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Primark Holler and Glow Unicorn Bath Fizzer | Review

Hey guys! I hope you all had a marvellous weekend, whatever you got up to! I spent it in typical cold season fashion, by staying indoors, in bed or wrapped up in blankets, complaining about how cold it is and how dark it's getting so early in the day! I've never felt more stereotypically British than I do in Autumn/Winter :D haha! This time of year is the perfect excuse to have lots of baths VS showers (although personally I struggle to stand up for long periods of time in the shower so baths it is for me all year round, #SpoonieProblems), which means it's also the perfect opportunity to use fun bath products! And that brings me onto today's topic! 

Back in October, I went out shopping with my mom and I picked up a few goodies from Primark, including a bath product that caught my eye because of how colourful it was! I have never tried any of the bath products by Primark, but I thought I'd give them a go considering Primark's makeup seems to have a lot of good reviews. I wanted to see if their bath products matched up to those that I have tried from other brands, and so I picked up the 'Holler and Glow' bath fizzer. I mean, how could I resist trying it out when it's so pretty!? Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy reading my review :) 

As you can see, the Holler and Glow/Rainbow Chaser bath fizzer looks amazing!! The bright colours are what first grabbed my attention, before I even realised the fizzer was shaped like a unicorn head! I am a sucker for novelty shaped things, I don't know why but they make me like a product so much more! Who else feels the same? I thought at only £2 I couldn't walk away from the product, since I was so curious about whether the colours would 'disperse' in a similar way to a bathbomb, or whether they were just to make the product look pretty. I am a big fan of bathbombs that make gorgeous bathart and I am always looking for cheaper products that do the same, because I already spend too much at Lush XD 

I have to admit that I use bathbombs a lot more than bath fizzers, and the two work a lot differently when added to water. Fizzers are usually smaller and less pricey, they don't have a very strong scent as far as I have experienced, and they don't really do much to the water after the initial reaction. They typically dissolve very quickly, making them fizz a lot, hence the name, whereas bathbombs are designed to dissolve slowly. Thus giving them time to release more colours and fragrance into the bath, and are fun to watch slowly working their magic around you as you soak! Regardless, I haven't seen many bath fizzers as colourful as this Primark one so I was very intrigued about whether we'd get more bathart than is typical for these products. 

Something that I really liked about this product, aside from the fact it looks so lovely, was the size of it! It is a chunky thing, which is another reason why I was hoping it was going to be different to a standard bath fizzer (having more space to layer up the contents inside the fizzer with colouring and oils, etc). How aesthetically pleasing is the Holler and Glow/Rainbow Chaser fizzer though!? The shape and design of it resembles an emoji so much, and I just love it!! I like to fill all areas of my life with cuteness, so I'm especially a lover of adorable bath products. I wish that more bathbombs/fizzers were designed in novelty shapes, instead of the usual spherical shape.

So, how did it work out when I used it? Did it meet my expectations? 

The answer to the latter is both yes and no! 

Like I mentioned before, I know that bath fizzers are a lot less exciting when compared to bathbombs so even though I was curious about this one in particular because of how bright it was, I was still pretty sure that that wouldn't matter, that it would still react in the same way that any bath fizzer does. When I first put it into the bath, there was a lot of colour 'bleeding' out of the fizzer, and it did look very cool! However to really see this you had to be holding the bath fizzer in your hand. It is a weighty product that would sink to the bottom of the tub and the colours coming out of it would be more muted by the time they bubbled to the surface of the water. The Holler and Glow/Rainbow Chaser dissolved pretty quickly and fizzled a lot, causing lots of bubbles as it went! I do like this about bath fizzers because it makes a change from bathbombs and when it only cost £2, it's not too bad that it didn't last very long. 

I also forgot to mention the fragrance of the bath fizzer, and that's mostly because it didn't leave a very lasting impression. It was a pleasant scent, which to me was a mixture of fruity and floral fragrances, although I couldn't pinpoint any of the specific scents. It was a little annoying that the scent wasn't written anywhere on the packaging, especially because if you don't like a particular scent, you want to be able to avoid buying products that smell of it. Like myself when it comes to Lavender! The smell didn't release any more once the product was in the water, and it did not linger so this product is designed for its look rather than its fragrance, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I know a lot of people who are very sensitive to strong fragrances and so prefer to opt for milder scented products. I think this would be a good option for them. 

It was difficult to get any decent photographs of how the bath fizzer actually looked in the water because the reactions were pretty subtle. Despite the packaging saying 'Drop the fizzer into a warm bath and watch it swirl, melt and fizz leaving a trail of unicorn magic behind', the colours that came from the fizzer were pale and cloudy rather than vibrant. To be honest, nothing much happened, but after the fizzer had completely melted, the bath water was a pale shade of purpley-blue for a while. This didn't last long at all though! 

Overall, I wasn't expecting the fizzer to do much, and my expectations were met, however it was still a fun product! I wasn't disappointed because it was not expensive and it still makes bath-time a little more interesting, which is always a bonus for me because baths are not the most easy thing to do when you have a chronic pain condition. The look of the product is gorgeous and so that made up for some of the shortcomings in performance. I do think that this product would be great for children, and would be good to gift as a stocking filler this Christmas :) I'm considering picking up some for my nieces as a little extra something. It hasn't discouraged me from trying more Primark bath products, and I'm wondering now if they sell bathbombs because I've never seen them if they do.... does anyone know if they do?

I hope you all found this post an interesting one and I'd love to hear if I made you want to try out the product for yourself. I think I'm ready for some festive bath products in my life now that it's officially Christmas Time! 

Thankyou for reading!

Have you ever tried any Primark bath products?

How about bath fizzers in general? If so, would you recommend any specific brands? 

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  1. Great review. I'm always on the lookout for cheaper alternatives to Lush as well! I'm currently loving Cherry Bomb Boutique on Etsy ( I've used a few bath fizzers from Boots before but I'm not a fan - they don't do much in the bath and, as you said, they don't have as strong a scent as bath bombs either.

  2. Ooo I remember when you picked this up in October and mentioned you'd talk about it on your blog! :D I love a good bargain but sadly I've found cheaper alternatives don't seem to be as strong scented as Lush is. I can't tell if that's good or bad! :P

    I had an issue recently with one of The Body Shop bath bombs from the Christmas range, which really disappointed me. :(


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