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November 2017 Pop In A Box

Hi guys! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My life has been taken over by the new Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp phone game. It's sooooo adorable, and if you haven't been playing it you seriously need to! All of the animals are super cute & it's one of those games that are so addictive. As well as playing that every chance I get, I've also been catching up on watching various TV shows, and starting new ones including the latest season of Peaky Blinders and a completely new series starring Matthew Macfadyen, who's one of my favourite period drama actors, called Howard's End. Has anyone else been watching it? I'd love to hear what you think so far :) It's taken me too long to get this post up on my blog, to show you all my monthly vinyl figure subscription from Pop In A Box. So here it is! Enjoy! 

November Pop In A Box

If you're new to my blog or don't know what the Pop in a Box subscription is, it's a service that sends you a new Funko Pop! Vinyl each month, depending on the figures that you've selected in your Pop! wishlist on their website. You can also give a 'thumbs down' to the figures that you're not interested in and there's an option to let them know if you already have any Funko Pop's to make sure you don't get sent another of the same! You can subscribe to receive 1-12 figures, and you get money off each Pop!, more for each additional figure you buy. I get three every month and I only pay just over £20 for the figures & the postage. I think it's great value for money, and I really enjoy surprises so it's a great subscription box service for me! I'd definitely recommended them if you're a fan of Funko Pop's :) 

Since I used him for my cover photograph/thumbnail/whatever it's called, today, I'll show you my new Top Cat Pop! vinyl first... 

Top Cat Funko Pop

Top Cat Funko Pop

Top Cat Funko Pop

I really love that Funko seem to be releasing so many 80's and 90's kids nostalgia products! There's been so many new figures added to my wishlist as a result, including the new Crash Bandicoot Pop! that I shared on my latest Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist. As soon as I saw this Top Cat figure, I needed him! I used to watch the Warner Brother's edition of this classic cartoon show when I was young and I can still clearly remember this cat's iconic voice. It was an awesome show, and I'm super happy with this cutesy version of Mr Top Cat himself.

He looks so cheerful; I love his facial expression, his big smile! I think the vibrancy of the yellow they'd used for him definitely helps with that, and makes it a very eye-catching figure. His purple outfit goes so well with the yellow, and I adore how his hat has little holes for his ears to poke through, haha! I had included a photo of his tail too because I love the design of it. I am a fan of his hands-on-hips stance too, it reflects his cheeky personality so well. It's a little annoying that there's a small black mark just above his nose, as because of the brightness of the yellow, it's very noticeable, well to me anyway. Once I spotted it, I've not been able to ignore it >.< I'm just glad that there's no big paintjob errors though! Keep scrolling to read all about the second Pop! that I received this month.

Fairytail Gray Fullbuster Pop

Fairytail Gray Fullbuster Pop

Fairytail Gray Fullbuster Pop

Fairytail Gray Fullbuster Pop

How cool is this Pop! version of Gray!? If you didn't know, Gray Fullbuster is a character from the anime series Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail is one of my favourite animes and Gray is one of my favourite characters, along with Ezra. Gray for me is one of those characters that make you question why you are attracted to an animated dude! I'm sure that my fellow geeky friends can relate, hahaha! I really like how much this figure looks like Gray, and they've done such a fabulous job of his hair! My photos don't do it justice, it's awesome! 

I'm happy that Funko include his magic 'Ice-Make' which he uses for creating all of his awesome ice powers! I like the transparent material they've made it with. Overall, he's a fantastic figure and in excellent condition with messy paint errors. He's the first Fairy Tail addition to my Pop collection, and I have a mighty need to get the others now! 

And my final Pop! vinyl figure is... 

Pet Owner Blogger Problems 101: that moment when you take a decent photograph of your Funko box and realise afterwards that there's a dog hair on it... Thanks Aurora, haha! 

....Wendy Torrance! I love love love this figure! It looks so much like Wendy in the horror movie! They have even made sure to add a little colouration around her eyes to make her look really exhausted and defeated like she does through most of the story. I'm a big horror movie fan so I'm delighted to add a character from Stephen King's The Shining to my collection! I have had my eyes on the Grady Twins ever since they were released and receiving this figure has just made me want them even more! It would be awesome to complete the set of all the movie characters that have been made by Funko! Fellow horror fans, who's your favourite character from this movie? 

I like how this figure of Wendy has a hunched-over, leaning slightly forward stance, like she's ready to fight off whoever tries to harm her. I'm happy that Funko decided to design her like this with a knife in hand because it just makes me picture all of the best bits from the movie. The knife could have been a better shape though, it doesn't have much detailing to it. However, it still looks great. Let's talk about how amazing the detailing on the box is!! I really like this addition to the packaging, the blood-splatter and the famous 'REDRUM' that Danny Torrance carves into the bedroom door. I literally can't stop saying it aloud to myself how he does in the movie every time I see it! I'm such a dork :D 

So, those are the three surprise Funko Pop! figures that were delivered to my door around mid-November. Usually they get shipped with, for example two figures in one box and a single figure in a separate box, but this month they all came packaged together in a big box. There's something about opening a huge box that makes it so much more fun! I am over the moon that overall my figures this month are all in very near perfect condition when it comes to their paintjobs, which hasn't been the chance with some of my previous Pop In A Box orders. I like how they are all very different in regards to genre, each reflected a different interest of mine. 

Before I end this post, I'm going to add even more photos to it (oops, my posts are always so pic heavy!) as I want to show off another new Funko Pop that I recently purchased directly off the Pop In A Box website, which also sell so many Funko products. You do get free delivery if you're a subscriber though! 

I have wanted a vinyl figure of this villainous character from the anime franchise Dragon Ball Z for ages now, and so when I had a little money free, I decided to treat myself and just buy him VS waiting on the chance that I might have some day got him in my Pop in A Box subscription. His name is Cell, and this is him in his 'perfect' form so the figure is named Perfect Cell. He's such an awesome character and the Cell Saga was certainly one of my favourite parts of the Dragon Ball Z series when I was a kid. I'm lovin' how Funko have created his spotty colouration and his insect-like body. He's an impressive little figure. They've even included his wings and sting! He has such a unique look when standing next to some of my other Pop! vinyl's, and he's just brilliant! 

Thankyou for reading! 

Which is your favourite of the figures in my post? 



  1. Haha I had no idea there were Shining pops I love the little REDRUM detail on the box that's such a nice touch. I love Top Cat to I used to watch him in the mornings when I was a kid, I loved how sassy he was xoxo


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