Saturday, 25 June 2016

June Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist

Hey everyone! I've been such a busy bee today. My family & I are going on a little holiday to North Wales on Monday and so I've been packing and sorting out all of next week's blog posts. I can't wait to get away for a few days, to relax and be in my element with my camera. I'm such a typical tourist! North Wales is a beautiful place and I'm really looking forward to exploring more of it. How has everyone's day been? I hope you all enjoy today's post

Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist

1. Cat Paw Enamel Pin how adorable is this little paw pin!? I really need to add it to my pin collection. It comes in four different colours and I wish I could have them all. Who else loves cats?

2. Alice Through the Looking Glass Mystery Minis I absolutely love blind boxes and cute little vinyl figures. This collection is super adorable and who doesn't love Alice in Wonderland? I'd be happy to receive any of the characters! 

3.Vaporeon Ditto Transformation Plush I've been in love with the ditto transformation plushies since the first set was released. I love his sweet little face and how it looks on the faces of other pokemon. As soon as I saw that there was a vaporeon in the new ditto transformation collection, I had to have it! I'm going to be ordering it as soon as I can :) 

4. The Hello Kitty Baking Book a book full of hello kitty & baked goods!? this is so perfect for me! I adore hello kitty so much! I collect hello kitty plushies and find it hard to resist buying most hello kitty items I find when I'm out shopping. I'd love to add this baking book to my collection and be able to make yummy sanrio-themed treats whenever I want! 

5. Tokidoki Mermicorno Blind Box I am so so happy that there's a new set of tokidoki figures out! I haven't even finished my current collection of Series 4 unicornos but I just have to get myself one (or five) of these! Every single figure is a mermaid unicorn, and the designs of the eight figures available are really pretty and so colourful! 

6. White Cat Mug last month, I told myself no more mugs! But look how nice this cat one is! How could I say no? It's got ears and an adorable little kitty face and the handle is even a tail! You can never have too many mugs, right? Who's with me? haha 

7. Sailor Moon Sailor Scouts Bag I've needed a new shoulder bag for a while now and I love this style of bag. Sailor Moon is awesome, plus looking at the characters is so nostalgic and reminds me of my childhood. I love the design on the front of this bag, it's so bright, girly and lovely. This bag looks like it can fit lots of things inside, too. 

8. Vans X Nintendo Shoes The new vans X nintendo merch collection is really cool! I'd be over the moon if I could get my hands on any of the shoes, but my favourite are the Super Mario Bros ones. I'm very much a fan of mushroom print so I'm lovin' that these shoes is covered in mini mushrooms and all the other funky mario characters. I'd feel awesome walking around with these on my feet. 

Thankyou for reading!

What's your favourite item on this wishlist? What's on your wishlist this month? 

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  1. This is all so cute! I love that pin and a Hello Kitty Baking Book is something I need in my life! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

  2. Lovely post! I also saw and fell in love with Vans X Nintendo shoes! They are so cute! X


    1. Thankyou hun :) Which are your favourite shoes in the Vans X Nintendo collection? x

  3. Couldn't believe when seen the mermicornos earlier! So cute!

    Stacey xxx

    1. The entire collection looks fantastic, right!? :) I need some asap! haha x

  4. I had to come and comment on this post as well because of all of the cuteness here! The Vaporeon Ditto plushie is so cute, and Ditto was always one of my favourites and of course, all of the Eevee evolutions are just stunning! I adore the tokidoki figures too and even better that they've combined mermaids and unicorns! Too cute. - Tasha

  5. VAPOREON DITTO! You know me, I love Pokemon! I really want a new Pokemon plushie. :P

    I never know a Hello Kitty cookbook existed until now... I'll have to make sure to pick it up in the future. ;)


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