Wednesday, 27 July 2016

July Wishlist

Hi lovelies, I hope you've all had a fantastic day! I spent mine having a very long lie in after not being able to sleep until 7am! It was incredibly annoying! For the rest of the day, I've just been watching TV and planning posts for next month, plus I received some lovely things in the post that I will blogging all about very soon. Anyhow, it's time for another monthly wishlist. Enjoy!

July Wishlist
 1. Sweetheart 2-in-1 Dress I just love the pretty floral design on this dress! As someone who feels most happy in black clothes, it can be difficult to find something that has summery vibes so as soon as I spotted this dress, I wanted it. I really like the sweetheart neckline of the dress too and I think it would be perfect to wear both during the day and for nights out. 

2. Bronze Coloured Fox Ornament As most of my regular readers will know by now, I absolutely love foxes! As soon as I see anything fox related (or bunny related, or alpaca related, or lizard related.. the list is endless! I just seriously love animals), I need it. DuneIm has some really lovely home deco, and this fox is just one of the many items I want. Just look how cute it is, with it's little sleepy face! Who else adores foxes?

3. Dose of Color Liquid Lipstick in 'Kiss of Fire' This collection of gorgeous matte liquid lipsticks have recently been taking the blogging world by storm and it's no surprise with the stunning shades available. I have been lusting over them since I saw this post by the lovely Beth over at Mermaid In Disguise. I instantly fell in love with the frosted glass packaging and the vibrant colours, and although 'Kiss of Fire' wasn't original my favourite shade, it's really grown on me the more I've seen of it all over instagram. 

4. Dose of Color in 'Chocolate Wasted' Another shade of this wonderful collection that I adore. I've been looking for the perfect true brown lipstick to experiment with for ages now, and this colour looks fabulous! There's literally so many pretty lipsticks by Dose of Color that I would love to get my hands on! 

5. Portico Zodiac A6 Notebook It's so hard to narrow it down to one notebook per wishlist because I honestly want about ten new notebooks each month! This notebook appealed to me because of the gorgeous papercut art on the cover. I have always loved papercut art, it is so pretty and intricate, and I admire the artists so much. I would love to have a go myself but I'm so bad with anything that requires tiny, intricate precision :) Nevermind, I can just buy lovely notebooks like this instead! There are twelve of these notebooks available, one with each sign of the zodiac on the cover. Being born at the start of October, I am a Libra and I've always been jealous of the awesome designs of all of the other Zodiac signs. This is the loveliest Libra design I've ever seen so of course, I need it in my life. 

6. Whimsical Woodland Makeup Bag After managing to ruin the inside of my other make-up when I got liquid eyeliner all over it, I am now in need of a new one. This one is perfect for me as it's covered in woodland animals. Forests and Woods are my favourite places and I love anything with a woodlands design. Plus, I love how colourful this make-up bag is and that the zip is my favourite shade of blue.

7. Cinnamon Donut Bath Bomb I have been following the instagram of Oh Deer Sugar for a while now and have been fascinated by how gorgeous their bathbombs look! They remind me so much of Lush and I would love to try them out for myself! I love the cake and donut designs they make and how bright they are. This Cinnamon bathbomb is my favourite because the colours it makes in the bath remind me of Intergalactic, my favourite Lush bathbomb. If you love bathbombs and haven't heard of Oh Deer Sugar, go check them out :) 

8. Heart Wooden Shelf Unit I've been searching for a heart-shaped shelf ever since I saw someone displaying their tsum tsum collection in one as it looked so awesome! My collection of now 63 tsum tsums are currently sitting on top of a some plastic drawers that I brought home from university and I constantly keep knocking them off when I walk past, thus scattering tsum tsums all over the floor. It's getting more annoying the more tsum tsums I get, and I'm so addicted to the adorable little plushies that I just can't stop adding to my collection. My mum went shopping with my sister the other day and when they popped into The Range, they found these lovely wooden shelves in an off-white colour, however I couldn't find those ones on the website and if I can't get the off-white ones, I will just get these and paint them. If anyone knows where I can find some white heart shelves, please let me know in the comments. 

Thankyou for reading! 

 What do you think of the items on my wishlist?
I'd love to hear all about what's on your wishlist this month.

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  1. Oh, that bath bomb looks so cute! I'll definitely have to have a look at that page and see what they've got :) Baths are perfect! And I love that heart shelf! So cute!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. They just look so awesome in the water :) They've got some photos of their website! I agree , baths are amazing! Thanks x

  2. I adore that 2 in one 1 dress! I might have to give the bath bomb a go, I've run out of my stash so I might have to stock up soon! Xx

    1. It's lovely and summery, right!? :) I'm definitely tempted to give them a go, they look awesome! My stash has almost ran out too. Definitely post photos if you buy some x


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