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My Geek Box Kids | Subscription Box Review

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you've all enjoyed the first day of summer :) I spent most of my day travelling to and from and attending my monthly appointment at the Salford Royal Hospital's pain centre for my fibromyalgia. The highlight of my day was finally getting to enjoy some chips at the canteen as every other time I've been to the hospital, it's always been closed! (they were very yummy by the way!). Today's post is going to be a review of the kid's edition of the My Geek Box subscription. Enjoy!

My Geek Box Kids
Back in April, I decided to search for a subscription box for young girls as it would soon be my niece's 8th birthday. She really enjoys watching unboxing videos with me so I thought it would be a lovely surprise for her to get her very own subscription box. On one of my typical binge-watching sessions of unboxing videos, I came across the My Geek Box Kids, which is available as a Little Heroes or a Little Princesses box. From what I'd seen, it looked like a great box and I was excited about ordering one for my niece.  

Do you ever plan to order a one-off subscription box but then you completely forget to cancel? Hopefully I'm not the only one! Asking this may seem random, but it ties in with my opinions of this subscription box :)

My Geek Box Kids

When I finally received the May Little Princesses box, I was actually a little disappointed. I was sent a huge box and was looking forward to opening it to check what was inside, before re-sealing it and giving it to my niece. I was surprised that inside such a big box, there were only five items, with two of the items being the same, and lots of empty space. Although, the RRP of the items easily covers the cost of the box (which is £19.99 plus P&P each month) and the website does say 5-7 items, it just seemed a little unexciting compared the other boxes I'd seen on videos and the photograph shown on their website. I was worried that my niece would be expecting the box to be packed full like the other subscription boxes she's watched me open in the past, so I decided to get her another present for her birthday and try to gather a few more items myself to add to this My Geek Box before giving it to her. 

This is where the forgetting to cancel my subscription comes in. I completely forgot that I had actually signed up to a subscription of this box so a few days ago, I was greeted by another massive bright blue box when I came downstairs to get some breakfast. I was so curious to see what would be inside this box. Would it be the same as last months? Would I be left disappointed again? It turns out that this box was completely different! It was exactly what I'd expected to find in the first box; it was packed full of items and looked awesome! I wanted to explain all of this before showing you all what was inside the boxes, so finally here's what items I received...

 First view of the May Little Princesses Box

First view of the June Little Princesses Box 

As you can see upon opening the boxes, the June Little Princesses Box is packed full of items. When a child opens such a huge box, they are probably expecting it to be stuffed full of exciting new toys so this is a perfect box. I was really happy with the June box and if I'd received a box like this in May, I'd have been very impressed with the subscription box overall. May's box was a lot more empty in comparison and to fill the box, it even had plastic packaging inside on top of the items. Even though I know that the items in the May box are worth the price that I paid, it doesn't feel like it. The website states that the RRP of each box is £40+ so this makes me expect a lot more for my money, too. However, with the June Box, I feel completely different and feel like I've got good value for money and would happily give this to my niece as a present. 

 Inside the May Little Princesses Box 

My Geek Box Kids May

 Inside the June Little Princesses Box

My Geek Box Kids June

In the June My Geek Box Kids, there were eight items, vs the five found in the May box. The items included in the boxes are chosen for 5-11 year old girls. I find the June box a lot better as it includes a mixture of both toys and artsy items. Most of the items in the box are fun and give the child receiving it lots to do, such as drawing on the 'Scribble Me' My Little Pony plushie, colouring in, making the adorable kitten mosaic or building the mega blocks princess set. The items in the May box are great, but they are much less interactive toys, other than the Barbie Doll, compared to the ones in the June Box. I decided to give the June box to my niece as a late birthday present, after removing the Dora the Explorer toy as she's not very keen on Dora anymore and adding the blind boxes from the May box, as well as two items I'd bought for her myself. 

It was really fun to watch her open the box and see her eyes grow wide when she saw all of the items inside. She loved pulling out all of the items to investigate what they were and as my other niece was at my house too, they were both really enjoying themselves. The bracelet was opened straight away and put on, and the first toy that they decided to open together was the Mega Blocks Princess set. If every Little Princesses box came like this one, I would be happy to order it again :)

Thankyou for reading!

What do you think of this box? Would you order it for your niece/daughter/granddaughter?

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  1. I bet your niece loved this! I can see why you would have been a little disappointed in the May box - the June one did seem to have a lot more in it, which is great for the pricing etc. as you mentioned so maybe that's how the May box balanced out with having slightly fewer items. I love the mix of things in the May box, nice to see toys and some other stuff like the colouring things. I should try getting this for my cousin, she'd love it! - Tasha

    1. She did! :) Yeah, it really wasn't as good as June's box, so it has made me a little worried about ordering it again. You should! I'd love to hear about what she thought of it if you do x

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