Friday, 30 November 2018

November 2018 Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist

Hi everyone! Here I am finally sharing a long awaited monthly wishlist!! It's only been a few months since I last posted one but it feels like forever... what is it with this year!? It's seemed to go by so fast, yet somehow still drag. Can anyone else relate? To be honest, I'll be happy when it's over and I can start 2019 afresh; I'm determined to make next year a good one, full of achieved goals and personal triumphs! Tomorrow is the first day of December, and I hope all of us have a wonderful final month of 2018 to make up for this past year, haha! Now, let's get back on a more cheerful note... who doesn't love some geeky and kawaii goodness!? It was pretty tough to put together this wishlist because in the lead up to Christmas, it's a challenge to decide what presents I'm going to buy for my loved ones, let alone what I want for myself! So the wishlist in today's post is going to be a little shorter than usual, but I hope you enjoy reading it nonetheless 

1. The Tales of Beedle The Bard by JK Rowling After reading the Harry Potter novels earlier this year, the Wizarding World has been pretty much consuming my life XD I spend so much time watching Harry Potter fan theory videos on YouTube and reading & writing fanfic, and my overall nerdiness for the Harry Potter universe has grown so much! I already loved the movies as a child/teenager, but I feel I appreciate them, and the stories themselves, much more as an adult, and whenever I see any books that are related to the original novels by JK Rowling, I just have a mighty need. I recently spotted a poster advertising this book when I went to the cinema to see Fantastic Beasts 2 with my best friend, and I would love to have a read! Especially of the Tale of the Three Brothers :) 

2. ASDA Unicorn Ornament My sister purchased this gorgeous ornament not too long ago and I've wanted my own ever since! It's so pretty and would go perfectly with my bedroom once it's decorated. My colour theme will be colourful & pastel, and this ornament is decorated with lovely pastel stars! I can't believe it's only £5!! It's also a lot bigger than it looks on the website! 

3. EMP Exclusive LOTR Elrond Funko Pop! I am currently reading the Lord of The Rings books by JRR Tolkien (I don't know why it's taken me so long to read them!) & I am so in love with the folklore and the mythical creatures/peoples, especially the elves. I have always loved elves, but these books, including The Hobbit, has made me love them even more! I now really want to add some Lord of The Rings Pop! Vinyl to my collection, starting with the new EMP Exclusive Elrond figure. It looks awesome online, and I bet it looks even better in person! 

4. Pomsies Plush Toy How adorable is this plushie though!? I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them, and it's all Estelle's fault!! XD She tweeted about them and I have wanted one ever since. My favourite is 'Patches' (the one I've used a photo of) but there's four different characters available, all with a different colour/pattern. Seriously though, how could I not fall in love with Pomsies!? Those big eyes! Plus they are so unique, oh and they even light up and make adorable noises!! Fingers crossed that Santa Claus leaves one of these cuties under my tree this Christmas! 

5. The Wild Thornberry's Nigel Funko Pop! I am so over the moon that Funko have finally released a collection for The Wild Thornberry's! Ever since they included some of the characters in their Nickelodeon Mystery Mini's blind boxes, I have been waiting for them to create Pop! versions, and my wish has come true! The Wild Thornberry's was one of my favourite cartoons as a kid, and I especially related to Eliza who is also a geek and an animal lover! I always dreamt of being able to talk to animals :) Nigel however was definitely on par with Eliza as my favourite characters. He was hilarious and I have always been a fan of Tim Curry! I need to add all three of the Wild Thornberry's figures to my collection! 

6. Sass & Belle Little Llama Bookends Everyone who knows me well will be aware how much I love alpacas! One of the first things that started my obsession with Japanese kawaii culture was the fact that there was so much alpaca merchandise, from plushies to chibi alpaca cartoons! I was really happy when the llama craze hit the UK  because, well llama are close relatives of the alpaca, both being in the Camelidae family of mammals, and so many of the llama designs don't look anything like llamas but more like alpacas! Which means that I can just pretend it's an alpaca and give myself an excuse to buy it! Just like these fabulous bookends by Sass & Belle. I cannot picture a more perfect bookend to go on my shelves now! I love the shade of blue that they've chosen for them, it's one of my favourite colours! I also really like the simplistic design of them :) I think they are really well priced at £15 for the pair too! 

7. Tofu Cute Kawaii Cat Lovers Bundle Something that is fabulous about Christmas Time is that all of my favourite online stores start selling bundles and offering other awesome bargains that are perfect for gifts, but also for treating one's self :D And I am very tempted to do just that with this awesome cat lovers bundle from Tofu Cute. It does seem a little pricey but Japanese items are generally more expensive here in the UK, and you do get 11 items in this bundle, including a plushie, stationery & yummy Japanese sweets! I think this would make a wonderful Christmas present for your loved ones who are fans of all things kawaii! There's also a dog lovers version available too :) I wish they'd made a rabbit one! (There's still time Tofu Cute!!)

8. Rick & Morty Simple Rick's Candle Are any of you guys fellow Rick & Morty fans? Do you have a favourite character? Mine are Birdperson, Tinkles the Imaginary Friend & Mr Rick Sanchez himself! Other than Funko figures, I am yet to own anything Rick & Morty related because well most of the items I've seen have been the typical mugs, bottle openers, band tees, etc., and as much as I like those, there's shows that I love more that I'm more likely to buy that type of merchandise for. Sorry Rick & Morty! However, lately I stumbled upon a couple of candles on the Merchoid website and having not seen anything like this before for the show, my attention was instantly grabbed! There's two available, but this one is my favourite because of the colour scheme and the sweet scent! It is more expensive than I would usually pay for a candle that isn't a Yankee Candle glass jar one, but I do really like that it comes in a tin! If you've been a reader of my blog for a long time, you'll know that I have a bit of thing for tins :D (does anyone else have a love for something random?). There are several other fandom related candles on the Merchoid website, if you want to go check them out. Candles always make great Christmas gifts in my opinion! In winter when the night is dark and full of terrors, I always want to light candles! 

Thankyou for reading!

What's on your wishlist right now? 

Also, what's your favourite item I've featured in today's post? 



  1. That cat goodie bag from Tofu Cute is such a neat idea, I'm kinda tempted haha xoxo

  2. Aww your wish list is so adorable! :D The Tofu Cute gift set is adorable and so you! :D

  3. I love this wishlist! My favourite is definitely the Rick and Morty candle.


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