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Brogan Coral Prints

I mentioned in my What I bought at Comic Con post a few days ago that I had purchased some gorgeous prints that I felt deserved a post all to themselves, so that's what today's post is going to be all about. The two lovely prints that I bought from the Brogan Coral stall at Manchester MCM Comic Con. I'm really happy with these prints and I can't wait to put them up in my bedroom. Enjoy reading!

Brogan Coral Prints, Brogan Coral Artwork,

Last year, I went to my first Comic Con expo in Manchester and whilst there, I had a look around so many stalls displaying the most beautiful and interesting artwork in loads of different styles; there was artwork to suit pretty much every taste. I came across a stall that instantly caught my eye with such lovely, vibrant cartoon-style illustrations. I fell in love with all of the quirky characters and fantasy designs. I had already spent ALOT of money that day and so I could only choose one print to take home with me. I actually choose the one you can see on the business card above, on the far left of the blue haired girl holding a heart-shaped padlock. I really adored the colour scheme and just the look of the character. I was a little sad that I couldn't buy all of the prints there! 

As you all know by now, because I basically haven't shut up about it haha, I went to the 2016 Manchester Comic Con a couple of weeks ago. I was over the moon when I spotted that the same stall from last year was in the artists section of the expo! I had forgotten to pick up a business card so I didn't even know the name of the artist to be able to order more artwork online, so I was happy to see them there again. I decided that I was going to buy two more prints to display with one I already had, and here are the prints I chose...

Brogan Coral Prints, Brogan Coral Mermaids Prints,

How gorgeous are these!? They are some of the prettiest mermaid illustrations I've ever seen. I love the two toned colours of their tails, both start off with bold colour and fade into a pale, pastel shade. I love the design of their long wavy hair, which also includes a mix of several shades. The little dots and stars surrounding the mermaids give the prints both an under the sea feel but also a galaxy, intergalactic one too. I really like the pearl chains adorning the mermaids hair and tails as well. 

Brogan Coral Prints, Brogan Coral Mermaids Prints,
This mermaid print is my favourite of the two, and it was the first print that my eyes were drawn to as I approached the stall. I prefer both the hair style and colour on this mermaid, as well is it's top/bra and the position of it's arms. The expression on this mermaids face is so adorable. Plus, I also feel like this print matches the one I purchased last year too. 

Brogan Coral Prints, Brogan Coral Mermaids Prints,

Although this print is beautiful and I know that both the mermaid prints will look awesome as a pair together on my wall, I did actually want to buy another of the prints that the Brogan Coral stall had on display. Unfortunately, it had sold out; that's what I get for going to Comic Con later in the day! A detail that I do prefer on this print is the colour of mermaids eyelashes, they are a dark blue VS the black eyelashes on the other print. The facial expression of this mermaid reminds me of a teddy that I've had since I was a baby, so that's nice. 

The artwork by Brogan Coral is seriously stunning and I'm super happy that I have some really lovely prints to show off once I pick up some frames worthy to display these illustrations. Brogan creates a variety of fabulous prints so be sure to check out her website. She also does freelance custom prints, which I am definitely interested in for the future :) 

Thankyou for reading!

What do you think of my new prints?
 I'd love some recommendations of artists who create similar bright, fantasy, kawaii style prints!

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