Thursday, 7 April 2016

February Spooky Box Club

Happy Thursday everyone! It's about time I showed you all a new subscription box I received in March. I'd seen the Spooky Box Club on youtube and was really impressed with the previous boxes. As far as I know, the Spooky Box Club is the only alternative subscription box available in the UK and I was really excited to see what sort of items I would receive :) Enjoy!

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What I got inside my box: (1) Gravestone Dry Erase Board & Pen, (2) Spooky Skull Nail Art Kit, (3) Graveyard Memo Board Pins, (4) Handcrafted Gourmet Lollipop, (5) Skelly Hands Hair Clips, (6) Trio of Mini Stitched Notebooks, (7) Our Darling Keepsake Pin, (8) Cute Tombstone Zip Purse. 

Each Spooky Box is themed, and this is Box No.13: The Graveyard Box so all the items are related to tombstones, graves, skeletons, etc. I love how each box has a different theme! I also really like the appearance of this box, it's so cool and the packaging inside is nice. They included lots of pretty sequins inside, little black bats and pink hearts.

These notebooks are my favourite items that I received in my first Spooky Box. I love how they all have a different design and they are small enough that they will fit neatly into my bag to take out and about with me, handy for when I need to jot down something on my shopping list or a blog post idea :) I think they are just really cute! 

I really like how each Spooky Box contains a gourmet lollipop and it's usually a yummy flavour. This month's lollipop is 'Birthday Cake' flavour and I can't wait to try it :) It's such a lovely colour too. I'm really happy that I received these skelly hand hair clips because I've wanted some for ages, ever since I saw this photo on pinterest: 

I can't wait to wear them in my hair like this. It looks so nice! Another really awesome item that I received in this box is the 'Our Darling Keepsake' pin. I absolutely love pin badges and this one has a wonderful intricate design, with the prettiest little leaf details. I love how unique it is and I'm glad that I can add it to my pin collection. 

Although the tombstone zip purse is cute, it's my least favourite item that I received. I'm just not a huge fan of it's design, however I do like the size of it. It would be good to take on a night out if you didn't want to carry around a chunky purse as it's big enough to fit your cards in. I also think it would be good to store your period pads in :) The dry erase board is a cool item... I haven't seen one for a while! I'm not sure when I'm going to use it, but if I had my own place I would definitely stick it on the fridge. It would be great to write little reminders on.

I think the gravestone memo pins are a really cute addition to the box; they are quirky and not something you'd find in the shops; I love the different designs.

This is a fabulous little nail deco kit and I love how it was packaged. I don't use nail deco sets so I'm probably going to gift it to a friend, but it is lovely. Overall, I think the Spooky Box Club subscription is great and I've decided to order one more box :) I love the unique items that are all made especially for the company and the mixture of different kinds of items you get is awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing what will be in my next box. 

Thankyou for reading!

What's your favourite item in this box?



  1. This box looks so cool! Everything is spooky but also so cute ! I especially love the hair clips! Great post !

  2. Nice blog


  3. Those hair clips are amazing! I really like the sounds of this box - nice to see something a bit different from the usual beauty ones :) xx | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

    1. They are awesome, right? :) Yeah, I think it's a great idea! I was really curious about the sort of items I'd get because I've seen a lot sorts of items on the youtube unboxing videos I've watched for this box! x


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