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The Unboxing Before Christmas

Hi lovelies! Happy Christmas Eve! I'd love to hear all about how you've spent your day. I've been doing lots of last minute wrapping and I'm exhausted now! Later tonight I'm planning on snuggling up in bed with cookies and watching Harry Potter, but for now I have still got quite a few things left to do to prepare for tomorrow. If you're a fan of the wonderful movie The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), then this is a post for you! 

I've been after some of the new The Nightmare Before Christmas blind boxes by Funko for what feels like ages, but I was waiting for them to be available here in the UK and at a reasonable price, and I finally managed to find some on the Colthat! website. I thought today was the perfect day to unbox them and tell you guys all about them, since it's just before Christmas! (Although hopefully nobody has any nightmares before Santa arrives!). I hope you enjoy reading :) 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Mystery Mini

I am really glad that I was able to get my hands on some of these collectable mystery figures at last! I was only able to buy two boxes, since it's Christmas Time and I couldn't afford more as much as I wished I would have been able to T_T They were £4.99 each, plus P&P. This Tim Burton movie is one of my absolute favourites, not just to watch at this time of year but all year round. I have been a fan since my early teens and so the movie and the characters themselves hold a nostalgic place in my heart. Plus they are fabulous! Who agrees? Do you have a favourite character from TNBC? Mine's Oogie Boogie, and also Sally too. 

There's 12 figures to collect and I'm hoping to get one of those two, Mr Jack Skellington himself or Zero, because he's super cute! All the figures available are adorable to be honest, as this series of Funko Mystery Minis has a more chibi-esque, cutesy design than previous releases for this movie franchise. So I'd be happy to get any of them, and will more than likely want to collect them all, because well, we all know I have a problem XD I want ALL THE TOYS! Anyhow, here are the characters you can get... 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Mystery Mini

Something that I love about Funko Mystery Minis are the boxes, they are so fun and colourful! I can't help but want to buy them, but let's be honest... I'd buy them even if they came wrapped in newspaper or something :D How adorable is this collection though!? The design of the figures is so fantastic! They are all incredibly adorable! Even the characters that are typically supposed to look a little creepy, like Doctor Finklestein, are cute :)  I've seen so many gorgeous photos featuring them by my toy collector friends in the US, and they are really photogenetic figures too! Looking at the line-up on the back of the box, which figure appeals to you the most? After checking out the pictures, I also really love the look of Pumpkin King Jack & Shock, so I'd love to get either of those characters! I won't keep you waiting any longer, it's time to reveal who's inside the first box I opened! 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Zero

The Nightmare Before Christmas Zero

The Nightmare Before Christmas Zero

Yayyyyy! I got one of the figures that I wanted! And he's even more adorable than I expected :) Look how kawaii the Jack-O-Lantern on his nose is! I love his smiley facial expression too, and I'm super impressed by the way they've designed his body because it actually looks like it's flowing in the wind. After his nose, the ears are the second best thing about this Zero figure in my opinion. They are really unique to his character and I love how they've captured just how they look in the movie :) The overall colouration and design of his figure looks rather simplistic and I think that this just makes it look even more awesome. There is definitely beauty in simplicity, as they say! 

Time for the next box... 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Lock

The Nightmare Before Christmas Lock

The first thing I noticed about this figure is how eye-catching his face is! I love how they've got Lock's cheeky expression spot on! He looks ready to start some mischief :D His eyes are so big and bright, and I think the little pointed teeth in his grin are so cute! My favourite thing about this figure has to be his shoes; they remind me so much of elf shoes and I think that they are a really lovely touch to his overall design. 

The next best thing about the Lock Mystery Mini for me has to be his little devil tail, and his axe looks cool as well! Something that's a bit of a shame though is how there are gaps where the figure hasn't been assembled very neatly on the back on his head, but you won't be able to see that when I photograph him or have him on display, so it's not too much of a problem. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Mini Mystery

I'm over the moon to have finally added some of The Nightmare Before Christmas figures to my Funko Mystery Mini's collection, and I can't wait to add more! Yep, I can't resist :) Just look how cute they are! How could I not!? My favourite of the two figures I unboxed is Zero, I let out a huge 'AWWWW!' every time I look at his nose, haha! :D I'd love to hear in the comments which is your favourite of the two and why. Also, do you want me to blog again when I get another haul of these figures? So, that's it for today's post guys! I know it's shorter than most of my posts, but I have got to get through the rest of my to-do-list now :D Christmas Eve is super busy this year! I hope you all have an amazing day tomorrow, however you choose to celebrate :) I might have another blog post up tomorrow all about my decorations this year, but I might get so wrapped up in the festivities that I decide not to blog! Either way, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas! 

Thankyou for reading! 

Do you any of you collect figures? 
Or enjoy buying blind boxes from time to time?

Also, if you're a fellow fan of TNBC, what's your favourite song? 

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