Friday, 15 July 2016

My Top Five Pokemon

Happy Friday everyone! What are your plans for the weekend? I'm hoping that the weather is nice so I can get outside for a walk and play Pokemon Go. I was so excited when the game was finally released here yesterday, because I had already decided that this weekend I was going to do what other people had done and change their location settings to get around downloading it, but the UK release came just in time! I was at the hospital yesterday for a medication review at the pain centre and I downloaded it as soon as we were done. I chose a bulbasaur as my starter Pokemon at the main entrance of the hospital, haha :) I've had Pokemon on the brain since yesterday, which inspired to write today's post all about my favourite Pokemon. I've narrowed it down to five otherwise this post would have been too long! I love Pokemon so much. Enjoy reading! 

My Favourite Pokemon, My Top Five Pokemon,


This gorgeous water-type Pokemon has been my favourite since I was 6 years old. I have always been an animal lover and the fact that Vaporeon resembles a seal made me instantly love him. Blue was also my favourite colour back then and I just loved the way he sounded! He's so adorable, and will always been my number 1 best Pokemon. 


Eevee almost wins joint first with Vaporeon. How bloody cute is Eevee though and the little squeaky 'EeeeeeVEE!' he makes! Omg, it's so precious. Growing up, I had many favourite animals but I really loved all fox species! Before I discovered my love for reptiles, I wanted to work with foxes some day so it was only natural that I was so drawn to Eeevee. I love his long ears and fluffy tail, as he reminds me of a Fennec Fox. How can anyone not love Eevee? 


Pokemon the First Movie came out not long after I first started watching the series and I thought it was the greatest movie I've ever seen (although it's still up there in my favourite animated movies now). I received a massive poster with my video of the first movie, of the cover art featuring Mew & Mew 2, and it went straight up on my bedroom wall. I fell in love with Mew has soon as I saw him. I loved that he was a mysterious, psychic-type Pokemon and that he was such a legendary creature. I also just adored his design and bright pink colouration. His playful personality is super cute! One of my favourite scenes of him from the movie is when he is playing on the windmill and giggling to himself, which is literally the cutest thing I've ever heard next to his high-pitched 'Mew'! I went through a phase of making Mew sounds all the time after I'd seen the movie. A phase that has pretty much never ended; I'm still randomly imimating Pokemon sounds to the joy of my family!


Again, the fact that this fire-type Pokemon looks like a fox made her one of my favourites. I just think she's such a pretty Pokemon and I especially love her tail. I really liked the relationship between Brock & his Vulpix, it was so sweet. Random animal nerd fact: the latin name for the 'fox' genus is Vulpes so that's where the English name for Vulpix comes from. I seriously told everyone who would listen this fact when I figured out as a kid. 


Pikachu was one of my favourite Pokemon until I was introduced to Pichu on the episode when Ash and his buddies went to an apple orchard, and Pikachu got all of the little Pichu's to start harvesting the apples.  It was one of my favourite episodes when I was young and since that day, I have adored Pichu. I cosplayed as Pichu for my first Comic Con last year (see photo here) and I felt adorable! He's a really nice Pokemon with another super cute sound. I love how Pichu, Pickachu and Raichu are designed to resemble mice! 

Thankyou for reading!

Who else loves Pokemon? Which are your favourite? Also, who else has been playing Pokemon Go? 

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  1. I'm having a great time playing Pokemon Go. The only Pokemon I'd heard of before the game were Pikatchu & Jigglypuff, so this is a big adventure for me. The first Pokemon I caught was a Pidgey as I didn't realise I had a choice of three. I'm over run with the things, so really wish I'd caught one of the others first. Xx

    Tania | Pokemon Go Disability Hacks

    1. It's so much fun, isn't it!? :) Aww that's really good then that it's all new to you. You'll be learning how many adorable Pokemon there are! Ooops, I know, there's Pidgey's everywhere :O and Dowzee's too! x


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