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ZhuZhu Pets Blind Bags

If you follow me on instagram, you'll have probably seen a photo I posted around two weeks ago now, when I was on holiday in North Wales, of some adorable blind bags. I promised to blog all about what was inside once I'd opened them. I was so excited and intrigued when I saw these blind bags hiding at the back of a tiny tourist shop. I've heard of ZhuZhu Pets before as I once saw a plush toy of one in my local Pound store, but I'd never seen any more of their products. I couldn't resist finding out what these little hamster characters looked like so I bought seven bags, oops! I would have gotten more but I didn't have any more cash left in my wallet, haha. This is a post for all my fellow toy and kawaii lovers :) Enjoy! 

ZhuZhu Pets are adorable little hamster characters that were formly known as Go Go Hamsters in the UK (ZhuZhu Pets is their American name). They were introduced to the market in 2008 and haven't really been around since 2013 but the company have been working on a cartoon series according to Wikipedia. There was a ZhuZhu Pets Nintendo DS game released in 2010, too. After reading up about this character, I'm surprised that I managed to find these little blind bags in the UK and I'm also a little sad that I might not be able to find them again. I'm not sure where the blind boxes I bought were sourced from, but all of the writing is in Spanish. I hope I can find more online; I would love to complete my little collection of ham-hams. So, here are the hamsters that are available:

ZhuZhu Pets, ZhuZhu Pets blind bags,

How adorable are these little hamsters with all of their different styles and props!? I love their names too! Each blind bag includes a hamster character figure, a booklet which I think has a little information page about the character you get and something on hamsters in general but it's in Spanish so I can't read it and also a character card. I got six of the characters, and one duplicate. So without further ado, here's what was inside my blind bags...

ZhuZhu Pets, ZhuZhu Pets Blind Bags,

'Scoodles' is the first mini ham-ham that I got. I was really impressed to find that the figures are furry, which I think is awesome! I like how Scoodles shirt is designed to look like it's blowing in the wind and that he's doing a little thumbs-up with his hand. I love the excited expression on his face too! I wish that his shirt had some of the patterns on that it shows on his character card but overall he's a super cute little guy! 

ZhuZhu Pets, ZhuZhu Pets Blind Bags,
My second hamster was 'Patches' who is such a cutie! He's one of my favourites out of the selection of hamsters I got in my blind bags. I love his bright pink nose, and orange and white colouration as he reminds me of the hamsters I had when I was younger. At around 11 or 12 years old, I discovered an anime called Hamtaro and it was absolutely adorable; I fell in love with the little hamster characters on the show and used to love drawing them. Does anyone else remember this show? It was aired in the UK on the channel FoxKids. Well, 'Patches' reminds me of a character called Boss who lived in an awesome underground house that he made by himself, and he was always carrying around a spade with him. I'm really happy with these ZhuZhu Pets!

ZhuZhu Pets, ZhuZhu Pets Blind Bags,

The next hamster I got was 'Chunk' and he is also the figure that I got a duplicate of. I love this little chubby character nibbling on a very blue blueberry muffin! I like how they've added a tiny bit of blue muffin on his cheek, although I wish the fork in his hand was a different colour to his fur as it's not too noticeable. I think his simple design is nice but he's not my favourite hamster. 

ZhuZhu Pets, ZhuZhu Pets Blind Bags,

I absolutely love how 'Yo Yo' comes with a tiny canvas to go with the fact that she's an artist. I think the addition of an aiesl in one of her hands and a paint brush in the other is fantastic. I don't know if I like the red board thing that she's standing on but I think it's there to support the figure and allow it to stand up on it's own. I'm also a little sad that the bow on her back is not bright pink like is shown on her character card, it's an almost purpley shade. Her arms are also a bit flimsy so I think they could be easily broken if a child was playing with the figure. I do like that all of the characters are unique and come with brillant mini props. 

ZhuZhu Pets, ZhuZhu Pets Blind Bags,

I like the sandy brown colour of this character's fur and how sweet is the name 'Mr. Squiggles'!? I really love his little yellow bow tie as well as the  gresture he's doing with his hand, although I'm not really sure what it's supposed to be. With his cape and skateboard, he's a random mix of superhero and skater, but he's still adorable, especially with his single tooth. 

ZhuZhu Pets, ZhuZhu Pets Blind Bag,

By the time I got to my last blind bag, after opening the 'Chunks' duplicate just before the final bag, I was pretty sad that I hadn't gotten the ones I originally liked from the characters shown on the back of the packaging. The ones I wanted most were Num Nums and Nugget. Then I opened this bag and was so surprisedto find Num Nums inside!! How pretty is this ZhuZhu pet with the flowers around her ear and the way her hands are held!? She's so lovely. I love her grey fur as it reminds me of the colour of one of my rabbits :) I love how she's winking, too. 

ZhuZhu Pets, ZhuZhu Pets Blind Bags,

Here's my new hamster gang all together. They look so fabulous and super adorable standing next to one another! I can't wait to get them displayed on a shelf in my bedroom. I hope that I can find more of these blind bags online because I now have a mighty need to complete the collection. This is why I shouldn't buy blind bags/boxes, but they are so addictive and I seriously love them! Overall, I really enjoyed opening my ZhuZhu Pets mini blind bags. The figures are lovely and I really like how they are textured and come in so many different designs. 

Thankyou for reading! 

What do you think of these ZhuZhu Pets figures? Which is your favourite? 

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