Monday, 14 August 2017

Little Things That Make Me Happy

Hi Everyone! The last few weeks have not been the best for me as there's been a lot going on in my life, mostly involving family, which has really impacted my mental health. It's been a hard time to get through, especially when I already have so many other things stressing me out. I decided last week that I was going to try and cheer myself up any way I could, to concentrate on the little things that help bring a smile to my face and make me feel uplifted. It can be very tough to focus on the positives though when there's so much negativity taking place around you, so I started writing some notes on my phone of anything and everything that filled me with happiness, no matter how small and insignificant it seemed at the time. 

I started keeping note so that at the end of the day, when I was laying in bed which happens to be one of the times that I struggle with anxiety the most, when I'm overthinking for hours and hours, I could read back through the list I'd made. It was my hope to make myself feel good when I was re-playing the day's problems, to try and distract my mind by thinking about those things that make everything worth it, the things that make life wonderful. I thought that I'd only keep up this list for a couple of days, but seven days later it was still going strong. I thought then, why not share it? Although the points on my own list might not be things that would make it onto your own list, I hope that by reading this post it makes you think about all the little moments in your lives that are special to you. Maybe you could start up your own list. For all of my readers who also struggle with their mental health,  remember that even the smallest things you can do to make yourself feel good are super important! Self care is crucial for everyone and it's good to give different things a go to find out if they will be beneficial to you. I hope you all enjoy reading! 

Things that make me happy

Gardens full of pretty flowers
The School of Rock (2003) 
The way my rabbits wiggle their noses; it's so adorable!
Being surprised with sweets (I really love sweets and even more so, surprises!)
Talking the perfect selfie that makes me feel great!
When I manage to draw perfect wings on my eyeliner
Having the house to myself 
The fact that Horror Con exists (I've been watching lots of vlogs lately, I need to go!)
Kiefer Sutherland in the 80's
Ticking things off my to-do-list 
Badass battle scenes on shows (nerd!)
Listening to heavy rain when I'm snuggled up in bed
The way Aurora (my sister's puppy) greets me whenever she hasn't seen me for a while
Having a good, loud sing-along
Hot chocolate with marshmallows
Speaking German (I'm learning German at the moment)
Getting comments on my blog posts 
My mom left a cute note and some lunch for me when she went out for the afternoon :) 
Finding hilarious and/or relatable memes
Compliments (no matter how much they make me blush, haha!)
Listening to people talking to animals, when they put on that specific high-pitched voice 
That feeling of accomplishment after you do something you've been meaning to for a while 
Frujj Banana Milkshake
Spotting wildlife (On Wednesday, I saw a huge Buzzard & again on Sunday, as well as a Sparrow Hawk ) 
Homemade Roast Potatoes *nom nom*
Painting my nails red
When me & my best friend respond to something in pretty much exactly the same way :D
Listening to people's joyful laughter
Sexual innuendos & clever dirty humour
Writing in a fresh notebook
Doing well at my German; I feel great when I have revised my lessons well. 
Watching little garden birds chasing each other 
The adorable sounds that Pokemon make
How my art print wall in my bedroom is coming along nicely
Also, Dragons burning things on Game of Thrones!
The legend that is Tim Curry
Toasting bread perfectly & not having to put it back into the toaster
The colour Yellow
When Aurora snuggles up to me & falls asleep
Ridiculous, badly-done gore scenes on horror movies 
The fact that it will be Autumn soon, yay!
Putting on PJs that are straight out of the dyer & still warm
The smell of vanilla
Bright moons on a clear night
That first feeling of getting into a hot bath
Ice-cream with sprinkles

I know this was a long list to read, but I hope you all enjoyed it!

Thankyou for reading!


I love to hear about some of things that made you smile today? 

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  1. LOVE post like this - p.s I love it when rabbits wiggle their noses too ^_^ Iamfoxxtailz | alternative style diary

    1. Thankyou :) hehe it's literally one of the most adorable things ever! x

  2. Pretty much all these things make me happy too. Just reading this post made me smile. I absolutely love sweets and surprises too!

    Eleanor |

    1. Aww I'm glad :) Sweets & surprises are the best! x

  3. Love this list, such a good idea too, we all need a reminder sometimes of what makes us happy x

  4. I adore this list, and really happy that it's so long!! I also loved the Dragon's burning everything on GOT! haha :) Tania Michele xx

  5. Ice cream with sprinkles yes! and toasting bread perfectly! I think I have finally found someone who appreciates bread as much as me.

    Aycan - Little White Socks


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