Tuesday, 25 December 2018

My Christmas Tree Decorations

Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope you are all having an absolutely amazing day, however you celebrate it! As I promised in yesterday's post (it's all about The Nightmare Before Christmas blind boxes, and you can check it out here), here I am with a post all about my Christmas Tree. Every year I always get a mini tree for my bedroom, and each time I decorate it in a rather eclectic way :D I basically just add anything that I like the look of, and don't really stick to a theme. I hadn't been able to get a white tree for a few years and I was really glad that I finally got one for this Christmas. I found a 3ft pre-lit one at ASDA on offer. I was super happy with the finished product once I'd decorated, and I wanted to show you all :) This post is going to more of a photo diary! No one is going to want to read a huge post today when they're enjoying the festivities anyhow! :D 

Even though I didn't particularly have a theme in mind, I did want to have a little bit of a colour scheme as a base. I thought silver would be perfect for a white tree as it makes me think of frost, so I used some silver tinsel that I picked up last year and bought a pack of tiny matt and glitter silver baubles. As I am a fan of Japanese kawaii culture, I wanted to add some Disney Tsum Tsums into my tree, after being inspired by Sanrio trees and such that I've seen in the past, which have been filled with plushies! I decided to put Santa Jack towards the top of my tree in place of the typical star or angel/fairy topper :) Then I dotted some of my other The Nightmare Before Christmas Tsum Tsums around the tree, and Olaf from Disney's Frozen too! 

How adorable is my Pusheen Christmas ornament!? I was recently sent it as a free gift with an order I made on the Gund website. I blogged all about the order earlier this month (here's a link if you're interested). :) I love how well the pastel shades of it goes with the white Christmas tree. My tree also features another Pusheen decoration this year, which I got from inside one of the Gund tree decoration plush blind boxes. It's one of Stormy, Pusheen's little sister and is so super cute! 

As well as these decorations, I also added some more traditional European style decorations, some were from Aldi supermarket and the others are from the stalls at the Manchester Christmas Markets. I love wooden decorations and the traditional Christmas colour scheme. Another reason why I really like these iconic European decorations is because a lot of them depict Nordic animals, and in my opinion, they look beautiful on any tree, whether it's black, silver, green or white like mine. 

Another traditional European decoration that I add to my tree every year is a Yule Goat. I have decorated my tree with one ever since my penpal first sent me a Yule Goat several years ago now :) They are originally a Scandinavian tradition which has pagan roots, and some towns across Sweden, and other Nordic countries put up a giant goat each Christmas in their town centres during the Winter Solstice and Advent period. I think this is such a unique and interesting tradition and I am reminded of it each time I see my Yule Goat. Plus I just think they look really rustic because they're made of straw and string. 

The Toy Box decoration was a childhood favourite of mine. We've had it since before I was born and I was really happy when my mom gave it to me :) It makes me reminisce about all of the wonderful Christmas Times I had as a kid, and also about the magic of Christmas from back when I believed in Santa and his buddies in the North Pole. I love the tiny pieces of straw inside it, and well as an adult, I still love toys so it's perfect for me! I got several toys this year for Christmas presents :D LOOK AT MY FESTIVE PENGUIN!! I love him so much! I found him at my local pound shop and I'm seriously considering keeping him on display in my bedroom throughout 2019! 

It's really awesome that some of the smaller plushies by Japanese company Amuse come with a loop on them so that you can attach them to your bag, etc., but this also means that they can double as a Christmas decoration! When I have my own place some day and a full size tree, I'm going to buy a load to them to cover my tree :3 I like decorations that aren't garishly festive, or are completely not Christmassy at all! Stores like Paperchase sell a lot of these types of tree ornaments and I'm definitely going to invest in some next year :) 

The final decorations that I have to show you before I go to enjoy my Christmas Dinner *nom* I cannot wait for it!! I'm so hungry and I can smell it cooking and its amazing... hahaha but anyway, yeah, so I have a few standing decorations dotted about the base of my tree. I put down a piece of silver tissue paper decorated with snowflakes, and scattered some fake snow all over it. I've been using fake snow this year for my festive toy photography, since we barely ever get a white Christmas T_T I put a few chocolate coins under my tree too. The gorgeous little unicorn above is from a TokiDoki Unicorno Blind Box (Series 4) and her name is Yuki. She reminds me think of Disney 's Frozen. Wouldn't you agree? :D 

I wasn't able to get a gingerbread house making kit this year; I left everything until last minute and thought I'd still be able to get one in my little town centre, but the store I was hoping would have them again this year, didn't. But instead my mom found me this super sweet candy land esque festive house, and I really love it! It looks like it's made of mint things and I love mint! The candle is one that I bought either last year or the previous one, I can't remember now, from The Range, and I think the Winter Wonderland scene inside it is super pretty so I keep it out on my shelves all year round. The other candle is one that I've had for a long while now; it was sent to me by another of my penpals and is too lovely to ever burn! Novelty shaped candles are really fantastic, aren't they? 

Finally, I thought my Christmas display wouldn't be complete without one of my favourite festive characters, Krampus! My regular readers will know that I'm a big fan of horror movies and I had to give my special red chase version Funko Pop! of Krampus a place in my Christmas display, because he's so cute and eye-catching! 

So, there are all of my decorations this year, other than a piece of red Christmas ribbon I put up on my wall behind my tree to hang my Christmas cards up and my advent calendars! If you follow me over on Instagram, you'll have likely seen that I purchased the Funko Pocket Pop! Harry Potter advent calendar this year; it's been so fun to open each day and I'm going to share a separate blog post all about it for my fellow potterheads and those of you who are curious to see what it's like :p I hope you've enjoyed reading my post and that it's brought some extra Christmas cheer to your day! I'm going to end my post now because as I'm typing now I'm hearing that dinner is now ready! Yay!

Thankyou for reading! 

What theme is your Christmas Tree this year? 
Do you have a specifically colour scheme?

I'd love to hear all about your favourite decoration, too!


  1. Awww your tree is so adorable! :O :D I love all the geeky decorations! They shout you so much. :D


  2. Aww, I love your Christmas tree decorations! 😍 Especially the penguin! 💗🐧

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