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Funko Photo A Day Challenge

Hi lovelies! Some of you guys may know, if you follow me on my social media, that a few months ago, I set up a separate Instagram account completely dedicated to my toy photography hobby. It has been absolutely amazing and I've made lots of friends in the toy collector community, especially in the 'Funko Family' as it's affectionately called. People within the community run daily photo challenges, and there's even some run by Funko's official account. Funko are the company that make Pop! Vinyl figures (and lots more!) if you didn't already know :) As you've probably guessed from the title, this post is going to be all about the recent Photo-A-Day challenge run by Funko *it's going to fairly pic heavy*. They host them a few times a year and they usually run for 15 days; December's went on through 1st-15th and each day had a different theme. It was super fun taking part and I wanted to share my photography with you guys! Enjoy! 

Funko Photo A Day December 2018

Above is the list of daily prompts for December 2018! It is not compulsory to stick to the theme, but it's interesting trying to come up with the perfect shot to match the prompt each day so I always do! It can be a challenge too (I instantly thought, well duh! to myself writing that, haha!), to think outside the box and come up with a photo that is going to be different from everybody else's. If you are fellow toy and/or vinyl figure enthusiasts then I would love to know in the comments that you would photograph for each theme! Without further ado, here's what I came up with...
Day 1 ~ Make A List 

Krampus Funko Pop Chase

Day 2 ~ Something Blue 

Elsa Mystery Mini Funko, Unicorno Tokidoki Yuki

Day 3 ~ In My Mug 

Secret Life of Pets Funko Pop, rabbit mug,

Day 4 ~ Treats 

Luna Lovegood Harry Potter Funko Pocket Pop

Day 5 ~ Something Red 

Funko Pint Size Hero Lock The Nightmare Before Christmas

Day 6 ~ Jolly

Mystery Mini Funko Olaf Frozen Disney

Day 7 ~ Pyjamas 

The Shining Horror Funko Pop Wendy Torrance

Day 8 ~ Pets 

Funko Pop Pets Maine Coon Hat

By the 8th Day, my favourite photograph to take had been my one of Luna Lovegood, standing on top of my Harry Potter Honeydukes Sherbet Lemons candle from Primark (it smells so delicious; I'm a big fan of circus scents)! If you follow me over on my personal/blog Instagram, you'll know that all this month I have been opening a door a day of the Funko Harry Potter advent calendar, and this Luna figure came from inside that. It was pricey but so worth it! I'm really enjoying unboxing a new Pocket Pop! figure each day. 

Anyhow, I had really struggled to think of something unique to share for the prompt 'Treats' because I knew everyone else would be posting Christmas sweets and chocolates. I had those in the house but I wanted to do something different! Then an idea suddenly popped into my head on the morning of Day 4 when my mom asked me if I wanted her to pick me up any snacks from town. I love how all of the colourful beans go so well with Luna's eclectic outfit :) My favourite day thus far to follow was Day 8: Pets because everyone in the community was sharing the most adorable photos of their pets and there was also an abundance of Pop figures wearing Santa hat's like mine! The hat I used is actually a hair clip version that I got to put on my rabbits' fluffy head's for some festive photos I took a few years ago :) 

Day 9 ~ Lights

Funko Pop Anime Animation Sailor Moon Usagi Luna

Day 10 ~ Not A Pop! 

Rock Candy Funko Figure Alice Disney Alice in Wonderland

Day 11 ~ Cheer

Disney Funko Pop Mad Hatter Alice In Wonderland

Day 12 ~ Home 

Mystery Mini Funko Belle Beauty and the Beast Cinderella Disney

Day 13 ~ Shelfie 

Disney Frozen Funko Mystery Mini Anna Snowgee

Day 14 ~ Funko Fashion 

Funko Pop Coraline In Raincoat George Horror IT

Day 15 ~Happy Holidays!

Funko Pop The Nightmare Before Christmas Clown Christmas Festive

It is so tough to choose a favourite for the last half of the challenge, because I feel like the quality of my photographs improved as I got more confident with my ideas! I always get a little nervous that my photos are going to be crappy compared to everyone else's, however I felt better after that first week :) I really like how my shot for Day 14 turned out, especially because it took me all day to think of what to photograph. It was the perfect excuse to photograph my new Coraline Pop! and in my caption I wrote that she & Georgie want to start a yellow raincoat club, which made me think the photo was even more cute, haha! I want a yellow raincoat!! 

I was really happy with how my photograph for the 9th of December turned out using my galaxy background (photography tip: it's a wallpaper sample!) because I hadn't yet bought the lights for the little Christmas tree that I put up in my bedroom, so I had to make do with some random ones that we use to light up a festive glass vase each year and the batteries were running out so they weren't as bright anymore T_T However, it was really surprised by how well they showed up under my studio light. Also if you're curious, the background I used for Day 12 is actually my Quality Street chocolate advent calendar! I love utilising random things to make an idea really come to life.

So, there are my entries for the December Funko Photo A Day Challenge! I hope that this post was interesting, even if you're not particularly into figures, and if you are, then you can find my toy Instagram here :) I'll be posting every single day of this month, since I'm currently taking part in another photo-a-day challenge co-created by one of my friends :) Please let me know in comments which of my shots is your favourite & why, I'm really curious to find out! To all my fellow toy lovers, keep your eyes out for some other toy themed posts that I have planned this month!

Thankyou for reading!

Do you collect any figures?

If not, are you collector of anything else? 



  1. I love these, especially Treats and Happy Holidays. I have a small collection of POP Vinyls and a lot of Buffy collectables. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. x

    1. Thankyou so much lovely! That's great, Pops are really cool, aren't they!? Awesome about the Buffy collectables too! x


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