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The Teenie TYs Collection

On Thursday, I went on a little shopping trip with my mum. It was about time I got out of the house and I was excited to treat myself to a few things. I picked up some stationary from The Works, got myself two adorable care bear collectable charms from one of those £1 toy-dispenser machines and even found some pretty 'Happy Birthday' craft stickers and a few other stationary bits and bobs in Poundworld. I cannot walk past Clinton Cards without being drawn into the store! I have to go and have a nosey at the Yankee Candles, tsum tsums and other plushies they have, and this time I spotted some that I'd never seen before. The Teenie TY Collection beanie babies! Of course I bought some haha and I wanted to share these adorable mini plushies with you :) Enjoy!

Teenie TY Collection, TY Beanie Babies,

How bloody cute are these!? I fell in love with them as soon as I spotted them, and therefore couldn't leave the store without purchasing several of the little cuties. It was so hard to choose only three but I didn't want to spend too much. These plushies are so sweet and are designed to resemble the Disney tsum tsums. They even have the soft felt material underneath for cleaning your phone screen. They are £2.99 so they are pretty similarly priced to tsum tsums, too. 

Teenie TY Collection, TY Beanie Babies,

These gorgeous plushies are made from really soft material! They are much heavier than Disney tsum tsums because keeping in tradition with the original TY Beanie Babies, most TY plushies have little beans inside. This makes them chubbier than tsum tsums, which just makes them even more adorable.I absolutely love the new style of TY with their big eyes. They remind me of lemurs, which are one of my favourite mammal groups. 

I love owls so I couldn't not buy an owl one. There were two to choose them, a white one that looked like a Snowy Owl and this blue one that I think is designed to look like an Eagle Owl because it has little pointed ears. My favourite thing about this owl is it's fluffy face! I wish it was coloured like an actual owl with different shades of browns and greys, but it's still super cute in blue. I love how they've designed it's feet too, two of them look like claws and the other two look like wings. I've seen similar products that give the birds feet like the other animals and it looks silly! The material used in his ears and feet is glittery which is a pretty addition to the plushie. The owl's tag says it's name is 'Mimi'... how cute is that name!?

The giraffe one was the first one that I saw when I walked over the shelves of plushies! It's lovely and I've never had a giraffe plushie before so I had to have it! The hair on the giraffes back is adorable, and I love it's little horns. It's pattern is really bold and eye-catching, and  it's little smiley mouth expression is so sweet. It has random purple eyes, ears and feet, but they do look nice. The label says it's name is 'Mabs' but I've renamed her Acacia, after the wild giraffe's favourite food. 

This is what the underside of the plushies look like, pretty much the same as Disney tsum tsums. 

This is my favourite of all of the Teenie TYs Collection plushies! I love love love foxes! It's such a gorgeous colour and has a lovely simple design. His black ears and feet really stand out and looks perfect, like an actual Red Fox. His name is Finley, and I think that's an awesome name for a fox. Not as awesome as Todd; I need to watch The Fox & the Hound now! 

Look how chubby this fox!? I'm really impressed with this TY Collection! I have always loved the brand. I used to collect the original Beanie Babies plushies when I was little and I still have lots of them somewhere in the house. I can't wait to get more of these! Although with a massive collection of tsum tsums that's still getting added to, I have no idea where I would put anymore of these! 

Thankyou for reading!


Do you have any of these? 
Did you use to collect TY? Do you collect any other plushies?

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  1. Me and my mum cant help but go "aawwww!" everytime we walk past Clintons and see these little plushies! I haven't bought any YET but I have got a TY pug keyring which I clip on to a rucksack! Lovely post! X


    1. haha awww :3 they have so many adorable plushies! Awww your keyring sounds adorable! Thanks x

  2. Omg I I love the little giraffe! They're all sooo cute!

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