Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Comic Con Haul

Hey everyone! I wish it was Saturday all over again! I had such a fabulous time at the Manchester MCM expo and it was over way too quickly. I would love to go for the entire weekend and stay over in Manchester, plan two different cosplays too. Hopefully next year will be the year I can make that happen! If you didn't see my (very amateur) cosplay, check out this post :) Anyhow, as promised, here is my haul post; I purchased some awesome things! If you're a fellow nerd or kawaii lover, or you just enjoy nosying at what people have been buying (I know I do!), then read on. Enjoy! 

Comic Con Haul Post

My aim before I went to Comic Con was to come home with a new Funko Pop figure for my collection, a plushie and some prints from Brogan Coral, as it's a tradition of mine now to get some new prints from this amazing artist every year that I've been to the Manchester expo. I was very happy to tick off all of the items on my list, plus get some other wonderful items! Here's what I got...

I'm super happy with my haul!I picked up the Funko Pop figure and the Funko Mystery Minis Blind Box from the Forbidden Planet stall, and I was impressed that the prices were standard as it's typical to find that stalls will charge so much more at a expo. I bought the pin badge and Pocky snacks from Tofu Cute, which is a store that I like to buy from every year since they are one of my favourite UK suppliers of kawaii products. I couldn't find business cards on the stalls were I purchased the keyring or plushie though, sorry guys! My post is going to be pretty picture heavy from this point on :) 

I was over the moon when I spotted this figure on the Forbidden Planet stall at the expo! This Rick & Morty Pop figure is one of the new figures that were just released as exclusives for the San Diego Comic Con event, so it was a surprise to see it with other exclusives on the stall. I couldn't not buy it! It's so adorable, bright and colourful. Really kawaii and eye-catching, and I'm so glad to add it to my ever-growing Pop collection. The RRP of Pop's is around £12 and I got this SDCC Exclusive for £15 which was a fantastic price, becasue it would have cost me so much more with the cost of shipping and such to order it online! The figure is in perfect condition too. 

I've been watching a lot of blind box unboxing videos lately with my niece and my mom (I've gotten my family obsessed with blind boxes too, haha!) since we figured out how to watch youtube on our firestick, so I had blind boxes on the brain when I went to Comic Con. I spotted a few blind boxes for things that I'm not really into and I had given up that I would come home with a blind box, until my best friend & I were taking our last walk around the convention centre. The Forbidden Planet stall had two sides and I hadn't looked much at the other side, the one that didn't have all the Funko Pop figures. I spotted the Game of Thrones series 1 & 2 blind boxes on the other side of the stall, and these were only £5! I was so happy. 

I was hoping to get one of my favourite characters, Tyrion or Arya, or Rhaegal (the green and bronze dragon), and I would have been glad to get Daenerys, Khal Drogo, any of the dragons or the direwolves, or Jon Snow. I got Ned Stark, nevermind! I'm still impressed with the figure. It's in great condition and has lots of details for a small figure. I have a mighty need to collect all of Ned's children to go with this figure now :) Have you ever gotten one of these figures before?

I wanted to get a new Amuse plushie from Tofu Cute. I was looking for a 'character' that I didn't already have or one that I immediately fell in love with, but I didn't find any this time unfortunately. I did however see the Tofu Cute pin badge collection, that I'd totally forgotten they'd released so that was a wonderful surprise. It was tough to choose which one to buy but I decided on this adorable panda pin. I love how adorable it is! All the pins were £5 each and are all available on the store's website. I really like the presentation of the item too, each comes on a cute card which on the back has a little character description. Oh, and the back of the pin is pink plastic which is cool.

As you can see, I couldn't resist opening the cookies & cream Pocky that I bought on Saturday! I wanted a snack to take to my dad's house on Monday night to munch whilst watching the latest Game of Thrones episode. They were delicious! I picked up some milk flavoured Pocky as well, since that's my favourite flavour. I wanted to try Matcha flavour but they were more expensive so I decided to pick some up next year. 

I really like things that are made from hama beads because they remind me of my childhood. I made some hama bead things when I was younger at a summer youth club place that I went to. I came across a stall with some really awesome hama bead creations and I would have loved to buy one, however I couldn't think where to put it. I saw a pot of keyrings for £1 at the front of the stall so I just had to get myself this little mushroom. It's cute and I like the bold colours. I wish I'd seen a business card so I knew the name of the shop. 

LOOK HOW ADORABLE THIS IS!! I spotted an awesome stall towards the back of the convention centre that was selling various plushies, including quite a few Tokidoki ones. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I'm pretty obsessed with the Italian kawaii brand, Tokidoki so you can imagine my excitement when I saw Tokidoki merch at Comic Con. I chose the 'Biscottino' plushie because I've never seen any merch of her before, plus who doesn't want a sweet donut kitty!? This keyring plushie is so so soft and made from such good quality material. I love the different colours and the overall design. I paid £7 for her, and I'll never be able to bring myself to put her on a bag or something because I don't want to spoil her.  

Something I love about going to Comic Con is that nestled within the nerdy merch stalls and other displays, they have an artist section which is fabulous to browse and see all of the artwork of various artists and comic illustrators and so many different styles and media of art. Each year, I visit the Brogan Coral stall and take advantage of the two prints for £6 offer. The prints I choose this year are just so gorgeous! 

I love love love all of the colours and the magical theme of the each of Brogan Coral's prints! I opted for sci-fi style designs this year as they are something different to my previous buys from the store. How stunning are the details of these two prints though!? Words can't describe how much I love them. I've written a review about the prints I purchased from Brogan Coral at last year's Comic Con, if you're interested you can read here

At last year's Manchester expo, I bought a print from SushiStudios and I lost it before I got home! It was a really awesome Ravenclaw house sigil design; I was gutted :( I found the stall again this year but they were only selling postcard versions of the prints. I obviously had to get one, and I kind of wish that I'd picked up one for each of the houses and not just my own. 

The detail of the Ravenclaw eagle is amazing! I love how each of the animal mascots were wearing a scarf in the colours of their house. Whenever I look for Ravenclaw merch, I usually prefer sigils with a raven design rather than opting for the traditional eagle of the house because I normally don't like the way the eagle is drawn or whatever. That's definitely not the case when it comes to SushiStudios design, because I absolutely love the eagle and I can't wait to put this postcard up on my art wall to display my house sigil with pride!

What I love most about browsing the artwork at Comic Con is finding new artists who's work I absolutely love. I discovered a new store called PearlesquedCreations and bought this gorgeous Elf illustration. Elves have always been one of my favourite mythological/fantasy creatures and I'm really impressed that this A5 print was only £2. I couldn't resist buying it! I didn't get a business card for the stall where I picked up this adorable sticker, which I'm sad about because they had so many other cool designs. I thought this kitty with an ice-cream smushed onto it's head was too cute to not buy, and I'm planning to stick it to the front of my new laptop when I finally get one. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading my Manchester Comic Con 2017 haul post! Let me know which was your favourite item that I bought in the comments. I had a brilliant time, even though it was exhausting. To get to the event, we have to catch two trains which are always crowded at the time we head over to Manchester. This is super hard on my anxiety so I am thankful for the twenty minute wait for our connecting train at Bolton station. It's all worth it once we get to Manchester though, and we see everyone else in their cosplay walking around the Oxford Road station area. 

The event this year was lovely and there were so many friendly people commenting on my Totoro cosplay. One girl asked to take a photograph of me which was really sweet (even though I felt so shy! I wish I was better at social interaction) and I ended up in a photograph with a group of cosplayers when I was waiting for my best friend outside the toilets, haha! The highlight of the day was getting to 'spy on' Manu Bennett! Any of my fellow Spartacus fans will know that this beautiful man played Crixus on the show. *insert all the heart-eyed emojis* 

Thankyou for reading!

Have you ever been to a Comic Con event? 
Did you cosplay or buy anything nice? Tell me all about it :) 
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  1. You bought so many cute things! I love the donut kitty and Rick & Morty unicorn. Tofu Cute has been bookmarked in my browser for years hahs. I love it. I really wanted to go this year but nevermind. I'm glad you had fun.

    1. Thankyou! That donut kitty is so adorable, right!? It might even be my favourite purchase of the day! It's a such a lovely store; I can recommend it enough :) Sorry to hear that you couldn't go! There's always next year though! x

  2. You bought some lovely stuff! Tofu Cute is a shop that I regularly look at online but I have never actually bought anything from there.

    1. Thanks lovely :) It really is an amazing store for kawaii merch! x

  3. That Pop is super cute! It looks like a nice haul!

  4. So much fun stuff!

    I got one of the GoT mystery figures in a Loot Crate a long time ago. I now have another dragon on my bookshelf.

  5. I don't even know where to start, you got so many cute things!! That POP is adorable and I love the TokiDoki plushie too but I think my favourite is the ice cream kitty sticker! Hahah it's hilarious. | geek lifestyle blog

  6. Awwww! This is a wonderful haul!! Tofu Cute's pin is also super cute <3 And that POP <3

  7. I love your little haul so much! Everything is adorable. ^_^

    The cat sticker with the ice cream on its head is by Chibby Shibby. She's amazing! :D One of my favourite artists! She's the one who designed my blog header and footer. ^_^


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