Friday, 22 April 2016

An Afternoon in the Woods | Earth Day 2016

If you didn't know, today is Earth Day :) It's an annual occassion that was established in the 1970's as part of the environmental movement, to remind us all that we need to look after our beautiful Planet. We need to do our best to contribute to the current efforts that are being made to protect the natural world, even the smallest contribution can help make a difference! Every Earth Day, I try to make sure I go out and surround myself with nature, even if it's just sitting in the garden, listening to the birds sing and watching the leaves blow in the wind. I feel close to nature this way and it gives me the opportunity to truly immerse myself in it's beauty. I've always felt so relaxed and at peace when I'm surrounded by nature! This year I decieded to take a trip to the local woods with my mum and I spent a lovely few hours there this afternoon. 

One of my passions is nature photography and after having a difficult last few months due to mental health, I didn't get out much and it made me really sad. I was so happy to explore the woods with my camera today! Woods and forests are my favourite places; there's just so much gorgeous fauna & flora to see there. I saw some lovely animals... squirrels, a big bird of prey, ducks and lots of adorable dogs. I got to hug the cutest black labrador puppy! However, the highlight of my day was seeing a Eurasian Jay for the first time! Being the animal nerd I am, I actually got a little teary-eyed, and got so overexcited that I managed to get a photo of this gorgeous bird. It was honestly so beautiful with it's colourful feathers. At the end of the journey, I stopped at the pretty little 'Olde England Kiosk' to treat myself to an ice-cream. I had a wonderful time, and I hope you enjoy my photographs!

sunnyhurst, sunnyhurst woods, darwen

-Photographs taken in Sunnyhurst Woods, Darwen-

Happy Earth Day Everyone! 

Thankyou for reading! 
& Remember to Reduce. Reuse. Recycle to help protect our Planet! 


 What did you do this Earth Day? What little things do you do to help the environment?  



  1. Your photos are so pretty! That forest looks really nice and so does that ice cream! X

    1. Thankyou so much! It's a gorgeous little woods, I've been going there since I was really young and it has so many memories :) The ice-cream was a lovely treat at the end of a long walk haha x


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