Saturday, 27 August 2016

August Wishlist

Happy Saturday! At the time this post goes out, my friends & I will be in Manchester city at our first ever Pride event. I can't wait to spend the day supporting the LGBTQ+ community & celebrating everyone's right to be able to love whoever they want to! I'm going to be sharing snaps of the event throughout the day so follow me on snapchat if you wanna see what's happening (add me at raiin_monkey). Anyhow, here's my wishlist for this month :) Enjoy! 

August Wishlist
1. Pets Pop! Vinyl Figure German Shepherd How cute are the figures from the new Funko Pop Pets series!? I'd happily have one of every dog breed that they have available in the series, but German Shepherds are my second favourite breed, after Belgian Shepherds, so this has to be the first to join my Pop collection. It's sad expression looks so adorable, makes me just want to give it a cuddle!

2. Oversized Hand Print Tee I've been curious about trying the plus size range at for a while now and I'm gonna start with this lovely shirt. I absolutely love the Hamsa Hand and the symbolism behind it. It is a protection symbol in many religions, representing happiness and good fortune. I love the beautiful, intricate design of the Hamsa, and I would love to own this tee. The range is also called Plus Sarah apparently, so it's literally made for me haha

3. Urban Decay Moondust Palette This new eyeshadow palette is so flippin' gorgeous! Just look at all those shimmery, vibrant colours! I especially love the blues and the green shade, and the names of the shades also sound awesome. Glittery eyeshadows have really grown on me, and I'd love to experiment with more colours.

4. 104 Things to Photograph Recently, one of my lovely friends sent me a picture of this book, and it went straight onto my mental wishlist. I have other books from the 'Things To' range but I never knew they had a photography version. I'm really curious to see what prompts are inside this activity book, and I'm hoping they will help give me some blogging inspiration, too. The book is hardback & I know that it includes slots inside for adding your photographs, so it's pretty much like a photo album which I think is really cool. 

5. Lush Cosmetics Roller Bath Bomb I'm always on the look out for new Lush bath bombs to try! I really love bath bombs, as they make me motivated to have a bath VS a shower. Living with chronic pain, chronic illnesses or disabilities can mean that tasks that others may find simple are challenging. When I am feeling very fatigued, I don't have the strength to stand up for long in the shower, but I am put off by the idea of having a bath because it sometimes worsens my back pain. Using bath bombs makes getting into the bath both a fun and pampering experience, so they are really helpful for me. I've never tried the 'Roller' bath bomb before and I would love to, since it contains citrus which is one of my favourite scents and geranium, which I'm curious about as I really enjoyed the Mother's Day special ladybird bubble bar that contained geranium oil. Have you tried this bath bomb before? Tell me what you thought of it :) 

6. Five Cream Heart Drawers I've been searching for a pretty set of drawers like these for a while now that I can store all of my make-up and jewellery in. These are just perfect; I love how they look and the heart shaped cut-outs that work as 'handles' are super cute! For just under £20, I thought they were fantastic!

7. CowCow Watecolour Beetles Skater Dress I had heard so much about CowCow online because they made the prettiest dresses in plus sizes, and so I decided to order myself some to see if they were as good as they looked. I absolutely adored the dresses I received, they were really comfortable and the designs didn't stretch when the dress was on, which is a new for me. I have been able to find lovely plus sized quirky skater dresses online but when you get them, they are either not very flattering, or the design almost always stretches, making some of the patterns look all misshapen. Well, this didn't happen with my CowCow skater dresses & I was over the moon! I now want to order sooo many of their dresses, and at the top of my list is this watercolour beetle dress, because I love watercolour designs & I really love insects. I'm a bit of an entomology nerd. Yes, I'm the weird person who finds bugs fantasinating (even wasps, although they can be fascinating behind a glass barrier thankyou very much!). Anyone else a proud bug lover?

8. Pets Pop! Vinyl Figure Maine Coon The new Pets series of Pop figures includes cats too! Yay! So of course, I also need one of those. When I was little, I was almost 100% sure that I preferred dogs to cats, but as I've gotten older, my love for cats has definitely been awakened. I now can't actually decide which I prefer, since they both have qualities that I adore. Norwegian Forest Cats are my favourite breed, however since Maine Coons are so similar, I love them too. This Pop! is really really cute! What's your favourite type of cat?

Thankyou for reading!

What's on your wishlist this month? Also, are you Team cat or Team dog?  

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  1. Okay, I am team cat always, haha. Kitties are just so cute and snuggly! I haven't tried that bath bomb, actually I hadn't even heard of it. Maybe it isn't available in Canada yet? It sounds lovely, though! And that dress is adorable! I'm not a big fan of creepy-crawlies, but some bugs are cute, like butterflies and lady bugs and bumblebees :) And those drawers! So adorable!

    I don't really have anything on my wishlist right now, although bath bombs are always a priority... And I am going to be near a Lush store very soon... :D

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. Hahaha :) cats are wonderful! It sucks when they do a really cool bathbomb but it isn't stocked internationally. I hope that it comes to Canada soon! Yes! Bumblebees are so cute :3

      Awesome!! Time for a lush haul then!! :) x

  2. I'd be so tempted by the 104 things to photograph - I've got a few of those - things to write , things to draw etc. I love them because it makes it really effortless to be creative which you need sometimes

  3. Oh my the Pets pops look so damn cute! I was hoping they would have a poodle one, but sadly they don't. :(


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