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10 Basic Confessions Tag

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, despite the downpours! I don't know about you guys, but I always feel much more relaxed and cosy when I'm indoors listening to/watching the heavy rain outside :) I love the sound and it just makes it feel so much more warmer and snug in my bed, which in turn makes it even more difficult to get out of it! Thus, I spent most of the weekend in bed, haha! This has actually worked in my favour because I've been more motivated to type away on my laptop, writing blog posts and adding more to the fanfiction story I'm currently working on. I thought it was about time that I did the 10 Basic Confessions Tag that the lovely Kiah from over at SpookyKiah tagged me in a few months back (sorry that its taken me so long!). 

I think this tag is such a fabulous idea! It always bugs me when people make fun of others for being 'basic' just because they like something that is popular. There's a reason these things are so well-loved and it's because they bring people joy. Why someone would want to be mean about people liking something that makes them happy, I don't know... It's ridiculous! So to celebrate loving things that people deem to be 'basic', I'm sharing 10 things that I love that so many others do too! I'm a basic bitch & proud! I hope you all enjoy reading :) 

Over the last few years, bathbombs have become really popular, most likely because of everyone sharing their bathart on Instagram! If you're a fan of baths, it's tough to resist wanting to get yourself bath bombs when you can see photos of gorgeous, vibrant coloured baths all over your newsfeed. It is so fascinating to watch them spinning and swirling around in the water, releasing an array of colours. Bath bombs are kind of magical and adult life can be miserable at times, so who wouldn't want to make bathtime a little more exciting!? I know that I do! I spend so much on bath bombs it's silly, but I don't care :D 

As much as I love unicorns and mermaids, and am thrilled that they have become so popular, when all the llama themed products hit the market, I was over the moon! One of my most favourite animals are alpacas, and to be honest, so many of the llama designs that I've seen much more resemble alpacas in my opinion so I'm lovin' that! I used to have to buy products from Japan where chibi alpaca designs have been popular for years now, especially after the release of Alpacasso plushies (which if you've been a regular reader of my blog for a while now, you'll know I'm pretty obsessed with!). However now that the llama craze is here, I can find cute products here in the UK (yay! no more pricey shipping fees)! Llamas are in the same family of mammals as alpacas & I find them just as cute! 

Iridescent coloured things!
I've always been a fan of iridescent colours, shiny shades that change when moved. There's just something so surreal and magical about them, and they have always caught my eye. They remind me of colours from a dream world, from fantasy, like something from Alice In Wonderland. They make me think about the wonder that is light and how it can change the way something appears, and also of optical illusions. Iridescent coloured products have been very popular this year and I'm all for that :) 

Stationery/Notebook Obsessed!
I see so many people talking about how much they love buying new stationery and how many notebooks they have that they've never written in but cannot stop buying more and more, so I know I'm not alone in my love for these things! That's because getting new stationery is awesome! I'm sure most people can relate when they think back to their childhood/teens, to the excitement of getting all of your new stationery just before the start of the new school year. Well, this excitement for many of us as never left us and we still get a thrill when we are picking up new writing supplies! I can't stop buying cute pens, pencils, sticky notes, notebooks and pencil cases! I have too many pencil cases than I can ever use but it's so hard to stop XD 

Snapchat filters!
The snapchat craze seems to be dying down a lot more, especially since Instagram and Facebook introduced similar filters that you could apply to your selfies, however I am a big fan of snapchat and I still use their filters whenever I want to take cute photos of myself :) That's literally all that I use my app for now! They are super fun and I think it will be a long time until I ever get bored of using them. Selfies with filters are something that are considered basic apparently, but I bet most people who call them that still love having a play around with them when no-ones watching! :D 

Using gifs to communicate!
I don't really know if this is something that is universally considered basic, however I thought I'd include it anyway because of how popular gifs are. The gif sharing website Giphy, has become a feature of most social media platforms now and I can't scroll for more than a few minutes without seeing them on my newsfeed, so I think they are eligible to make this list :D As someone with social anxiety, I find gifs a really useful tool as I often struggle to find the right words to express what I want to say, and I get nervous a lot when responding to comments, but it's so common for someone to answer with a relatable gif now! As such, I use them abundantly and its now a very socially-acceptable why to communicate that I take advantage whenever I can. When I'm talking to my best friend, I almost use gifs (and emojis) more than words XD 

Crime Documentaries!
Crime documentaries, specifically those about serial killers and unsolved murders, etc., used to be something that only a handful of people were interested in, or maybe willing to admit that they were. It seemed to be one of those clich├ęs that were often associated with the alternative sub-culture, and when I was younger, if I told people that one of my hobbies was watching crime documentaries and reading books about notorious murderers, I would get weird looks. However nowadays, maybe due to the growing popularity of streaming sites and Netflix, interest in this genre of documentary is now very mainstream and 'documentaries and chill' is a thing! Which is great for me because it now means that there are lots more people to talk to about shows I watch and a lot more intricate documentaries being aired. Liking crime documentaries is nowadays considered a very basic thing, and I'm okay with that :) 

Living in Leggings!
Okay, so I have no idea if this makes me a basic bitch, but I know that a lot of people prefer to basically wear leggings as pants, and essentially 'live in them', and I am one of those people! I used to just wear jeans all the time, until I first discovered the marvelousness of leggings when I was at college. I immediately ditched the jeans for leggings, because they are super comfy and it feels like you're wearing PJ pants during the day (although I'm always to be found either in leggings or PJs, haha). 

Hashtags galore!
I feel kind of cringey admitting this but I can't stop using hashtags in everyday conversation! It's ridiculous but I'm always writing #InsertRelatableWord at the end of discussions, and I've even said them aloud in literal person-to-person conversation! If this isn't basic, then I don't know what is! #basicmuch XD 

Forever Quoting Mean Girls (2004)
Yes, I am still quoting the amazing movie that is Mean Girls over 10 years after its release, and I feel no shame! So many of the lines in this movie are fabulous and they are just perfect for throwing out in response to so many everyday situations. Almost everybody around my age group recognises that its a quote from this movie right away, and it makes them laugh. I actually do this with lots of movies and TV shows that I love, but I chose to use Mean Girls for this post because it's so common to see other people doing this too! I love the nostalgia of quoting media that I'm a fan of. Who else does this? Also, what's your favourite Mean Girls quote? I find myself saying 'She doesn't even go here!', '4 for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco' and 'Why are you so obsessed with me?' too often :D 

I hope you all enjoyed reading! I think this tag is awesome! Don't let anyone make you feel bad for loving the things you do, no matter how popular or basic they are. You do whatever makes you happy and if you enjoy using filters or drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes or you love yourself an inspiration quote, then that's fantastic :) 

So here's who I tag to join in with the 10 Basic Confessions Tag: 

Thankyou for reading!

Can you relate to any of the things I shared in this post?

What something that makes you a basic bitch too? 


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