Monday, 30 May 2016

May Pop in a Box

Trying to organise this blog post today was stressful. My laptop is broken and it's seriously about time I got a new one. I'm saving for a new fancy camera so I'm sad that I'm going to have to dab into my savings to get a laptop now! But finally, here is today's post! It's all about which Funko Pop figures I got from my Pop in a Box subscription this month. Enjoy!

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I'm really happy with the two Pop! figures I received this month. I actually squealed with joy when I saw the orange box through the bubblewrap and was 96% sure that I'd received a Dragonball Z character! I'm over the moon that I finally have a character from one of my favourite animes ever to add to my fast-growing Funko collection! I'm super happy to have received a Beauty and the Beast character too, since it's joint 1st place in my list of favourite Disney movies along with The Lion King. 

 The DBZ character that I received is Super Saiyan Goku and wow, he looks so awesome! He's really cute and I love all of the details of his design, too. He's not my favourite character in this whole collection but I'm still glad to have received him as I want to get all of the DBZ Pop! vinyls. I really like how bright this figure is and his costume looks great. 

My favourite thing about this Goku Pop! has to be his incredible hair! Funko did an amazing job of it, it really resembles the cartoon and has so much detail. Another thing that I really like is Goku's clenched fists. I'm completely in love with this figure. One thing that is a little annoying is that there's a tiny blob of paint on his right eye which makes it not smooth. It's not really noticeable on the photos but now that I've seen it, I can't stop noticing it! It's not a major problem though, and I'm still really chuffed that I got my first DBZ Pop!

 Here's a close up of Super Saiyan Goku's hair, just because it's fantastic and I wanna show it off!

How adorable is this figure of The Beast though!? I love the smile on his face and his cute little fangs. I mean, just look how sweet his 'beard' and eyebrows are! Awww, I love the design of this Pop! I think his suit looks so nice and I'm really glad that they choose to put him in the outfit he wears to dance with Belle. I'm lovin his bright yellow waistcoat and royal blue blazer. 

Another feature of his design that I love are his horns, but my favourite part of The Beast figure is his little ponytail which has a royal blue bow in it. It's super cute and I'm glad that they included it in his design! I just need the Belle Pop! now; I'll be really happy when I can display the adorable couple together.

Even though he's really adorable, I have to admit that I'm not happy with this particular figure because of how bad the paintjob is! As you can see in all of the photos of The Beast above, the painting on his right fang is really messy and it's a shame that it's on his face because it's then visible everytime I look at the figure. There's also bad painting on his eyebrow, his yellow waistcoat and in various little spots all over the figure. A further disappointing thing is that the head is not attached very well (visible in the photo above) and I've tried to push it to see if it will straighten, but it's doesnt. I wish that Pop in a Box would check the figures before packing them as they are collectables and are supposed to be on display so it's a real shame when they look messy. 

If anyone has any tips on how I can remove the messy paint around his fang without removing the brown paint from his face, please let me know :)

Overall, I am very happy with the characters that I received this month and I'm looking forward to receiving June's Pop in a Box (I'm tempted to order three this time!). I've been showing Super Saiyan Goku off to anyone who will listen! I'm completely fangirling over him and he's gonna be getting pride of place on top of my gecko's tank for a while :) Until I get Vegeta that is!

Thankyou for reading!

How many Pop! figures do you have? Do you have a favourite? 
Which Pop! are you most wanting to add to your family of figures right now?

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  1. OMGGGG I can't believe you got Beast, I have been after him for ages! :D I agree, sometimes the paintwork is shocking! I wish they had a better quality control, like you say they are supposed to be on display, you would think they would be perfect!

    Emily / The Mini Mermaid

    1. hahaha :) I hope you get Beast soon!

      It really is :( it's such a shame. I'm seriously thinking of complaining to them if I get another that is really messy. x


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