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25 Reasons Why Aurora Is Awesome

Happy Sunday Guys! I hope you've all had a wonderful day! Today was my oldest brother's 39th Birthday so instead of our usual Sunday roast dinner, my mom prepared a buffet, along with a delicious chocolate gateau for dessert! I had a lovely day spending time with my family. I was actually supposed to share this post with you yesterday, but my internet decided to mess up so better late than never! Whilst browsing twitter yesterday, I discovered it was National Dog Day and so it was the perfect excuse to write up a post idea I've had for a while! If you're a regular reader of my blog, you may have seen my post from back in April about the newest addition to our family; my sister got a Shih Tzu puppy! (See the post here). Aurora is almost 9 months old now and is a cheeky little bundle of joy, 80% of the time haha!. She has brought so much happiness to our home and I adore her so much! I wanted to share a post about all of the things she does that are just so cute and awesome! Dogs are such amazing animals :) Enjoy! 

Aurora The Shih Tzu

1) The way she greets me every day when I first wake up and come downstairs is so cute! She gets super excited to see me, it makes me feel so loved. 

2) When she paws at me for attention with her cute little fluffy feet!  

3) She looks like a bat when she's rolled over on her back and it's hilarious! Her ears flop on the floor above her head and if you try to tickle her, she playfully bites your fingers and she resembles the most adorable little bat you've ever seen!

4) Whenever she's really happy, she goes on these hyper runs around the room, crashing into things and she just doesn't stop! She sometimes does this at random and it's so funny!

5) I love when dogs do that 'confused' head-turn thing. Aurora looks extra cute when she does this! 

6) She looks adorable when she's asleep... it melts my heart!

7) Whenever someone walks into our garden, such as my dad or my brother coming back from work, she gets so excited watching them through the window and it's lovely to see!

8) At the moment, my laptop is broken and because of this, it has to be propped up against the wall. I keep it on top of a box and usually sit on the floor to use it, and whenever I'm on my laptop Aurora comes and sits beside me. It's wonderful that she just enjoys being near me :)

9) If she gets something on her nose, like dust or water or bits of her food, she hates it and tries everything to get it off. She always starts rubbing her muzzle all oer things and snuffles and it's literally the cutest thing ever! 

Aurora The Shih Tzu

10) When her coat is fully grown and she hasn't been to the groomers for a while, it looks like Chewbacca and an Ewok had a fling and she was the result! She honestly looks more Ewok than dog sometimes! 

11) Whenever she wants to play, I love how she will go and choose one of her toys and bring it to you. Her favourites at the moment are her plushie teacup and a squishy pink ball that squeaks!

12) She cuddles into my things and lays on top of them because she can smell me on them, like my slippers or my hoodies. I often walk into the room to find her doing this! She's even starting doing it with my notebooks!

13) Her front teeth are always a little visible because she has an underbite and it looks adorable!

14) Whenever she's had a bath and we put her on the floor ready to dry her off, she nuzzles and rolls all over her towel like ''Look guys! I can do it all by myself!''

15) When she's out in the garden, she desperately wants to play with my rabbits and cries excitedly whilst looking up at their hutches. It's so sweet :) 

16) I love how she follows my youngest nephew around everywhere he goes! 

17) At night when I'm relaxing and watching movies, whenever she's sleepy she sits by me and rests her head on my leg. Then when she falls asleep, I feel like I can't move for hours because she looks too cute to disturb! 

Aurora The Shih Tzu

18) Whenever we take her collar off for whatever reason, she gets really confused and nuzzles at your hands until you put it back on again!

19) The sound she makes when she's incredibly excited to see you is amazing! It's a really high pitched squeal! (It resembles the sound I make when I'm fangirling!)

20) Watching her try to eat fresh garden peas is so comical... she just drops loads of bits of pea all over and can't seem to keep it all in her mouth! 

21) She sneaks upstairs to see us whenever we are still in bed in the afternoon. She comes into mine & my sisters bedroom and wakes us up by running around crashing into things and stratching trying to reach our beds! It's sweet that she's that desperate to see us :')

22) When anyone is laying on the floor in my house, she jumps on their back and sits there. She sometimes carries a toy up there too! She used to do this all the time when she first came home and is doing it now less and less. It's a shame!

23) I think it's lovely how she forever wants to be near us, to cuddle up to our feet, to sit up on the sofa and snuggle next to us, to follow us everywhere around the house and garden and even to the toilet! She's like a clingy toddler! 

24) Sometimes when I'm laying on the floor whilst I'm colouring or writing blog notes, she tries to distract me by nuzzling and snuffling all over me... in my face, all over my back and my legs and pawing at me too! I'm super ticklish so you can imagine how much this makes me giggle!

25) Finally, even though it can be annoying when she's constantly staring at you whilst you're trying to eat, it's cute when you joke around and try to cover your food so she can't see it. She peeps around the corner of whatever you're using to block her view and bobs her head around if you move it. I don't know if I'm explaining it well enough for you to visualise it, but it is hilarious! It reminds me of a cat when they don't take their eyes off something in your hand :) 

Aurora The Shih Tzu

So there's a list of some of the ways that Aurora makes my melt heart on a daily basis! There are so many other adorable mannerisms that she has! I basically almost die from cuteness overload sometimes! Shih Tzu's are brillant little dogs, even though they are really stubborn and pretend that they can't hear you when you're telling them off and are super lazy! They have the sweetest fluffy tails and faces that look like an old man with a beard, but they are affectionate and mischievous and playful. I love Aurora to pieces and she's brought lots of happiness into my life. I hope you've all enjoyed reading! If you have a dog too, I'd love to hear all about them in the comments :)

Thankyou for reading!


What's something that your pet does that makes your heart melt? 

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