Saturday, 7 November 2015

October Lucky Dip Club

 If you read my latest 'I've got mail' post last week, you'll know that I received my lucky dip club box, and now it's time to show you what was inside. This box was my first ever lucky dip club box and the theme was 'Biscuit Box'. I've been following #luckydipclub on instagram for a while, checking out all the photos of what people got in their boxes each month. I loved all the unique items that subscribers received, so as soon as I got the chance I ordered myself a box. 

Inside this month's box was: a personalised Nice biscuit brooch, Charm Club: Jammy Dodger, Party Ring Post-it Notes and two items from artist Nikki McWilliams, a DIY mini biscuit cushion & You're a Smart Cookie wall art. I really like how the boxes support small businesses, illustrators and designers and always include items from a different artist in each box. The other items are also unique and made especially for the lucky dip club, which is cool!


By following the lucky dip club on instagram, I have discovered that every box includes a DIY set/kit of some sort, which is great if you are an artsy person. The DIY sets are designed in a simple way with easy-to-understand instructions so everyone can have a go at making them. This is great for me because I'm not the best at DIY kits! :) I really like the packaging and overall appearance of the DIY kit. Nikki McWilliams is such a fantastic artist; check out her instagram here for lots of awesome biscuit themed creativity. The other item in the box by Nikki is the wall art, which is a lovely piece. It's made on great quality card that has such a nice texture! I love the feel of this kind of card. Am I weird or does anyone else feel the same way? haha. The font is shiny and sparkles with different colours when you move it so it would look pretty up on the wall whenever the light shined on it. There's a nice detail on the lettering too, the O's are shaped like biscuits

 Every lucky dip club box contains a personalised item and in the October box, subscribers received a lovely wooden brooch that was 'hand-baked' as the card details by the lucky dip club. There's an awesome little poem on the back of the card that reads... 'Savoury or sweet, you're always a treat, when I'm having a brew, it's perfect with you. I open the tin, reach a hand in, grab something yummy, to get in my tummy. Biscuits, we love you, Biscuits, we do, you're so blooming tasty, we need at least two!'. This poem is fabulous and has made me crave biscuits! I collect pin badges and brooches so this item was great for me! 

This is what was inside the mini silver envelope. All the little packaging is another thing I loved about this box. It's like receiving a snailmail package from one of my penpals. The card inside explains that each box from March-December 2015 contains a 'Charm of the Month', but this item is also great for people who get the box as a one-off. I'm glad there was an option when subscribing for whether you wanted to receive silver or gold coloured charms as I prefer silver. The charm is pretty and can be removed from the chain and used as a charm on a bracelet. I'm happy I got a jammy dodger because  they are one of my favourite biscuits. I wish the chain would have been a little longer though, but that's because I personally prefer to wear longer necklaces. 

The last item in the box was the party ring post-it notes and since I love stationary, I was very happy to receive these. I'm glad that there is no hole in the centre as I've seen with similar products. It's annoying when you buy a pretty set of sticky notes but cannot write much on them so the ones in the lucky dip box are great. You get a good amount of sheets and they are so cute. Next to the DIY set, these were my second favourite item in the box. Overall, I was surprised with how many items fit into such a thin box and I recommend this box to anyone who likes art and being creative. You don't get many items but it's nice to know that you are helping a small business by subscribing

Due to the boxes being so popular, they sell out quickly which means you have to get online on the 1st of each month at 7am on the dot to make sure you get a box! I almost forgot to mention the awesome newsletter inside the box which had a lovely, colourful biscuit illustration on the front & a page of short articles fitting in with the biscuit theme including a recipe and details about the artists involved with the October box. 

When you open up the newsletter, you get this lovely party ring paper that can be used for scrapbooking, art projects, smashbooking and much more. It is so pretty! I would definitely purchase a notebook or a pencil case with this design. I love it! 


Who else gets the lucky dip club box? 
What was your favourite item in the Biscuit Box? 


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