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North Wales Holiday Haul

I hope you are all having a fantastic start to your weekend! I thought I'd share with you today the last of my North Wales holiday posts. I had such a lovely few days away and I wish I was still there exploring all of the seaside shops filled with fun tourist merch and the markets in the towns along the coast. They are wonderful, little treasure troves for interesting and quirky items, and things that you wouldn't necessarily find on the highstreet. I wanted to show you all what I picked up on my trip. Enjoy! 

North Wales Holiday, North Wales Holiday Haul,

On the first day of our holiday, we spent the day travelling down to North Wales and we made a quick stop off in Rhyl town before heading to the Pontins camp because I was desperate for a pee! We found a McDonald's so I got myself some grub and sat outside to enjoy it in the sun. I soon discovered that next door to the McDonald's, there was an awesome little souvenir shop. As me and my sister both partake in postcrossing as a hobby (swapping postcards with people all over the World) we made a beeline straight to the postcard stand to stock up. I ended up bringing home around 40 postcards which I purchased at different locations throughout our holiday, oops! I also ended up leaving the souvenir shop with a gorgeous mini snow globe with the Red Dragon of Wales inside. I love how it even has the Welsh word for Wales, 'Cymru' and the National flower of Wales, the daffodil, featured on the globe too.

North Wales Souvenirs

On the Pontins holiday resort, there was a convenience store, so I bought myself an adorable owl plushie. I love the colour of it and the floral pattern on it's tummy. I'm really into floral designs. I also picked up some hair clips that are made for children because I'm a big kid who loves kawaii and I will wear them with pride! They were too cute to resist for only £1, and I've already decided that I'm going to wear the blue ones when I go to see Melanie Martinez in concert. Who else likes Melanie Martinez?

Owl plushie, pretty plushie,

Holiday Haul

On the second day of our holiday, we went into Rhyl to explore; it's a lovely seaside town with a mixture of tourist shops and some of the usual highstreet stores. Poundland has been great for stationary recently and stocks some of the most adorable stickers! The sticker sheets are two for a £1 so I treat myself to a pair. This Poundland had much more stickers available compared to our local store, and I'd never seen these cute little mermaid stickers before! The store also had a small section of tourist items which would all make great gifts. I decided to get a set of three pens with Welsh dragons on, as I thought it was really good value for money.

North Wales Souvenirs

 I purchased a few more pieces of stationary on our holiday, some from Rhyl and some from Colwyn Bay. I got the 3D Happy Birthday stickers and the 'Vintage Chic' paper pad from Poundland. They always have some great paper stock pads, that can be used to make cards or for scrapbooking. In Colywn Bay, we found The Works and there I bought an awesome sticker sheet that looks great for both scrapbooking and for planners. I've been in need of a new letter set for writing letters to my penpals and The Works had so many different designs. It's a shame that the paper inside doesn't look exactly like the design on the packaging though. Another item I bought in Colywn Bay was a Teenie TY plushie (read about the start of my collection here); it's the cutest little pink racoon and I got it from The Factory Shop. 

Stationary Haul

 Back in Rhyl, we went to a market and although there wasn't too many exciting stalls in there and it was pretty similar to the market in my hometown, we did find a florist stall which had lots of homemade craft supplies. My sister was in her element and bought so many things for her penpal letters and flip book swapping. There was a stand filled with baking supplies and I was so happy to finally find a rabbit-shaped cookie cutter. On our travels, we stopped at a place called Towyn, which was filled with tourist shops. I loved it! One of the shops was filled with some really nostalgic children's toys that reminded me so much of my holidays when I was a kid. I couldn't resist buying one of these toys. I don't even know what they are called, they are similar to rattle but they make a funny, squeaky sound when you shake it. I got one of these from the shop on my holiday in Fleetwood, Lancashire when I was nine years old so it brings back a lot of memories about that holiday, such as going up on stage to play a game with ten other children and winning! 

North Wales Holiday Haul

In another shop in Towyn, I found the cutest blind bages of a hamster character called Zhu Zhu Pets. I've never seen them before and at only £1 each, I couldn't say no. I bought seven of them! I'll be sharing another post all about which hamsters I got soon :) You can't go to the seaside and not come home with some rock, right? I bought a few new flavours to try: candy floss, ice-cream and cream egg. 

Zhu Zhu Pets Blind Bags

Another sweet treat that I bought was a bar of Coconut Ice. It's a lovely type of soft nougat made with coconut and it's lovely. If you're a fan of coconut and have never heard of this before, you seriously need to try some! It didn't take me long to devour it; I ate it just after taking these photos haha :) I also got myself another little toy because I'm a child at heart, I really cannot resist buying toys! It's a little wind-up mouse that runs along the floor, and it's very sweet. My one year old nephew loves it, and I think it would also be perfect for a cat. Everytime I go to B&M Bargains, I check out the American candy section as I like to try a new treat each time I go. I've had the Cookie Dough Bites before and they were quite good, so I thought I'd see what these fudge brownie ones taste like. What's your favourite American candy? I'd love some recommendations. 

North Wales Holiday Haul

The last shop that I went to had some lovely items but I didn't have enough cash on me to get ALL OF THE THINGS :) I could have paid on my card but I was trying to be sensible... it was hard. I bought a few more postcards and a really awesome fat ball feeder for garden birds; I've never seen one like this before. Something I've been after for a while is a pretty jewellery dish that's also a ring holder. I've seen so many lovely ones on instagram and always wished I had my own. Well, now I do! I found one I loved in Towyn. 

Roots & Shoots Bird Feeder

Unicorn Jewellery Holder

I'm really happy with all of the items I bought on my trip. They will forever be a reminder of all of the fantastic sites I saw and wonderful places I visited on this holiday to North Wales. I hope you all enjoyed reading my holiday haul post :) 

Thankyou for reading!


What is the best thing that you've ever bought on a holiday? 
What's your favourite item from my holiday haul?

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  1. I can't get over how cute that owl and unicorn dish are! You picked up so many amazing bits to remind you of your holiday! Xxx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Thankyou :) They are lovely, arent they? haha when I saw the owl in the shop, I squealed because it was just so bloody cute! x


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