Wednesday, 27 April 2016

World Stationary Day

Hi everyone! Today is World Stationary Day and as I promised yesterday, I'm going to show you all the stationary that I've brought this month. I absolutely love stationary! I can't go shopping without coming home with a new notebook, another sticker sheet or some more pens! So many of my hobbies involve using lots of stationary so I always like to have my supplies well stocked. I've been writing to penpals for ten years now and I love to send my snailmail on pretty letter paper, with lovely envelopes and decorated with lots of adorable stickers. I also do postcard swapping with people all over the world and like to use colourful pens and cute washi tape when I'm writing postcards. For as long as I can remember, I have loved receiving and sending hand-written letters and postcards! It just feels so much more personal and is a lovely tradition! 

World Stationary Day has been launched for stationary lovers to share their passion for writing and to encourage people to write more letters instead of corresponding via text or email to help keep this wonderful tradition alive! So if you love stationary, show it! Write about it, share photos of what you've bought or have a go at making something crafty using your stationary! Celebrate all the awesome stationary that is available, and try to send something hand-written to your loved ones this year. I hope you all enjoy reading about the newest additions to my stationary collection (it's going to be another pic heavy post!) :) 

The first stationary haul that I did this month was all stickers! I adore stickers; I just love how many different designs, colours, shapes and sizes that they are available in. Whatever kind of stickers you are looking for, there's probably going to be a shop online that sells them! I ordered these gorgeous stickers from an etsy store called kawaiistickers4you which is based in Japan. Japanese stationary is amazing! So adorable and well-designed! I've been ordering stationary from Asia since I first started writing snailmail when I was a teenager as there's so many awesome stationary brands there. I was really happy with this order, all of the stickers are great and were a fabulous price at £2-£2.50 per sheet. 

I purchased the flower stickers because they are the perfect size to add to postcards or to use in my planner. They are so pretty, especially the ones on the left, which are really bright and will be great to use on any mail I write in summer.  

How adorable are these animal stickers!? Alpacas and rabbits are two of my favourite animals so I couldn't resist buying these! I don't come across alpaca stickers very often and when I do, they are always cartoon style so it was nice to see some with actual alpaca designs. They are beautiful alpacas, so fluffy and photogenic! I also loved these stickers because their shape resembles postage stamps. The bunny stickers are so kawaii! The grey bunnies remind me of one of my own pet rabbits so I fell in love with these stickers as soon as I spotted them. 

This lovely etsy store sells so many cute bunny stickers so of course, I had to get more! These stickers are super cute because they are so tiny! Like the flower stickers, they will be perfect for using on postcards and in my planner as they will neatly fit next to any writing. The final item I choose was this Alice In Wonderland inspired sticker flakes pack. It contains 71 stickers in 10 different designs and that's fantastic for the price. I really love these sticker flake sets and this one is awesome. I love Alice in Wonderland and I can't wait to start using these on my letters! 

Last week, I went to Hobbycraft for the first time and I was so overexcited in the car on the way there! I've been wanting to go for years but there's no store in my town, but since I was travelling to Liverpool to get my passport renewed, I just had to visit Hobbycraft whilst I had the chance. So here's what I bought...

 Yes, more stickers! I will never have too many stickers! Is there even such a thing as too many stickers!? :) I'm so happy with these dinosaurs! I'm a big fan of dinosaurs and I love puffy stickers, so there's so much awesome on this one sheet! I also really like these dessert stickers as I thought they'd be nice and bright, and I can use the ice-cream ones for summer! 

I've been after some of these enamel dot stickers for ages as I kept seeing them used by all of the amazing snailmailers and scrapbookers on instagram! They are just so pretty and I'd never seen or heard of them before I started postcard swapping via instagram. I'm thinking of using them to decorate envelopes and to use when I'm decorating pages in my scrapbooks. Talking of scrapbooks, that's what I purchased these awesome 'stick-on decorations' for. They will look great in my scrapbook! 

Another thing I've been meaning to buy for a while is some letter stickers, which I also want to use for scrapbooking or smashbooking (when I eventually get around to purchasing a smashbook!). I think it's awesome how many stickers you get on this sheet for the price, I think they were £2 or £3, and they are available in so many different colours. They are glittery, too! 

I couldn't walk past these lovely gift tags and not buy them! I love the bright pink and gold together, it looks fantastic. Like with the stickers, they are a great price for the amount you get in the pack. They are so pretty and I'm looking forward to using them when wrapping gifts for my loved ones. I've needed some new silver and gold gel pens since I used up my last ones writing Christmas cards and colouring in the stars in my Christmas themed colouring book. I bought them mostly to use in my Game of Thrones colouring book for the weapons, the sigils of the different houses and all the gold that the Lannisters wear

I'm a sucker when it comes to pastels and I really love this card and envelope set from Dovecrafts. You actually get 8 cards/envelopes in the pack, two of each colour. The colours are beautiful and I think the polka dot design is awesome! They are perfect for Spring and Summer snailmail, and I like how I can mix-and-match one colour of envelope to a different colour card. The cards are blank so I can fit lots of writing inside. I'm really impressed with the quality of the card too. I'm going to check out the other products by Dovecraft.

 The final stationary item that I got from Hobbycraft are these AMAZING dinosaur rubbers/erasers. They are so cool! I love the vibrant colours and the textured detail on them. I love how they are free-standing so I can display them on my drawers. I'll never be able to bring myself to use them as they are super adorable, especially the pink triceratops! I also purchased two none stationary items from Hobbycraft, a pack of really pretty paper cases for baking and some chocolates :) 

Thankyou for reading!


Do you love stickers? Can you recommend any stores for me to check out.
Have you purchased any new stationary this month? I'd love to hear all about it. 

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  1. All of these things are so cute! I love the look of those enamel dot stickers and the sheet of alpaca stickers is just so sweet!

  2. These are freakin' adorable!
    Did you have to pay customs on the ones from Japan? Was shipping expensive?

    I'd love to receive some snail mail from you too...

    | | bloglovin' |

    1. Thanks :3 I actually didn't have to pay customs for the stickers, I was surprised because I thought I would have to! The p&p was only £3.18 so that was fantastic!

      We'll definitely have to arrange that soon :3

  3. Awww, I love the dinosaur rubbers, they're so cute! And the bunny stickers too, so sweet. I need to get some more stickers for my letters actually, so you've reminded me to top up my collection. Also, my favourite bird, it's a tough one but it would have to be a toucan - I just love them, but barn owls are gorgeous! - Tasha

    1. Thankyou :) I absolutely adore them! If you get some more stickers, you should definitely blog about them, i'd love to havea read! Aww lovely, toucans are gorgeous birds! x


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