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Favourite Posts of the Month: July Edition

I've been meaning to start this new feature on my blog for a while now, but I've never quite gotten around to it. I will start the month compiling a list of all of the awesome blog posts that have really stood out to me but because of stress or fatigue or forgetfulness, I'll never keep up with it. So finally, I decided to get my act together and share with you some of my favourite blog posts of July. Each month, I want to show my love for other blogger's posts, for all of the time and effort they put into their blogs, to say thankyou for brightening up my day with their words or sharing about a personal topic that I can relate to or learn something from. I hope you all enjoy reading!

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The rest of the photographs you'll see are taken by the bloggers who have written the posts, not by me :) I just wanted to show off their fabulous photography so you can have a snippet of the post itself. Be sure to check out the wonderful posts mentioned :) 

The first post I would like to bring to everyone's attention is written by the lovely Nicole Marie over at Thifty Vintage Fashion. '30 Things You Will Understand If You Went To A British Primary School' was a post that I really enjoyed reading. It was so nostaglic to follow the list whilst reminiscing about all of the awesome memories I have of Primary School. Seriously check out this post for a trip down memory lane. Nicole's blog is filled with such wonderful posts so it was a challenge to mention just one of them for you today. 

I absolutely love beautiful photography and this post by the awesome Sophie over at Shy Life Living has some of the best photos that I saw in July. 'Style Snippets: Edinburgh Botanical Gardens' is both a fashion and lifestyle post, including photographs around some stunning gardens and an outfit that I really like. The Edinburgh Botanical Gardens is now added to the massive list of places that I would love to visit. Go check out Sophie's other Style Snippet posts too; they're great!

Almost everyone I know is playing Pokemon Go right now and it's no surprise because it's bloody awesome! Fellow Pokemon fans like myself have obviously fell in love with the game but it's also been pretty interesting to see people playing it who have never watched the anime or even heard of Pokemon before. I love it! It's getting people out of the house more, and has been shown to be having a positive effect on people's mental health already. As someone who personally struggles with mental health conditions, I can say that it is definitely helping me become more motivated to go out which in turn is boosting my mood. 

As well as mental health conditions, I also have a chronic pain condition which can make it challenging to keep up with all of the other Pokemoners. The wonderful Tania over at When Tania Talks has written a really helpful post for fellow spoonies on how to make the most of Pokemon Go when you are living with chronic health conditions and disabilities. 'Pokemon Go Disability Hacks' is a fantastic post that everyone should have a read of. 

The photograph above just illustrates the gorgeous, cuteness overload that you will find over at The Flower That Blooms, which is run by the fabulous Rachel & Lauren. 'Paperchase Haul-Purr Maids Collection' showcases a beautiful new collection, including colourful, vibrant, girly stationery with the most adorable cat-mermaids. How can anyone resist a cat-mermaid!? Warning: when you read this post, you will want every single item in the collection! I know I do! I already have one of the notebooks and a sticker sheet, but I need the rest of this collection in my life as soon as possible. 

The photograph above comes from one of the most epic blog posts I've read, written by the fantastic Tara over at Cattitude&Co. It's so refreshing and super awesome to see photographs like the ones in this post, featuring masturbation and sex toy fun in the bedroom. 'How To Create A Sex Positive Environment In The Bedroom' is a great post sharing some of the important factors that can make your sexual relationships more positive, safe and fulfilling. More sex positive posts like this need to be shared to encourage people to talk more about topics that are considered taboo, especially when it comes to women, and to embrace their sexuality. Seriously, go check out Cattitude&Co

One of the most recent posts that I just enjoyed reading so much was shared by the lovely Claire from Fine & Dandy. 'My Tattoos and Me' was a beautiful read, about Claire's relationship with her tattoos. I love love love tattoos, and even though I only have one myself so far, I have a massive wishlist of tattoos for when I find the perfect artists to help bring my ink dreams to life. Tattoos are so gorgeous in my opinion and I would love to have a body covered in artwork some day. I do feel like it will help me develop a more positive opinion of my body and it will be wonderful to admire them. I always forget momentarily that the gecko just below my wrist is there and when I spot it in the shower or when putting on a bracelet, it makes me smile :) 

The final post that I thought was a fantastic read last month was written by the incredible Sarah over at Sarah in Wonderland. 'What disability? the adaptability of children' really highlights the innocent, curious minds of children and how quickly they accept the world around them without judgement. It is a lovely post about how educating children by answering their questions and not shying away from certain topics, which just creates a problem in the long run, will help them grow into accepting, understanding adults. Everyone should go read it. 

Thankyou for reading!

What were your favourite posts this month?  Also, go give all of the lovely ladies in this post a follow! 

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  1. Love this post! Fab idea for a feature . Great way for people to check out a post they might not have seen or thought to look at xx

  2. I love this, not only because you featured me (which I'm incredibly grateful for, thank you so much) but because I was found some awesome posts I missed during the month,
    Great monthly roundup :)

    Sarah x

    1. Thankyou :) I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and no worries, I absolutely love your blog! x


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