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August Pop in a Box

Hello lovelies :) this post was supposed to go out yesterday but it was just not my day at all! I was so fatigued and brain fog meant that my concentration was literally non-existent. So apologies for my sporadic posting schedule. It's been a busy week! I've been preparing for going to Manchester Pride this weekend, and doing lots of panicking over it. Thanks anxiety! I am really excited though too. The weather is lovely today & I really hope it's like this tomorrow. Today's post is this month's edition of my Pop in a Box subscription. I hope you all enjoy these posts! 

August Pop in a Box, monthly Pop in a Box subscription,

I was delighted with my Pop in a Box this month! Although, I'm always going to be happy with the Pop! vinyls I receive because I have given them a thumbs up on the website, it's always exciting to find out which ones are going to be inside the box each month. You almost forget which ones you've 'liked', which makes the surprise even more awesome. If you read my Pop in a Box posts each month, you'll already know that I get two each time. In my August box, I was sent Luna Lovegood & Snowball. I thought it would be fun to take my Pop in a Box photographs in the garden this month, and I'm glad I did!

August Pop in a Box, monthly Pop in a Box subscription,

I'm so so happy with this Luna Lovegood Pop! Luna is my favourite character from the Harry Potter novels/movies and she's a fellow Ravenclaw! (Where my fellow Harry Potter fans at? :) Let me know which house you are in in the comments). I really love the design of the entire figure; it's just so pretty!

August Pop in a Box, monthly Pop in a Box subscription,

August Pop in a Box, monthly Pop in a Box subscription,

I really like the design of Luna's hair. It's just so pretty and they've captured the wavy look perfectly. It has me feeling very envious of that hair! It reminds me of Daenerys' hair from Game of Thrones too. I think all of the detail that have gone into her uniform is fantastic! It looks great. All of the little details on this Pop make it one of my favourites in my entire Pop collection. I'm definitely impressed by the tiny spider ring on her hand and by her strawberry earrings, which are so intricately designed. She even has a wand! This figure is just so amazing, and has done justice to my favourite character.

August Pop in a Box, monthly Pop in a Box subscription,

 Look, Funko have even given her rosy red cheeks. She's just too adorable! 

This little cutie is called Snowball, a character from the animation movie 'The Secret Life of Pets'. Although, I've not watched the movie and I'm not sure it would actually be my cup of tea after seeing the trailers, I am obsessed with rabbits and so I had a mighty need to add this figure to my collection! It's just so bloody cute!

August Pop in a Box, monthly Pop in a Box subscription,

August Pop in a Box, monthly Pop in a Box subscription,

The first feature that I noticed on this Pop figure is it's ears! I love the design of them, they are awesome! They look so much better than if they were just pointed, and they just add so much to the figure as a whole. This Pop's tiny pink nose is gorgeous! It just makes the figure look so sweet and I love that he's holding a carrot too. Something that makes it just so much more adorable is the fact that it's smaller than standard Pop figures. 

August Pop in a Box, monthly Pop in a Box subscription,

How sweet are his two little bunny teeth!? Overall, I am more than happy to have added both of these fabulous figures to my Funko Pop! collection, especially the Luna one! I can't wait to see which figures arrive next month. Who else collects Funko Pop's? 

*Update* those 'strawberries' in Luna's ears are actually radishes :) You can tell I haven't read the books haha (well I've read The Philosopher's Stone & The Chamber of Secrets, but I seriously need to get them all read!).

Thankyou for reading! 


Who's your favourite Harry Potter character? 
Have you seen the Secret Life of Pets? What did you think of it? 

 Which Pop figures are on your wishlist? Check out mine: 


  1. My sister has that Luna pop! I thought the ear rings were meant to be radishes cos it's mentioned somewhere in the books that she's wearing radish ear rings haha! We are huuuuge Harry Potter fans! I'm a slytherin! :DD you should watch The Secret Life of Pets and see if you enjoy it, it's actually hilarious! Though that bunny character you have is actually not a sweet lil bunny at all in the film ;P

    Amber Love Blog

    1. hahaha thanks for letting me know! :) I've only ever read the first two Harry Potter books; I seriously need to get them read! Awesome! I always wanted to be in Slytherin when I was little. I will definitely give it a watch. Even better then, reminds me of my own bunnies. They are so grumpy :3


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