Saturday, 30 April 2016

March Kawaii Box

Hey everyone! I hope you're all having a fantastic Saturday. I'm looking forward to tonight; I'm going on a night out with one of my closest friends and I can't wait! It's time for another review of the lovely Kawaii Box :) I hope you enjoy reading! 

Inside this month's box: (1) Kawaii Pets Sticker Sheet, (2) Friendly Bear Colour Pen, (3) Panda Sleepmask, (4) Happy Mini Towel, (5) Emoji Plush Charm, (6) Cute Travel Lock, (7) Polygon Bracelet, (8) Stick Chewing Gum Eraser, (9) Apollo Chocolate DIY Kit & (10) Kokeshi Notebook. 

It was exciting opening this month's kawaii box and being greeted by a big bright box! When I noticed that it was a DIY chocolate-making kit, I was really happy and although it looks like there's going to be strawberry flavoured chocolate inside (which I'm not very keen on), it's made by Meji which a popular Japanese chocolate brand so it should be yummy! I can't wait to have a go at making these super cute chocolates!

The Kawaii Box never fails to send me an adorable sticker sheet every month, and this month is no exception! It's great because they are stickers that I can't easily find here in the UK. I received these lovely puffy dog stickers, which includes little paw prints and dog accessories too. I love puffy stickers! It's always good to have a big supply of pens so you can always find another when the pen you're using runs out! This pen is cute, but it's not my favourite as it's very thin and I just prefer to have thicker pens. The tip of the pen reflects the slenderness of it's appearance and I don't like writing with pens like this at all. The colour of ink in my pen is purple, but this might vary in other boxes. 

One of the things that I love about the Kawaii Box is that I  get some really random little items that I wouldn't typically search for to buy but are quite useful and will come in handy at some point :) It does suggest in the item description that the 'password lock' can be used for travel but it seems too small so I'm not sure what luggage it could be used for. I think it's more appropriate for a little locked trinket box. I like the pink and aqua colour combination with the coloured 'dials' or whatever they are called, as well as the cute little bear? face on the lock. How adorable is the Kokeshi notebook? I love a nice mini notebook that can fit easily into my handbag. Although this notebook is very thin so won't take me long to fill up, the sweet illustration on the cover makes up for it! It's a very bright, cheerful design. Apologies for the light glare on the eraser/rubber! It makes it difficult to see the cute frog on the front of the product. It's a simple little rubber, but this is good as it will fit into a small pencil case. I'm hoping that it's scented because there's an orange on the sleeve which is making me curious. 

This item is so bloody adorable! I don't use sleepmasks because I haven't found one that doesn't annoy me yet! I get easily irritated with things on my face haha does anyone else experience this? Hopefully this will be my dream sleepmask! I'm not too sure though because it has a waterproof plastic texture which I don't like. It's a really nice item nonetheless and is quite padded and squishy so I'm sure lots of people will love it. I love things with polka dot patterns and this bobble (hairbrand) is a lovely shade of pink, but I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed with the item. It feels like it's made from cheap material and isn't very well made in my opinion. There's some loose threads on it and it feels like it might fall apart if it was used, which is a shame because it is pretty. 

 This emoji plush charm is my favourite item in the entire box! Emoji products have been really popular lately and I liked the emoji cushions that have been all over the shops, but I don't have enough room for any more things on my bed now as it's filled with Amuse plushies! This mini plush charm is the perfect alternative! It's amazingly soft, I love it! Plus this cheeky tongue face is one of the most used emojis on my iPhone. I especially love how bright the yellow is! 

This 'happy mini towel' is probably my second favourite item in the March Kawaii Box. It's super lovely with all the happy cats and the little smiley clouds! I've been planning to buy a new flannel so this came at the perfect time. It's a lovely colour and design, and it feels pretty soft. The blue colour is fantastic too. The final item is this bright, almost neon, pink bracelet. It's not really something that I would wear and I know I would find the polygon-shaped beads irritating on my wrist. I will likely give it to one of my nieces. Overall, I liked the majority of the items that came inside my March Kawaii Box and I think it was another great box!

Thankyou for reading!

What are your favourite items in this Kawaii Box? Have you ever tried any chocolate made by Meji? (If so, what did you think?) What's your most used emoji? 



  1. Aww another really cute box! I love the little towel and I also love the sleep mask! Great post and I hope you had a lovely time with your friend ! X

    1. Thankyou! I had a great time with my friend :) It's adorable, right? x

  2. Oh these are such cute items, emoji ones is definitely my favorite as well!

    Not Your Type Blog

    1. Thanks :) It's a great subscription box! Awesome, emojis are so cute, aren't they? x

  3. This box looks amazing! Your posts always make me want to try it out! :D

    Emily / The Mini Mermaid

    1. Thanks :) It is a really awesome, adorable box! Such a great value for money too. You should :) I'd definitely recommend it :3


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