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April Pop! in a Box

Happy May everyone! I hope you all have some lovely things planned for this month; I can't wait to read about them on your blogs! For me, this month is going to be a fun-filled one. I mentioned last week that I'm heading to Sweden, plus my tickets have finally arrived ready for the Busted concert in Manchester later this month :) I'm really looking forward to the next four weeks; I'm feeling full of optimism and excitement!

Last month, I decided to change my Pop in a Box subscription plan so I'd receive two Pop! vinyl figures each month :) So without further ado, here are the figures I got... 

I got Sally & Nightshade Sally! I love these two Pop! figures, they are adorable! However, it's typical that I would get two of the same character at the same time! This sort of thing always happens to me. When you sign up to the Pop in a Box subscription, you are shown all of the figures available and can give a 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' on the ones you like and the ones you never want to receive. Whilst doing this, I decided to give both Sally's a thumbs up because I love Sally and I thought this would give me a better chance of some day receiving at least one of the Sally figures. Well, I got my wish! Just not how I thought I would hahaha :) 

The first figure that I pulled out of it's box to have a good look at was Sally, figure 16 from the Funko Pop! series 2 Disney collection. There are so many awesome figures in this collection and I would love to also add Belle and The Beast to my Pop! collection! How cute is this Sally figure though!? I love how happy she looks and I think her hair looks really cute, the way it slightly curves outwards, and I like how bright it is. I adore the way she's holding her arms, too! It almost looks as if she's either about to start dancing or curtsy. 

Her patchwork dress looks lovely, although different to how it looks in the Nightmare Before Christmas movie. I really love how they've designed Sally's eyelashes. They look unique and very similar to Tim Burton's Sally, and so pretty. The only thing that disappointed me about this Pop! figure is the paint on her face. It's not very visible on the photos but it's glossy and a little messy. It appears mucky and it's such a shame, because the figure looks great apart from this. There's a small mistake on the right side of her hair, it looks like a blob of glue or something (you can see it as a white mark on the photo above) and some of the red paint on her lips bleeds onto her face.

The other Pop! that I got was Nightshade Sally, figure 154 from the Funko Pop! Disney series 7, a Nightmare Before Christmas collection. Nightshade Sally is definitely my favourite of the two figures, as I think she's just a lot more well-designed. The little additions of the jar of nightshade and the black cat are fantastic! The jar has a tiny label on it that reads 'Deadly Nightshade' and it's so cute! Her long hair resembles the Nightmare Before Christmas Sally's hair; it looks great! I only just realised when photographing these figures that she comes with a clear plastic stand, but she can stand fine without it so I probably won't use it.

Funko pop sally, sally funko, sally pop, nightmare before christmas sally,

I love the paint job of this figure, it's very matte and is gorgeous. I like the stitching on Nightshade Sally's face a lot more than on the other Sally figure. They are a lot more pronounced and are painted in different shade of blue to the face so they really stand out. This Sally's dress looks a lot more like the characters dress, too. I love everything about this awesome figure! There are some small scratches around the mouth of this Pop! that appear to have been painted over so you can just spot them ever so slightly. Her lips are also misaligned but I think this actually adds to her apperance and fits in with their character as she's a ragdoll. 

I think these two Sally figures look adorable when stood side by side with one another. They instantly make me think of Joy and Sadness from Inside Out :) I prefer the happy appearance of the Disney Series 2 Sally Pop! and the colour of her hair, but I love everything else about the Disney Series 7 Nightshade Sally Pop! When shown together, the matte finish of the Nightshade Sally is more visible in contrast to the glossy look of Sally's paint, which is reflecting the light coming through the window of my bedroom. The eyes of the Sally figure also protrude more than the Nightshade Sally's eyes, which I don't really like. Overall, they are both lovely figures and I'm happy to add them to my overgrowing Funko Pop! collection. I can't wait to see what's inside my May Pop in a Box!

Thankyou for reading!


Do you have any Nightmare Before Christmas Pop! figures? Which is your favourite out of these two Sally figures? & I'd love to know which Pop! figures are on your wishlist! 

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