Saturday, 14 May 2016

Princess Mononoke Necklace

Happy Saturday Everyone! I hope you are all having a great day! This is the first post that I have ever scheduled! Right now, me & my friend are in Stockholm, Sweden, ready to watch the Eurovision Song Contest live tonight! *squeals* I wanted to show you all my awesome new necklace. I absolutely love Studio Ghibli so when I spotted this, I couldn't resist buying myself one. Enjoy!

Before I show you all the necklace, I thought I'd let you know where it's from. I bought this fantastic hand-made necklace from the etsy store, ObakuStyle, which is based in the US. It costs just under £18, plus £11.41 shipping to the UK. It's a pretty pricey product but it's something that I didn't mind paying for because I love Princess Mononoke; it's my favourite Studio Ghibli movie and I also absolutely adore wooden jewellery! Without further ado, here's my fabulous Princess Mononoke mask :)

 I am really happy with this product! Just look at all of the gorgeous detail and bold colours! It's made from baltic birch wood and I really like the 'burnt' appearance around the edge of the mask that has been created when the wood was laser cut. It's perfect how similar it looks to Mononoke's mask, and I'm lovin' how they've incorporated her earrings into the design. However, my absolute favourite thing about this necklace is the little 'bones' dangling underneath the mask. Mononoke wears a necklace of bones on the Studio Ghibli movie and I think the addition of these to the necklace just makes it so much more wonderful!

The gold chain used for the necklace and the loops that attach the 'bones' underneath the mask go really well with the colours of the pendant. The necklace is 24'' long and made of steel. I can't wait to wear this awesome necklace at Comic Con this year! I'm planning to go as Totoro from My Neighbour Totoro but I still think this will be a great addition to my cosplay. What do you all think of this necklace?

Finally, the only negative thing about purchasing this necklace was that I was charged handling fees and tax from customs. For the item itself, I only had to pay around £3 but then the Royal Mail charged me a further £8 for handling and processing the item. It's so expensive, which has put me off ordering another similarly-priced item in the future from the US unless it's something that I really like. I'm very impressed with this product so I don't mind paying this extra fee too much. 

Thankyou for reading!


Fellow Ghibli fans, what's your favourite Studio Ghibli movie and/or character? 
Do you own any cool Ghibli merchandise? 

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  1. Oh my that necklace is beautiful! I had a nose on the Etsy store at the other items on offer, and this is by far the nicest one of the bunch. :)

    My favourite Studio Ghibli movie is definitely Spirited Away. ^_^

    1. Thanks :3 it's lovely, isn't it!? :) Spirited Away is an amazing movie! I love the soot sprites that work in Kamaji's boiler room, No Face and Haku/Kohaku River Dragon <3 Who's your favourite character from Spirited Away?


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