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Pin Badge Haul #1 | Punky Pins and Nutmeg & Arlo

Hello everyone! It's taken me so long to get this post up, oh my gosh! But here it finally is! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have noticed that I've been buying a lot of pin badges over the last month or so. I am a pin badge collecter, I have been since I was around 12 or 13 years old, however I mostly collected touristy ones from places I'd visit or holiday at. It wasn't until a few years ago that all of the gorgeous pin creations of various artists were bought to my attention when I was browsing on tumblr one day. I was absolutely over the moon as you can imagine; I could now find a pin for almost every interest of mine! There is so much variety and I always have a never-ending wishlist of pins that I'm really wanting to add to my collection.

As a lot of you will know by now, because I've mentioned it so many times on here haha, I'm getting my own bedroom soon! My sister & I will no longer have to share a room and so I'll finally have the space I need to display my collections :) Gone will be the days when my pin badges have to live in a box or a tin or remain tucked away in the envelope they arrived in! I can finally show them off the way I've always wanted to (you'll have to wait and see what I've got planned. I can't wait to show you guys!). Because of my lack of pin storing space, I have been holding off on buying the more pricey pins for some time, but now that I'll soon be decorating and such, I couldn't help ordering the badges I've had my eyes on for ages. I've bought a few now so I thought it was best to share several haul posts. I hope you all enjoy reading them! Here are the first lot of pins that I ordered... 

Pin Badge Haul

I bought two new pins from a shop called Nutmeg & Arlo, and another two from Punky Pins which you may have heard of before. All the purchases were made via the Etsy stores of both of the businesses. I absolutely love Etsy for finding lovely, unique pin badges that you don't find anywhere else! It's a website where small businesses and independent artists can sell their products. I'm all about supporting small businesses so I always try to search for gifts and such for my loved ones on Etsy :) I'll show you my wonderful buys from Nutmeg & Arlo first.

Nutmeg and Arlo

Nutmeg and Arlo

Nutmeg and Arlo

I have purchased pins from Nutmeg & Arlo before, their Mr & Mrs Narwhal badges, and they are perfect. Such great quality and so cute! Ever since I have been keeping up to date with their products and was so happy when I could finally order some more! Alpacas are one of my most favourite animals so of course I couldn't not get this pin! I love how simplistic the design is, it just makes the alpaca's little rosy cheeks stand out so much. He's got such a sweet expression on his face, and it makes me smile every time I look at it! There's actually a sale on it at the moment so you can add this super cute alpaca to your collection for only £4.50!

The other pin badge that I chose is this lovely Harry Potter inspired 'Swish & Flick' one. I very much love the font that Nutmeg & Arlo have choosen for this pin, it just looks so fancy and pretty. I adore the little wand detail and the starry background, and whenever I read it I feel all the nostaglia as it reminds me of my life around the time that I went to see Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Something that I think it's awesome about this pin badge is that it's available in six different colours. I picked this blue shade because it includes one of my house colours; I'm a Ravenclaw! I also really like the bold outline around the outside of this pin because in my opinion, it makes it very eye-catching. I love this store and I can't recommend them enough. I still have lots of their badges on my wishlist, especially their Tormund (from Game of Thrones) heart lapel pin!

I forgot to include the other Nutmeg & Arlo product that I added to my shopping basket, which was a wonderful greetings card. It was a lovely pale blue shade with two cute pink jellyfish on the front, as well as 'Congratulations'. It was in the sale for 50p so how could I possibly resist that bargain!? I sent it to one of my dear friends to congratulate her getting a new job!

Punky Pins

Punky Pins Feminist Stickers

Punky Pins Feminist & Proud

Punky Pins X Mel Stringer

I have been lusting over the stunning badges from Punky Pins for ages! They are fabulous and I am such a fan of the brand! They make so many products with a feminism theme and I absolutely love the messages that they show. I want literally all of their pin badges however I had to stick to a budget so I decided to get the vinyl stickers that match two of the pins towards the top of my wishlist. I hope that I can get them in pin form some day but for now, I have some awesome important messages to brighten up my new laptop, which I should be getting this week, I am so flippin' excited to finally be able to work on a fully functioning one. yay! The stickers are both great quality and the colours are so vibrant. I need more!

It took a long while to finally select just two of Punky Pins enamel badges, but I settled on the 'feminist & proud' pin and one of the gorgeous ladies from the Mel Stringer X Punky Pins collaboration. If you haven't heard of Mel Stringer before, she's a very talented artist and you can check out her work here. I would be so over the moon if I could own a piece of her artwork some day, but until then I'm super happy to have a collab pin! I'm in love with the design of the Mel Stringer X Punky Pins products because they all include a positive message. I think it will be an uplifting reminder each time I look at my pin badge, and also to everyone else who sees it too when I'm wearing it. I love how sassy the ladies on the pins are too, and I'll be very proud to rock this one on my outfits since I feel like she also helps promote that nudity is not porn :) I adore her pretty blue hair and big pink bow. She's super cute!

As for the 'feminist & proud' pin, there isn't much to say other than I love it and I'm very proud to be displaying my feminist agenda with it. I very much like how it is pink and girly, because you can definitely be girly and a feminist contrary to societal opinions, and I like the bubble-writing style of the lettering too. I am really impressed with all of the pins that I bought, both from Punky Pins and Nutmeg & Arlo. I have a mighty need to get so many of the Punky Pins products. I might be a little obsessed! Whenever I see they have a giveaway, I enter it. I never usually win anything, but my luck changed last month when I ACTUALLY WON A PUNKY PINS GIVEAWAY!! I entered a follow & retweet giveaway over on twitter for one of their fantastic Halloween pin badges and it was such a wonderful shock when I woke up and looked at my notifications. I didn't quite believe it until I opened the app and there I was tagged in a winner annoucement. Eeeeee! 

Punky Pins Halloween Cat Pin

Punky Pins Halloween Cat Pin

Look at how fabulous this pin is!? Omg! It's so bright and I adore the design so much! It's an adorable black cat (which are one of my favourite kind of kitty) hiding inside the cutest Jack-O-Lantern. I love the stars and crescent moon detailing, it reminds me of emojis. The black cats eyes are so cool, and I love how she's wearing the 'lid' of the pumpkin lantern on the top of her head. Too cute! I am still very delightfully surprised that I won! 

I am so so happy with these new additions to my pin collection, and I just want to show them off to anyone who will listen. My family have been getting pin badges shoved in their faces for a month now. My dad is certainly a little jealous of many of them because he loves pin badges too; I have lots of christmas present ideas in mind for him now though :) I hope that you all enjoyed checking out these pins. I'll have my next pin haul post up in a week or so so be sure to keep a look out if you're interested. 

Thankyou for reading! 

Do you collect pin badges? Or anything else? I'd love to hear about it in the comments! 

Also, what's your favourite pin out of the ones I've featured here today?



  1. Oh my that llama pin is so adorable! :D

    I'm loving your pin haul sweet. ^_^

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