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Makeup Revolution Halloween Products | Review

Hey lovelies! If you've been following my most recent posts, you may have noticed that I've been using some new makeup for the creation of my Halloween looks this year. In early October when I was browsing around for Christmas gift ideas and was on the hunt for some new darker nail polish shades, I came across the recent Halloween releases from the brand Makeup Revolution. I thought I'd give them a try, because I really like my eyeshadow palettes from the brand, and I also definitely like the price! Makeup Revolutuon is available at drugstores, like Superdrug, and has some great prices compared with other brands. This certainly doesn't mean that they are not the best quality, as I personally think that their eyeshadow is awesome and super pigmented! So anyhow, I thought I'd share a little review of the products from this new Halloween range that I picked up. I'm sad that this will be the last Halloweeny-themed post of the year for me T_T *cry cry*. 

I was really happy with all of the products that I bought! I thought that it was fantastic too that my entire haul only cost me £14. All of the items had lovely presentation and packaging. Some of them were so pretty that I almost didn't want to use them! I mean, just look at the skull on top of the powder in the photo above! Isn't it fabulous!? The products that I got include: the Ghost Powder, the SFX Spectre palette, the Ghost Lights Highlighter, and the SFX Liquid Latex. Keep reading to find out more about them :) 

Makeup Revolution Halloween Ghost Powder

Makeup Revolution Halloween Ghost Powder

Makeup Revolution Halloween Ghost Powder

First of all, how flippin' adorable is that ghost 'print'!? I really loved this little addition to the presentation! I love how pristine and bright the Ghost Powder is. There's even a little compartment to keep the application sponge in. Additionally, on the back of the case, there's mirror, so that's really handy for when you're out and about. The powder itself isn't very pigmented, and didn't show up too well on top of my base makeup like other white powders I've used in the past do, however for only £3 it made your face pale enough to create an awesome ghosty complexion. I had to re-apply it a few times but that's not too much of a problem. Having pale skin, I usually always apply a white powder over the top of my concealer and foundation, and I'll happily keep using this until I can replace my usual pressed powder by Manic Panic. 

Makeup Revolution Halloween SFX Spectre Palette

This SFX Spectre Face Paint Palette was a massive upgrade from my usual cheap face paint from the Poundstore, the kind that you can barely see and have to layer over and over again to get a decent colouration! I wasn't sure what to expect and was a little worried that it would just be like the other face paints I've tried before. However, I was pleasantly surprised by just how great this palette was! Maybe it's because I've only ever used the £1 stuff so I have nothing else to compare it to, but it was super pigmented and bold. 

I didn't know that you got eight different shades of paint so I was delighted with that! I removed the little plastic sheet that protects the paints for the photograph, but on it are the various names for each one. They are named after the special effects they help create: skin trauma, contour, bruise, fresh blood, vein, aged blood and the middle two are just listed as plain old black & white. I like how you get more black and white paint which are often used for larger areas in Halloween makeup designs, such as an entire white face or big black circles around the eyes. But I wish that you got more of the fresh and aged blood colours, since they are going to be used a lot too to create most spooky looks. 

The pigment for these face paints is so strong as it is made specifically for special effects makeup and can be applied on top of liquid latex and the wax that is needed for making gory, realistic horror makeup art. I found that it applied on top of the Makeup Revolution liquid latex so well, and I can't wait to see how it works with a more advanced look. I used the two red shades mostly when creating my Creepy Clown look (oh and a little of the light brown 'contour' paint), and I loved the difference between the two bloods. The 'aged blood' was a colour similar to crimson, almost burgundy when it dried, and the 'fresh blood' was a vibrant shade that I can only describe as cherry red. I'd very much recommend this product and I'm looking forward to using it again next Halloween!

Makeup Revolution Halloween Ghost Lights Highlighter

This Ghost Lights Highlighter powder was my favourite product of the bunch. It is a lovely shimmery pearlescent cream/white colour, and I love how shiny it looks when you tint the case. The skull on top is rised too, versus the flat ghost on the Ghost Powder, which makes it look even more eye-catching! I really considered not using it or buying another just to keep and never use it! This powder didn't know with a sponge or anything to apply it with and the case doesn't include a mirror, but it still very nice packaging nonetheless. It looks super professional, and I was certainly impressed with my first ever highlighter. 

I have been wanting to experiment with highlighter for a while but I just didn't know where to start. With this Makeup Revolution one only being £3, it was a great first product to practice with! It's not very bright but maybe this is because I didn't apply too much, I still need to have a play around with it. Although, if it turns out to not be very strong, that's okay since it will be great for everyday use then. I saw this product around on instagram a lot throughout October so it seems to be popular! Have you used it? If so, I'd love to hear what you thought of it in the comments. 

Makeup Revolution Halloween Liquid Latex

The final product that I tried was the SFX Liquid Latex, but to be honest I didn't use it to it's full potential. If you read all about my Creepy Clown makeup that I did on Monday, you'll know that I forgot to buy some wax. I wanted to create a 'Chelsea smile', a big  smiley gash across either side of my mouth, but my attempt at making my own homemade wax didn't go to plan and so I had to improvise. Therefore, I didn't use much of the liquid latex, but I still used enough to be able to let you know what my first impressions were. 

For only £2, I think you get so much product! You'd probably be able to create an entire look and still have some left over just by looking at how much liquid latex you get in the tube. I might try to find another bottle so I can stock up for next year (it's no longer available on the Superdrug website but it might still be for sale in stores). Just a tip: standard fake blood won't apply on top of the dried latex. I didn't realise this, so I should have purchased the matching Makeup Revolution SFX fake blood too. The liquid latex did it's job though; I experimented with the peeling effect as I was removing my makeup, and it looked very cool. Almost like I was tearing off my actual skin, haha! Something that I didn't like about this product is how strong the smell was, and it made my eyes water and sting a little even though I was painting it on near my mouth. I don't know if all liquid latex is like this though. Does anyone else know? I'll let you know next year anyway guys! 

Overall, I'm super happy with my Makeup Revolution halloween range haul, and I wish now that I'd also purchased some of the other makeup just to try them out. I didn't buy the 'Dark Reign' eyeshadow palette because I wasn't too impressed by the shades available. They weren't screaming Halloween makeup at me, and I have similar colours in the palettes I already own. I expected it to be filled with the colours associated with Halloween, such as bright slime green and some dark blood-red shades. I love the products I did get though, and I hope you enjoyed reading about them :) You can still buy the Ghost Powder and the Ghost Lights Highlighter on the Superdrug website by the way!

Thankyou for reading!

Have you ever tried any Makeup Revolution products?

Do you have a favourite? I love their Mermaids VS Unicorn eyeshadow! 

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