself so whenever I went in the past with my friends, I've had to awkwardly stand next to the rides being the designated bag and coat holder, but my mum doesn't like rides either so it was fun to walk around and just enjoy the atmosphere of the fair. At the end of the night after the firework display we revisited the fun fair and I had a go on a hook-a-duck game, only it was hook-a-dalmation as you can see the first photo! oh well, I won a little duck teddy so I suppose that fits in with the tradition :) haha. 

Me and my mum had a go on another game to try and win a great hello kitty. The game sounded easy and we watched other people winning before us, but it was much harder than it looked! We had to throw balls into a giant bucket thing, but they kept hitting the back and bouncing back out. You also weren't allowed to lean forward against the front of the stall when throwing the ball or let the balls hit the silver rim of the buckets. I was sad that I didn't get a giant plushie! 

 I really enjoy standing by a fire feeling the heat as soon as you walk towards it and the warmth on your face. It truly feels like autumn when you go to a bonfire at a park because you are surrounded by trees covered in autumn leaves and they are all over the ground at your feet. I like how bonfire night is a unique British tradition, too so it feels kind of special when so many people come together to watch the bonfire. 30 minutes after the bonfire was lit, it was time for the firework display, and it was amazing! It lasted for about 20 minutes and there were so many different types of firework. I love the kind that rain down and look almost like a willow tree. Who else went to a firework display? 

I left Witton Park feeling very happy, with boots covered in mud (I almost slipped on the grass because I'm ridiculously clumsy) with a cute duck teddy, a bag of blue and pink candyfloss (It's been ages since I last ate some so I couldn't resist!), a mint & chocolate nougat bar and one of those dummies made of rock. I also ate a decilious burger whilst I was there. I think it's a fantastic event that I really recommend attending if you are from the local area, plus all of the entry fees go to local charities. I cannot wait until next year!

I'd love to hear all about everyone else's bonfire night... what did you do? 


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