Monday, 9 May 2016

The Papergang

Last month, I signed up to a new monthly stationary subscription box from the awesome company OHH DEER, which sells the loveliest products with quirky illustrations on. I absolutely love stationary and after reading about The Papergang box, I couldn't resist buying it for myself. It's about time that I showed you all what I got inside :) 

I really adore the way The Papergang box is packaged, tt looks so pretty! The box arrived inside this lovely bright pink sleeve and I like the design of the cut-out lettering. Something that makes the packaging even more awesome is that on the back of the sleeve, there's a quirky 'make your own deer' thing to cut out and fold. I think this is a fantastic idea and I'll be sure to post a photo on instagram when I've made mine!  

As soon as opened the box, I was greeted by this super cute membership patch. He's called Drew and is the leader of The Papergang! I love how bright this patch is, and it's so well-made and really soft. I can't wait to pop him on one of my bags. It would be awesome to receive more members of The Papergang patches in future boxes. This adorable patch was attached to the sky-blue tissue paper that was wrapped around the items and made me so much more excited about what I would find in the rest of my box. 
 Ta-da! Here are all the items that came in my Papergang box!
The Papergang Box promises stationary items such as greeting cards, desk accessories, art prints and notebooks, and they certainly delivered on their promise :) I received 6 stationary/illustration items: two prints, a greeting card, a notepad/listpad, a quirky wooden ruler and another lovely card. 

I think the illustration on this 'Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles' greeting card is so cute! I like the pattern on the armchairs, the little bit of stream over Raphael's coffee mug and how colourful the illustration is, it really stands out. I just love square cards and the red & white border on the envelope is cool too. It reminds me a little of airmail envelopes. How sweet is this Red Panda card!? It's my 2nd favourite item in the entire box. Red Pandas are gorgeous animals and this one is wearing a jumper!! *squee* I think the realistic illustration of the Red Panda's face is fantastic and so detailed. I don't know what it is about brown envelopes but I really like them :) Anyone else feel the same? Although the ruler is an interesting, quirky item that will look pretty on any desk, I have to say that it's my least favourite item in the box. I don't like thick rulers and it's not a design that appeals to my tastes. 

 The flamingo art print is great; it has a very cute and simple design. I like the black and gold colour scheme and it would look great on an office wall in my opinion. It's not really my style but I think it's a nice print. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this notepad/listpad! It's definitely my favourite item. I love making lists so I can never have too many pretty notepads. It's great quality, thick paper and the tropical rainforest border is beautiful. I love that it's lined, because otherwise my writing is all over the place haha I can even use it for snailmail. 

 This is the final item that I got in my box. It's a lovely print, very summery. It would look great framed in any room and its the same colour scheme as the flamingo so the prints could be displayed together well. It's not really my style so I will probably gift it to a friend. 

Overall, I would very much recommend The Papergang box if you love unique stationary. It's a great value for money, only costing around £12 if you're in the UK (box plus shipping). I love how the each box is themed and includes work from a different artist. The artist involved in this box was Gemma Correll who is such a fabulous illustrator. In just under 2 weeks, I'll receive my next box and I can't wait to see what I get!

Thankyou for reading!


Which is your favourite item in this box? 
Do you get any other stationary boxes? I'd love to hear all about them. 

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  1. All of these things are so cute! I especially love the little membership badge! I really need to subscribe to a box like this! Xx


    1. Thankyou :) I couldn't recommend it more if you love stationary! I can't wait to get my next box! x

  2. All of these things are so cute! I especially love the little membership badge! I really need to subscribe to a box like this! Xx


  3. I was a bit disappointed with the second box. I didn't feel it was as good value. I hope the third will be better xx

    1. Yeah, I agree :( I don't like the prints too much and I won't use them, and I'm not sure who I would use the Mutant Ninja Turtles card for either. I didn't like the ruler :( Fingers crossed for this next box x

  4. The red panda card is adorable! This is such a cute idea.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird


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