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Gund Pusheen Mini Haul

Hi lovelies! We've come to mid-way through December and now there are only 10 days left until Christmas is here! And believe or not, being as unorganised as ever before this year, I am STILL not finished with my Christmas shopping! Why am I like this?! Is anyone else in the same situation? We can do it guys, there's still over a week until the big day, we will accomplish this mission! I have faith in us! Haha :D Today's post might even give you some inspiration on what to get your loved ones for Christmas, especially if they are lovers of cute things & cats! As my title suggests, this post is going to be dedicated to a very adorable, chubby, grey kitty called Pusheen! Enjoy :) 

Pusheen Gund Festive Haul

Earlier this month, I was scrolling down my Instagram newsfeed and I came across an advertisement by Gund, (the company that supplies Pusheen merchandise), and it grabbed my attention! On the ad, it was advertising that for that week only, Gund UK would be giving away a free gift with every purchase made! Even though in that moment I would have loved to head straight over to the website and buy something, I tried to be sensible and tell myself that I should be saving all of my money for Christmas shopping. However as the week went on, and me being typical me, I could no longer resist the temptation, considering Instagram wouldn't stop showing me the ad and I saw it over on another social media platform. I gave in to curiosity, eager to see what this free gift would be! I browsed the Gund website for something that was less costly and chose an item that I'd had my eyes on a few months back. After hitting that 'add to cart' button, I checked and there waiting for me was a 'free surprise gift', which was actually valued higher than the cost of the item I was purchasing, and this just fuelled my excitement even more! 

When my order arrived I was very happy with what I found inside the package, and so I just had to share it with you guys! 

Pusheen Dinosaur Pusheenosaurus Keychain Cute

So I thought I'd start off by showing you all the product that I purchased. The adorable fluffy item that you see above is the Pusheenosaurus, in the form of a 'fluffy pom soft toy' as the website lists it. It's one of those pom-pom keychains that have become rather popular over the last year or so, and to be honest it's no surprise because they are super cute! I think that they are also good for anyone who deals with anxiety; I have often found that whenever I've had a keychain like this one on my bag and have stroked it when I'm stressed, it has helped me calm down a little. So this might be something to look into if you are someone who gets nervous in social situations, etc :) 

I chose this item because I am a big fan of dinosaurs and I have adored the Pusheen X Dinosaur version ever since I first saw it on an official Pusheen gif. I am lovin' that combinations of two different animals and/or creatures has become such a thing because I love me a caticorn or a purrmaid! What's the best creature combination that you've seen? Anyhow, this Pusheenosaurus keychain was £6.95 when I added it to my shopping cart, but lucky for you guys at the moment it's on sale for £4.95 so grab yourself one quick or snap one up for a Christmas gift!! You can find it here, and also the Pusheenicorn version of this keychain is on sale too! 

Pusheen Dinosaur Pusheenosaurus Keychain Cute

Pusheen Dinosaur Pusheenosaurus Keychain Cute

As much as I love Pusheen's sweet little face, the other sides of this keychain are so much more adorable to me because dinosaur!! I really love the stripy tail, and the spikes/spines along the Pusheenosaurus' back & tail are too cute! If you didn't know already, green is my favourite colour and so I am a big fan of this pom-pom keychains colour scheme... so many pretty shades of green! Something else that I was really impressed with about this keychain is just how soft it is! The material that every inch of this item is made of is great quality and feels so lovely. For only £6.95, I found the fact that it was so well made to be fantastic! The keyring/chain itself is also great as it comes with both a ring and a clasp, and feels very sturdy, but I don't know yet if I want to put that to the test because I really don't want to ruin this beautiful pom-pom plushie! I am very tempted to get the unicorn one too.

Okay, so next I'm going to reveal what the free gifts were! Yay! The add-on that was put into my cart as soon as I added the keychain said that it was worth £7.95, and I was certainly interested to see how realistic this pricing was when my package arrived. Gund charges £3.95 for standard shipping, so my total order came to £10.90 and I was really hoping this gift made it worth the spend. £10 isn't too pricey really, but with it being around Christmas, I felt like I shouldn't be spending money on random stuff for myself so I wanted the outcome to justify my purchase, hahaha! 

So here is what Pusheen sent me for free!...

You may be thinking, is that all!? But this is just the smaller of the free gifts I got! Yes, there's more than one!! Eeee! Look how adorable this teeny little Pusheen plushie is! I love the pastel colours; this lilac shade reminds me of parma violets! *nom* I think the heart crest is also so sweet, and it just makes the whole item to me resemble a My Little Pony. There's actually larger plushies available in this design, with three colour variations, and I've wanted one for the longest time. This tiny one has just made me want one of the bigger ones more! Like every other Pusheen plushie I've ever had (I've gotten some in my Pusheen subscription boxes!), this one is very soft and made from the smoothest, loveliest fabric! The whiskers are the only 'rough' material on the product, because they are made from something that I can only describe as shoelace cord. As cute as this item is, I was a little puzzled why they would sell such a small plush, something that you can't really cuddle and is easy to lose... however.... 

IT'S A PENCIL/PEN TOPPER!! How sweet! I wish these were available when I was at school! It would have been a great excuse to bring a plushie to school with me, although I often hid one in my backpack anyway :D I don't know if this topper would be able to endure my habit of shaking my pen when I'm deep in thought about whatever I am writing because it feels like it would easily fall off, however it's still a lovely item! Now the item that I'm sure you're all waiting to see! I'm excited to show you 

LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS!! Oh my gosh I love it so much! It's a Pusheen tree ornament/decoration, and I think the design is so perfect! I can't believe Gund were just giving these away with their orders, I definitely personally feel like it outweighed the item I purchased. I feel like people would pay more than £7.95 for a decoration this cute (or around £6 if you take away the price of the tiny plush)! I know I'm saying it for all of the items featured in this post, but I love the colours they have used! They are really pretty and with regards to this item in particular, they match the aesthetic I'm going for with the mini Christmas tree I'm putting up in my bedroom :) 

It's such a photogenic decoration! The quality is fantastic in my opinion, even though there's some messy glue marks/residue at the end of the whiskers! It's not really visible unless you get up close to the decoration, but I feel like all of the pretty features on the rest of it would draw your eyes away from these marks. Seriously though, how gorgeous are the scarf and hat? I like how the ribbon is pale pink to match them. I thought upon first glance that the decoration would be hollow but it isn't and is fairly heavy! And unlike with similar weighted items by other brands, Gund have made sure to use a thicker, more sturdy metal loop to attach the decoration to the ribbon, so it's not going to fall off. This Pusheen decoration is made out of a vinyl material and I love the feel of smooth vinyl so that makes me like it even more! What do you guys think of the decoration? 

Gund Pusheen Haul

I'm really happy with my decision to give into temptation and make a purchase on the Gund website to get these free gifts! They are so worth it, don't you think? I thought it was also really sweet of them to add in this little Dairy Milk chocolate mousse Snowman, which are super delicious by the way and if you've never tried them you need to! Even though my order arrived in a simple plastic mail bag, the items inside where packaged really well. The decoration was inside a polystyrene box and then some as it was also in a little plastic bag, and the other items were individually wrapped in plastic too. I love all of my new Pusheen goodies so much & I'm definitely going to take advantage of any other Gund offers I see in the future. Follow them over on their Instagram guys so you don't miss out! I hope you all enjoyed reading my post and please do let me know in the comments if I've inspired you to get a Pusheen related gift for your loved ones this Christmas. Have a lovely rest of the weekend! 

Thankyou for reading! 

Are you a fan of Pusheen? 

Which of these items is your favourite and why?

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