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May 2018 Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist

Hey everyone! How is it the last day of May already? Why the heck is this year going by so fast!? The sunny weather isn't helping matters, not that I'm not enjoying it for the most part, but does anyone else feel like each day just seems to blend into one never-ending day when its hot? The months might be speeding by but at least it's getting closer and closer to my favourite events of the year! Early this month, I spotted an ad on facebook for The Rasmus' 2018 Tour and I was hit with so much nostalgic giddiness! I was super happy when my best friend said that she would go, and booked the tickets right away, even though I was supposed to be on a spending ban in the days leading up to my holiday (oops!). Who else was (and still are) a fan of this Finnish rock band? I have them to thank for bringing rock music into my life and igniting the alternative part of my personality when it comes to music and fashion! I was just entering that part of your life when you are starting to develop our own interests and quirks when I saw 'In The Shadows' on MTV (back when it was still dedicated to music, it feels ages since then!) and I was pretty captivated! Anyhow, before this post becomes an essay about the dawn of my alternative awakening (hahaha XD that sounds like a title of a novel written by an emo teen!), I need to get on with my monthly kawaii & geeky wishlist. It was actually pretty tough to put together this time round since most of what I'm lusting over right now are gig/show tickets! Enjoy! 

May 2018 Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist

1. Funko Star Wars Vulptex Pop Vinyl Figure I absolutely adore foxes and so when I was watching the new Star Wars movies and spotted these gorgeous intergalactic fox-like creatures, I fell in love! These crystal foxes remind me of Pokemon (which my regular readers will know I love!) and are magical-looking, like something I could imagine living in the forests of the Studio Ghibli movie Princess Mononoke. I would just really like to add this figure to my Pop collection! 

2. AMUSE Usadama Chan Touch Plushies HOW CUTE ARE THESE GUYS!!? I neeed one! I especially love the grey & white one because it reminds me of Malakai & Jacob, two of my own bunnies  Amuse is one of my favourite brands when it comes to plushies, they are always such fantastic quality and super squishy and soft! I have a lot of plushies from this Japanese company, of all sizes and species, but they keep bringing out more and more awesome designs including these bunnies. Usually Amuse rabbits have floppy ears, however these have pointed ears and I just have a mighty need! 

3. Sumikko Gurashi Desk Chest of Drawers One of my favourite things to do when I should be getting on with my to do list instead is to watch YouTube videos :D I very much enjoy watching people's bedroom tours and desk tours, and having a nosey at their stationery and homeware collections. I am always a little jealous whenever I see people's desks decorated with the lovely kawaii mini drawers. The Sanrio and San-x ones are really  nice, I want some! These Sumikko Gurashi desk drawers are so sweet and look like they could fit quite a bit of stationery inside the drawers. When my bedroom decorating is all complete and I have my new desk set up, they would look great on it!

4. Harry Potter Hedwig Enamel Pin I love magic & I love owls, so its no surprise that I love Hedwig the Snowy Owl from the Harry Potter books. I feel like in the books we get to see a lot more of Hedwig's cheeky personality, VS in the movies when we just get glimpses of Harry's owl delivering mail or sitting in her cage. She's adorable and I would be very happy to wear this pin out and about! 

5. Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Enamel Pin There's so many of these official chibi character pins available on the Grindstore website and to be honest, I want them all but for now, I'm just including my favourites. I can't believe they are only £4.99 each! Luna Lovegood (and Severus Snape) are my best characters from Harry Potter and even though I wish that Luna was dressed in her lion outfit VS this one, I still want it for my pin collection :) 

6. Harry Potter Hagrid Enamel Pin I don't see much merch of Hagrid and he's such a fabulous character! I can relate to him so much because I love animals too, especially the ones that other people tend to dislike. He's so sweet and caring, and I love how loyal he is to his friends and he also looks like he'd gives great hugs! Who else really wants to hug Hagrid? So yeah, I'd like some more Hagrid merch in my life and this pin is a good place to start. 

7. The Passage by Justin Cronin After reading the Hunger Games back in 2010, I discovered that I really like the post-apocalyptic/dystopian genre and started to look for books in this category that were aimed at adults rather than children. Since then, I've read a few books that are set in a dystopian world with extreme regimes, governments and/environments, and I thorough enjoy them. Season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale has not long started, and so I have this genre on the brain right now, which reminded me that I would like to read another popular book of this topic. A search of Amazon brought Justin Cronin's The Passage to my attention, and after I've finished reading the Harry Potter series, I'm hoping to move on to this book. It's even better that this book is the first of a trilogy so I will have several books to read. Have any of you guys read it before? I'd love to hear what you thought of it & whether you'd recommend it or not :) 

8. Pokemon Centre Kanto Pokemon Doll Plushies I had to put this entire collection of newly released plushies from The Pokemon Centre onto my wishlist this month, because I am really struggling to just choose one that I like the most! They are all so flippin' cute and even though Mew is one of my top 5 Pok√©mon, I just can't get over how sweet the expression on Squirtle's face is and I love the cheeky expression on Gengar's face too! Omg how do I even pick just one! How about you? Can you choose your favourite of the bunch? I really like the Pokemon doll style and there are so many that I would love to own. 

9. Pusheenosaurus Power Bank When I was in the airport going through the security area and I had to put all of my hand luggage content into the trays to go through the scanners, I just looked at my plain old portable chargers, and thought about how much I wanted a cool one fit for a nerd! Last week, I came across this super awesome Pusheen portable charger on Truffle Shuffle and it's perfect! What's not to love about a dinosaur cat!? The little mischievous look on the face of Pusheenosaurus makes it hard for me to resist wanting to buy it too! 

Thankyou for reading! 

What is your favourite item on my wishlist this month?

Are you lusting over some items right now? Let me know what in the comments! 

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