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Pin Badge Haul #2 | Kye Cheng & JennifairyW

Happy Thursday guys! Also, Happy Thanksgiving to any of my readers from the US! I hope you all have an awesome day :) I am currently typing this post up on a new laptop... I repeat A BRAND NEW LAPTOP!! If you've been a regular follower of mine for a while now, you'll know how crappy my last laptop was and how it was broken, making blogging or doing anything on it ridiculously stressful. It would take hours and hours to edit a few photographs, pages would be loading for ages and it would crash constantly. My fan had also been broken for so long, which made it make a really annoying, loud buzzing sound. Watching shows and movies was definitely a challenge when I could hear buzzing over the voices of the actors! But, I don't have to endure that anymore because I finally saved up enough to get myself a nice new machine!! And I am so excited to be using it! It's so shiny and perfect... oh my gosh and the screen is also 17'' so it's going to be great to watch stuff on. I'm not saying all of this to brag but I am just so glad that I will now be more motivated to blog and that I don't have to deal with all of those irritating things anymore. Yay! 

Anyhow, as promised, here is another pin haul post for you all :) On my first pin haul post, I mentioned how I'd been getting a little overexcited and buying lots of pin badges lately, some that I'd had my eyes on for months, because I will finally be able to display them! We are currently in the process of decorating my bedroom; I used to share a room with my sister however we now have our own bedrooms and so goodbye to the days when my pins had to stay tucked away in storage. With somewhere for my pins to finally be shown off like they should be, I have been collecting some super pretty pins from independent artists on Etsy and I can't wait to show them to you all. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have had a glimpse of them already but I still hope that you enjoy reading this post nonetheless. So here are some more of the gorgeous new additions to my enamel pin collection...

Pin Badge Haul

This post features two shiny new enamel pins, from two wonderful artists, Kye Cheng & JennifairyW. They are all reflections of my geeky interests, and are based on two of my favourite Japanese animation characters. They are both super cute pins and I'm really happy with them! I will definitely be making more purchases from these very talented ladies in the future. Firstly, I'll show you what I ordered from Kye Cheng :)

Kye Cheng Order

Kye Cheng Order

I'm a huge fan of Studio Ghibli movies, with my most favourite being Princess Mononoke. As soon as I set eyes on this amazing pin badge of Mononoke in her iconic 'wolf' mask, I just had to have it! Just look how bold and striking the colours/design of the mask are! I absolutely love it. All of the gold outlines make it so much more eye-catching too. It's just a beautiful pin! Did you know that Hime means Princess in Japanese? So, Mononoke Hime translates to Princess Mononoke basically :) Also, I really like the presentation card that this pin came on... isn't it so cool?

As well as receiving this gorgeous pin, Kye Cheng also very kindly added an adorable mini print of Princess Nausicaa and the Ohmu (an insect-like thing) from the Ghibli movie, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.  She also surprised me  with a vinyl sticker of a radish spirit from Spirited Away, which I was absolutely delighted with as Spirited Away is my second best of the Ghibli movies, however I forgot to add it to my photographs when I was taking them! I put it away with my other vinyl stickers and totally forgot to get it out, oops! It's such a sweet sticker!! Are any of you guys fans of Studio Ghibli? If you are, I'd love to know what your favourite movie is in the comments :) I really like the design of Kye's business card with all of the sweet colourful flowers and leaves; it's super cute. Keep reading to see my order from JennifairyW.

JennifairyW Order

JennifairyW Order

JennifairyW Order

I love love love my new pin badge & vinyl stickers from JennifairyW!! How flippin' adorable is that chubby little Eevee hugging it's tail though!? I adore Pokémon, and Eevee is in my top five! I have wanted one of the fabulous Eeveelution charms on Jenn's Etsy store for a while, obviously the Vaporeon one, however when I was just having a nosey on her Instagram page, I spotted this pin and fell in love! 

I am so delighted to finally have a Eevee pin in my pin badge collection! This one has gold outlines and eyes so when it's turned in the light, the gold either looks dull or shines bright. It looks very cool :) I love the simplistic colours in the pin's design too. This Eevee looks so fluffy and cuddly! I couldn't resist purchasing the matching sticker to this pin. It's a little different too which I love, as it has rosy cheeks. I think they really add to the chibi appearance of the Pokémon. It would have been nice for the pin to have this characteristic too, but I really like it how it is so I'm not  certainly complaining or anything, haha.

Since the stickers were only £1.50 each, I couldn't not get another one! I choose the magical Sailor Moon inspired bunny sticker, which has a pretty crescent moon symbol on it's forehead and a rather solemn expression that I think just makes it look even sweeter! If you didn't know, Sailor Moon's actual name is Usagi, which means rabbit in Japanese so it's awesome that this sticker is an adorable bunny! 

Kye Cheng Order

I almost forgot to mention the prices of my two new pins, the Mononoke Mask was £7.78 and is shipped from Hong Kong for just under £4, which I think is not bad at all considering I've paid £2.90 P&P for orders sent in England. My chubby Eevee pin was £7 and the store is based in the UK. 

I am so impressed with my new pins, omgosh I just love them so much! Everyone that I've shown the Mononoke pin to has said how awesome they think it is. I love that it's such a super interesting design, that no one will be able to identify unless they know the movie/character, and I can't wait to rock it! My JennifairyW Eevee is so so cute! I really hope that she releases a Vaporeon pin in the future too! Or any other of the Eeveelutions, because her charms are lovely and I imagine that the pins would be a similar design. I hope so! Well, that's it for my second pin badge haul :) I hope that you all enjoyed reading. Which pin is your favourite? I'd also love to hear if you've ever shopped at either of these Etsy shops before and what you bought :)

Thankyou for reading!

What would your dream pin badge be? Like if you could have any character or design that your heart desires, what would you choose? 

Do you prefer pins or keyrings or charms? What's your favourite type of accessory? 



  1. AHHHH! I saw that you got the Eevee pin from Jenni Fairy! I love mine so much but as of yet haven't done anything with it. xD

    1. I love it SO MUCH! It's almost too adorable to wear! I don't want to ruin it or anything :D x


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