Friday, 22 July 2016

July Pop in a Box

Hello Everyone! What a lovely day it was today :) There was the perfect amount of sun and wind, which meant it was hot but with a breeze that made it easier to cope with. I had an appointment with my care-coordinator and got good news that I'm at the top of the list for getting psychological therapy now, so hopefully it won't be long until I can start some more treatment for my anxiety and depression. I'm trying to stay optimistic that this next level of therapy will help me and I'm feeling like things are finally going in the right direction. 

After therapy, I had a little scroll in the sunshine to try and look for pokemon, and ended up running out of Pokeballs! So, I'm gonna head to my nearest Pokestop after I've finished this post to get some more. Pokemon is taking over my life! Not that this is a negative thing :) I'm getting much more enthusiastic about getting out of the house, which I'm hoping will be beneficial for my mental health. Who else is lovin' Pokemon Go? Anyhow, before I get carried away chatting about Pokemon, I hope you enjoy reading about this month's Pop in a Box vinyl figure :) 

July Pop in a Box, Alice Dorbz, Funko Dorbz,

This month, my subscription could be renamed Dorbz in a Box, as I received two of the Dorbz figures! Only one of the figures is going to be included in today's post though, as my other Dorbz is really misshapen. It's quite common to get Pop vinyl's with tiny marks on or with a little bit of a messy paintjob, but I received a Jack Skellington Dorbz who's head looks like an egg-shape, like it's been dropped and dinted. For once, I've wrote to Pop in a Box about this because I would really love to display the Jack figure with the Sally one I got last month on a shelf in my bedroom, so it's a real shame that it's damaged. The other Dorbz character that I got this month is an adorable Alice! 

Alice Dorbz, Disney Dorbz, Funko Dorbz,
Seriously, how bloody cute is this figure!? I absolutely adore it! I completely forgot that I'd selected a 'thumbs up' to any Dorbz figures other than Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas so it was a wonderful surprise to see this inside my subscription box. I just love how bright the colours are on this figure! I already thought Alice was a super adorable character, but they've managed to make her even cuter! 

Alice Dorbz, Disney Dorbz, Funko Dorbz,

I think Alice's dress is really pretty, especially the shade of blue they've chosen for it. I love the chubby appearance of these Dorbz figures and how sweet their closed eyes look upon their cheerful smiley faces! The headband/bow in Alice's hair is so so lovely, the design of it is great. Her hair is also wonderful, so detailed and I love the wavy look of it and the vibrant yellow shade they've used.

Alice Dorbz, Disney Dorbz, Funko Dorbz,

The Alice figure is one of the Series 1 Disney Dorbz collection, which includes so many characters.  Some of the other characters shown on the packaging include Boo & Sully, Aurora, Ariel & Ursula and Stitch. If I had more space, I would definitely start up a collection of the Dorbz figures because they are just so cute, but I don't even have room for all of the Pop! figures I keep buying (oops!). Overall, I'm so happy to have been sent this Alice Dorbz, it's so lovely and is such good quality with no damages or messy paintjob, that it kind of makes up for the fact that my other figure was so bad. I'm really looking forward to popping this pretty figure onto my shelves to show her off. 

Thankyou for reading!


What do you think of the Dorbz figures? 
Who are some of your favourite female Disney characters?



  1. Aw, she's so cute! I can see how they become something you need more and more of, haha! Boo would be an adorable one, I think :) They're cute, but I'm kind of glad they aren't my kind of thing - I don't need more things to gather in my room or to take my money ;) As for my favourite Disney ladies, I really like Merida, Esmeralda, and Pocahontas. And Jasmine :)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. Thanks! :) It's so hard to resist the temptation to get more of these Dorbz figures! hahaha I wish I wasn't into them sometimes! Awesome choices for your favourite Disney girls :) I love Merida & Pocahontas. I'm thinking of cosplaying as Merida at Comic Con next week! I really I had her curly red hair so much! x

  2. Alice is so cute!!!!!!!!! I love her! Such a shame about the Jack Skellington figure, hopefully Pop! will send you a replacement. I'm so glad that you're at the top of the list for psychological therapy, I really hope your appointment comes through soon & that it's helpful. I've been loving Pokemon Go, though I had a particularly anxious day & found that waiting to see whether the Pokemon I caught were going to stay in the Pokeball or escape was heightening it. Luckily, that was a response to a highly stressful situation, that I shouldn't have to relive often. My Mum thinks it's great as it's giving me a reason to get out of the house. I can only get out on my own 1-2 times a week for a short journey, but before Pokemon Go I wasn't always doing that as there was no reason for me to go out. I just need to make sure I don't over do it! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. She's so lovely, isnt she!? :) I was really happy with this figure! Thankyou for your lovely comment. I hope so! It's not helping my depression at all having to wait around with no professional help :(

      It's such a great game! I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety the other day *hugs*. I get really stressed on some days when I am having a not so good pain day and I use all my enery to go on a walk and then I can't seem to catch the pokemon, then I go and run out of pokeballs! :( I feel the same too. The only time I usually go out is to doctors appointments, but in the evening I've been wanting to go to the local Pokestop to get some pokeballs and I have a little 15-20 walk around the area :) Me too! I shouldn't have gone out yesterday after my hospital appointment, then I really want to! Pokemon is taking over my life! :) x


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