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Bedroom Inspiration

Hey lovelies! I've mentioned before that I share a bedroom at home and that that will soon change! I am going to finally have my own bedroom for the first time (not including when I was living in university accommodation)! It is looking like the day will be arriving very soon and so I've constantly had decorating ideas on my mind lately. If you follow me on Pinterest I'm sure you'll have seen all of my homeware and bedroom ideas pinning! This has motivated me to share a bedroom inspiration post with you all just showcasing some of the homeware or furniture that take my fancy.

I've decided that the best way to show you my ideas is by sharing them in collage form, so I've put together three collages for today's post. One will be dedicated to my dream bedroom furniture. The second will showcase some of the homeware that I would love to have in my room, and the last collage will contain the colour schemes and decor that I have in mind.

Bedroom Inspiration Collage
| Chest of Drawers: The Range | Cube Storage Unit: Argos | Bedside Table: DuneIm | Floral Four Drawer Unit: The Range | Desk: Argos | Bookcase: Ikea |

As you can see, I have a thing for white furniture! I've decided to go for white furniture because I love how eye-catching bright coloured items look against a white background. I'm really looking forward to having all of my collectible figures and plushies displayed on white furniture! I've been very excited about the fact that I'll finally be able to dislay my books and collectibles on shelving units, like the one in the bottom right of my collage :) I am constantly pinning 'shelfies' because I adore a well-filled, decorative bookcase with everything sorted into categories or colour co-ordinated, easy to find and looking neat and pretty. I can't wait to be able to wake up everyday and look at my own bookshelves with pride; although I'm sure mine will be more cluttered and busy than those I have saved on Pinterest, haha!

You may be wondering why there's no wardrobe included on my furniture collage... this is because there's a built-in closet (more of a big cupboard) in my bedroom which since my sister & I moved into it, when I was around 11 years old, has been used to store stuff- a mixture of our possessions and old boxes of family photo albums and such. This cupboard will soon be turned into my wardrobe, and this will free up a lot more room space as it erases the need for an actual wardrobe. Having my own room will also mean that I can finally have an area to put a TV and therefore a console :) I've missed gaming so much so I'm over the moon about this! My collage has two square/cube storage units featured on it, and this is because I love them so much! I like how versatile they are; you can fill them with those fabric 'baskets' or just stack your items as you would on a bookcase. I just really like how they look.

The thing I am most excited about is getting a desk, and having a designated work area for blogging! Omgosh, I can't wait! I have been for so long without a desk and it's been super stressful. Even more so after coming back home from university where I had my own bedroom with a desk! You can have a nosey at my desk ideas on my 'All about that desk' board over on my Pinterest. 

Bedroom Inspiration Collage
| Owl Incense Burner: Wilkos | White Floral Frame: The Range | PyroPet Cat Candle: Firebox | Vanilla Cupcake Large Jar: Yankee Candle | White Rabbit Table Lamp: TheLandOfNod | Pusheen Unicorn Hanging Ornament: Truffle Shuffle | Pastel Skull Candles: EmberCandleCo |

If you've been a follower of my blog for a while, you'll know that I'm pretty obsessed with Japanese kawaii culture! I just adore it! I have since I was a kid, as I grew up watching anime shows filled with the cutest characters- Pokemon, Digimon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, Hamtaro. So, for as long as I can remember I've dreamt of having my own little kawaii space! I very much enjoy watching kawaii bedroom tours on Youtube, but I'm always left feeling envious that I don't have a bedroom like that myself. It's going to feel amazing for me to finally be able to create my own haven of pastel-coloured cuteness! 

Above you can get an idea of the style of homeware I would like to fill my bedroom with. I love pretty pale shades and so any cutesy items in these colours are right up my street. I love candles so much, and I've had my eye on several gorgeous candle brands for over a year now. I'm delighted that I can soon buy some of the awesome Pyro Pets candles and the super detailed skull candles from Ember Candle Co. Being an animal lover, I'm a big fan of animal themed homeware, such as the rabbit lamp that I found on Pinterest and the adorable origami animal lights by Disaster Designs that I've featured on one of my past wishlists (you can find some here), so I'll certainly be getting something similar to brighten up my bedroom.

I love dreamcatchers, especially the new style of fabric dreamcatchers that are becoming popular lately and other hanging ornaments, so I will definitely have some of those on my bedroom walls. Along with these, I want to have a large corkboard near my desk to pin up important information and post-it note reminders, and a magnetic board to display my magnet collection. I am also a pin badge collecter and so I'm very happy to soon be able to display my collection, and I've decided to put them on some embroidery hoops up on my wall. Over the last few months, I've shared a couple of photos over on Instagram of my art wall. I'll be keeping this display of prints and other cute things up and continually adding to it. 

Bedroom Inspiration Collage
| Antique Rose Bouquet Wallpaper: Cath Kidston | Drona Floral Patterned Box: Ikea | Mint & Coral Chevron Cushion Cover: Society6 | Unicorn Rainbow Sparkle Banner: PomTree | Happy Little Cloud Cushion Cover: RedBubble |

When it comes to decorating my bedroom walls, I prefer patterned wallpaper but the simplistic kind with a bold pattern and light colours. At the moment, I have a bright blue damask print feature wall in my bedroom, with the other three walls having plain cream wallpaper on them. I love my current wallpaper but I feel like a new bedroom needs a new wallpaper and so I've been looking around for some other styles. I'm a creature of habit so I might stick with the damask patterned feature wall but get a slightly different colour or look, or I'll look for something else that goes well with the kawaii-theme I'm going for. I am in love with the Cath Kidston floral wallpaper! I also love another paper that I saw recently that is covered in a hundreds & thousands sprinkles print. I'm having a tough time finalising my decisions when it comes to wallpaper because there's just so many beautiful designs available! 

As I have three cream walls in my bedroom, I like to add colour to them by adding bunting or garlands, however I am yet to invest in a higher quality one so I have been looking around on Pinterest and Etsy to find the perfect one. My final collage includes two pretty ones that I've come across online to give you can an idea of what I have in mind. PomTree on Etsy make some gorgeous banners for celebrations and decoration, like the rainbow pastel one I've shared above and a rose gold, blush and champagne one that makes me think of a Naked eyeshadow palette! I love the pompom garlands by FrillyPops on Etsy too; they are so cute! Do you have any recommendations for wall deco? I'd really appreciate it if you'd share your ideas and links below :) 

Whether I choose a floral paper for my feature wall or not, I am still a huge fan of floral patterns and I am 100% sure that I am going to get some floral print fabric 'boxes/baskets' to add into my cube storage units. I'm pretty sure that the one I've featured on my collage is from a collaberation between Ikea & Cath Kidston... I think it's lovely and I will probably end up buying them unless I can find a blue floral design to match my wall paper. I am set on having my main bedroom colour scheme as light blue and white, although I like having a variety of colours so they won't be the only colours I have around my room. Because of my main colour scheme, I want to find home decor for my bedroom that at least has a little blue on it. Both of the cushions that I've added to my final collage have some blue on them and the same will apply to other homeware I get such as throws and ornaments. 

I still have a couple of months before I think I'll finally have my own bedroom and then it will take me probably until after Christmas to finish up decorating and furniture shopping, so I have plenty of time to brainstorm my ideas and make final decisions on what exactly I'm going to have in my bedroom. It's going to an exciting process (albeit probably stressful too!) to re-decorate and organise my things, and I'll keep you all up to date on what's happening over on my social media. I hope I've not bored you all rambling about my bedroom inspiration, haha!

You can have a nosey through my Bedroom Inspiration board on Pinterest to see more of my ideas if you want :)

Thankyou for reading!

What is your bedroom colour scheme?

Also, what's your favourite thing about your bedroom, and something that you'd like to improve? 

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  1. Gorgeous ideas for your bedroom, we are doing a bit of redecorating soon and I will be getting my own dressing room, I'm so excited to plan and decorate it! I look forward to seeing your bedroom when it's all done!


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