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July Papergang | Review

Hey everyone! As if it's now August already! I can't believe how quickly this year has gone and that next month it will be a year since I started blogging! Wow :) I hope that you have all enjoyed reading Raiin Monkey. Thankyou to everyone that has read my posts, left me lovely comments, followed me on social media, and just supported me and become my friends. You are all awesome and have made my blogging experience great so far. I just wanted to let you all know how much your interaction with me and my blog means to me ♥ Today's post is another Papergang Box review. I hope you all enjoy reading!

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 I really liked the pink and purple pattern on the front of the July Papergang Box, but what was immediately different was the size of the box. I wasn't sure at first if it was because the items inside were smaller this month or whether Papergang have redesigned the size of their box. I'm hoping it's the latter as then the boxes will be able to fit through the letterbox and be easier to store away. So here's what was inside...

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The July Papergang Box contains six individual items and a pack of three notebooks. The individual items include a Screen Printed Wooden Clipboard, a pencil, a Riso Printed Calendar and three greetings cards. The notebook set contains three A6 notebooks, all with a different cover design. Although there are some lovely items inside this box, I was a little disappointed about the variety of items I got to be honest. 

These two items are my least favourite in the July Papergang Box. I do like that the design on the front of the box matches with the one on the little wooden clipboard, however I do not like the clipboard itself. It's very thin and rough, and feels pretty cheap as a result even though the RRP of the item is £6. The metal part at the top that you use to secure your paper is also very hard to use as it's really stiff and actually hurt my hands and wrists to lift up. This may be because I have painful hands and wrists anyway due to fibromyalgia but that's another reason why I didn't like the clipboard. 

The next item is the Riso Printed Calendar; it's simply a piece of card with a calendar printed on, which has a retail value of £1.95. I personally am not really a fan of the design or have any uses for it, however it could be nice to stick into a bullet journal or a planner, or even use a magnet to attach it to the front of the fridge so you can circle your appointment days on it or whatever dates you need to highlight. 

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I do like these small (A6) notebooks. They are cute and can fit easily into a bag to take out and about with me. I like how you get three different designs too; my favourite is the grey one with gold lettering. Another thing that I like about the notebooks is that the paper inside is blank so I can use them to doodle or to quickly jot notes down. I'm quite tempted to start a little art journal/sketch book as I used to enjoy drawing and I'm more likely to do it when I'm out, relaxing somewhere with my friends or sat in a cafe. You get three notebooks for an RRP of £5.95 which I think is a good price. 

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The pencil is another item that I'm not really keen on, as it feels like a filler item but I guess you can never have too many pencils. At least I now have a few pencils to start drawing with in my new notebooks. I do think the gold lettering on the side of the pencil, reading 'On Point' is pretty cute.

This 'Pugtato' greeting card is actually my favourite item from the entire box. Even though I'm not a huge lover of Pugs like everyone else seems to be, how can anyone not instantly fall in love with this adorable chubby potato-pug!? It's so random and super adorable. I want a pet pugtato! I think this will be another card that I never get around to using because I don't want to part with it. I might use it in a scrapbook or even frame it. It would also make a fantastic addition to office wall art. There's just something about square cards that I really love, I don't know what it is but I prefer them so much more to standard cards.

July Papergang Box, The Papergang Box, The Papergang, Papergang Box July,

The final items in the Papergang Box are these lovely greetings card. I love the tiger card, it's absolutely gorgeous and I really like the realistic and well-detailed design of the tiger. It's eyes are so piercing and beautiful. I have a few friends who are mad on tigers so they may just be getting this little cutie through their letterbox on their birthday. The other card is quite comical as it reads 'Good Luck. You're going to need it' and I think it would be great to make someone smile before an exam or an interview. Although not if they are as anxious as I am, because this card would make me panic a little! I also like the shade of blue they've used as it's one of my favourite colours. Something that I do love about the cards from Oh Deer (who make The Papergang Box) is that they are quirky and unique, usually with brown envelopes, I love them! They are normally blank inside too which I prefer. I like to be able to write whatever I like and decorate the inside of the card with stickers and little doodles. 

The Papergang Box, The Papergang, July Papergang Box, July Papergang,

Here is the design on the back of the Papergang sleeve featuring the usual origami style cut-out animal. The July Box has a Ram to create, which is rather random compared to the items in the box this time but oh well, it's still an addition to the design of the packaging that I will forever be a fan of. Overall, in my honest opinion, I wasn't thrilled with what I received in the July Box. There are some items that are both pretty and useful, but I did get quite a few items that I don't personally like.

Thankyou for reading!

What do you think of this box? What's your favourite item?
If you are a subscriptor of the box, what was your opinion of this month VS the other boxes?

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  1. I see what you mean - not really a lot of variety in this box. Although I do actually like the clipboard and the calendar, I'd probably put the calendar on the clipboard and have it up on my wall next to my desk. :)

    The tiger card is gorgeous, probably my favourite item here! xxx

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

    1. I do enjoy getting the cards and some of the boxes have been great so I'm 50/50 about whether I should unsubscribe or not. I'll wait another month :) (which is what I said to myself last month! haha).

      Really? Do you want them? I won't use them, so if you'd like me to send them to you, just let me know your address and you can have them :) x


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