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Five Animation Movies I Loved As A Child | Lifestyle

Happy Tuesday! The other day I was rummaging around looking for my Studio Ghibli DVD's. They got packed away when my family were decorating whilst I was away at university and they are now hiding in one of SO MANY BOXES that is currently home to most of my stuff! I only managed to locate a few, but whilst I was searching I came across so many nostaglic items. I found some old videos that I loved watching as a child! It was then that I got the inspiration for this post. It was actually super hard to settle on just five! I used to go through phases when I'd love a particular movie and watch it on repeat for ages, then I'd suddenly get hooked on a different movie. However, there were some movies that my love for never wavered, that I couldn't get enough of. These movies are still some my favourite movies even now that I'm an adult (haha, writing that sentence makes me laugh, because I'm not a very adulty adult XD I type whilst sitting amongst an array of giant kawaii plushies!!) Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy reading about my favourite animation movies as a child, and that it makes you reminisce about your own childhood

Favourite Childhood Animation Movies

The Lion King

This will always be one of my most favourite movies of all time (& the second Lion King movie too). I have forever been an animal lover, for as long as I can remember. I can recall being as young as four or five years old when I started looking through encyclopedia's about nature, although my mom would read them to me until I got the hang of reading by myself of course. I was so fascinated by all of the different creatures across the World, and I wanted to learn as much about them as I could. The Lion King was the first movie that I ever saw where all of the characters were animals, and I adored seeing so many of the species from the grasslands of Africa that I'd seen in my books. I loved how the movie showed the interaction and friendships between the animals, and all of the main characters are fantastic too and helped teach me important life lessons. The Lion King was also the first movie that I remember crying to and feeling so many other emotions to. The soundtrack is beautiful and the songs are so catchy! If you haven't seen The Lion King, I can't recommend it enough!

FernGully: The Last Rainforest

This movie is just beautiful, and such a brilliant story! It actually came out in 1992, the year I was born but I watched it when I was around 6 years old when my grandma bought the video for me. The movie is about fairies who live in a forest that is being destroyed by loggers cutting down the trees, and there is an ancient tree that an evil spirit is trapped in which the loggers cut, unleashing the evil spirit. The spirit is voiced by Tim Curry, who I absolutely love, especially his unique voice :) There's a lovely scene in the movie when the main character, a young fairy called Crysta, is being shown by her grandmother how to use magic to regrow damaged forests. They created such gorgeous imagery for this scene, and I love it! There's also a character voiced by Robin Williams and he's hilarious, and does a rap in the movie that I loved when I was little. I was super impressed that I could memorise the whole rap! This was one of the many movies that helped shape me into an adult that is passionate about wildlife and environmental conservation. I'd write more, however I dont want to give away any other spoilers!

Beauty & The Beast

Beauty & The Beast is one of the first Disney movies that I watched, I can't remember exactly when but I was really young. It was my favourite Disney princess movie (still is!) and this was because I could relate to Belle so much. She was different to those around her; she was a bookworm and loved learning and fantasy stories, plus she was caring and loved animals. She was definitely a role model to little me. I was fascianted by the storyline of the movie, of a witch casting a spell on a prince and his entire castle, of enchantment and true love. I loved how all of the servants had been changed into household objects and how great their personalities were. It made me imagine my own toys and wardrobe coming to life and what they would be like. I was always lost in my imagination, haha. The soundtrack is amazing and I'm sure my family enjoyed my constant singing! Beauty & The Beast is a classic fairytale, with castles and princes and magic! It made me both filled with wonder and brought to tears. It's fabulous! 

Favourite Childhood Animation Movies

Pokemon: The First Movie 

Pokemon is how I began my path to nerdiness back when I was only five! I would watch it every morning before I went to primary school and I just fell in love with all of the adorable Pokemon. I dreamed so much of having my very own pokemon for years and years, and would make-believe that my plushies were real. Pokemon: The First Movie was released in England when I was around 6 and I still have the HUGE poster that I got free with my Pokemon video. I want to frame it some day, but I'm gonna need a massive frame! The movie is soooo good! I loved the introduction of legendary Pokemon, Mew & Mew Two. Mew has been one of my most beloved of all the Pokemon since watching this movie, mostly because of how adorable and playful he was! There's a scene in the movie where he is playing around on a windmill, sitting on each 'sail' and dropping to the one underneath as it swirls in the wind, all whilst giggling to himself. It's such a precious scene and it makes me really happy everytime I watch it. I love the movies theme of friendship and being nice to one another. There is a scene in the movie that will forever be heart-wrenching. It made me sob even when I was a kid. Anyone who's watched this movie will understand :'( I loved the background story about the creation of Mew Two too. I still LOVE watching this movie now at 24 years old and I know I will forever. 

The Pagemaster  

This movie is sooooo wonderful! It's about an anxious young boy (played by Macaulay Culkin) who gets 'transported' into the world of fairytales and classic stories. The movie changes from a 'live action' or whatever a non-animation is called to a cartoon, when the main character becomes part of the fantasy world. How this happens in the movie is really cool, but you'll have to watch it to find out :) When I was little, I thought that this was absolutely amazing and it made my imagination run wild everytime I read a book, imaginging myself being magically drawn into the story. It's a fantastic tale about how the boy has to conquer his fears and show courage to help save his friends, plus defeat the villainous protagonists of the movie. I have to admit that as a child, as much as I loved this movie, there were parts that scared me such as the Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde scences, eeek! There were quite a few scary books featured in the movie, but luckily the main character saves the day! 

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my favourite animated movies as a child. There were so many more that I adored and watched again and again though! Heidi, Disney's Mulan, The Brave Little Toaster, The Land Before Time movies, Disney's Tarzan, and lots of movies that were non-animation. Am I helping bring back any memories from your childhood? Let me know in the comments :) Writing this post is making me want to organise a re-watch day! I'll definitely need to invest in a video player one day so all of my video cassettes don't go to waste. Anyone else still own cassette tapes? I can't bring myself to throw them away, haha!

Thankyou for reading!


What were your favourite childhood movies? Both animation and not? 

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  1. Oh man I've not watched Pagemaster in years! I was even convinced at one point that I imagined it cause no one else knew what I was on about 😂.

  2. The Lion King will always be one of my faves, I always loved the animal lead movies more than the princess ones xoxo


  3. I'd totally forgotten about The Pagemaster! I loved that film. My little brother was obsessed with The Lion King - he watched is endlessly back to back. One of my favourite (in that it terrified me) was this weird animated non Disney version of Pinocchio we had - it was so scary but the video case all lit up when you pushed on it - me and my brother loved it!


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