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Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Hello guys! It was one of my goals this month to make a yummy Halloween-themed treat & today, I finally did it!! I have been having a bad time lately with my mental health, which has made me really unmotivated to get things done. Even things that I was really excited about! They have all been put on a back-burner so to speak and with it almost being Halloween Day, I'm determined to check all of the things I wanted to do off of my October checklist. So, I am really happy that I've now managed to tick off 'do some Halloween baking/making'. I love making sweet treats, and I had a lot of fun once I got going!

I've been wanting to make some of these spoopy rice krispie 'cakes' for so long now! I came across a video of them on facebook either last year or the year before, and so it's about time that I had a go at making my own! They never turn out quite like the picture (or video in this case) or that might just happen to me! But nonetheless, they tasted great and I was definitely a little proud looking at them after they were all finished.  I wanted to share how I made them with you all, so that you can have a go yourself :) Enjoy! 

On the original recipe video that inspired the rice krispie treats I made today, there were three different Halloweeny 'characters' made: Frankenstein's Monster, a pumpkin and a witches cauldron. I just decided to make the first two. Here's a link to the video, so you can check out how much better her Halloween treats are compared to mine, haha! 

So, what ingredients did I use to make my Halloween Rice Krispie Treats?

600g white mini marshmallows (300g per character)
200g rice krispie breakfast cereal (100g per character)
60g butter/magarine (30g per character)
x2 tubes of gel food colouring (one green & one orange)
A packet of candy stick sweets (I used something else, but I'll explain later on)
A packet of those ice-cream shaped sweets (again, I used something else)
A pack of various coloured icing for decoration (make sure it includes black and red).

What equipment/utensils did I need?

A large pan
Electric kitchen scales
Various bowls for weighing out each ingredients
A wooden spoon
2 baking trays (to prepare my rice krispie treats on) 

When it came to buying mini marshmallows, I couldn't find a bag of just white ones. My hometown has a very small town centre with a limit amount of shops, although there is one of those small Asda stores so you'll see that most of my ingredients is from there. With the pink and white mini marshmallows, I had to pick out all of the white ones by hand and there wasn't many at all compared to the pink ones. I decided whilst out to get some big bags of those marshmallows you use to make smores (to save money), and then I just cut them up into really small pieces and mixed them together with the mini marshmallows. I recommend not doing this though, because it made my marshmallow-cereal balls very very sticky and thus super tough to handle and mold into shape. This is why my own treats don't look as good as the ones from the video, but you'll see later on! 

As for the sweets, they are used to create some of the characteristic features of the pumpkin and Frankenstein's Monster. Since our local town centre is pretty crappy, I couldn't find candy sticks anywhere or those ice-cream shaped sweets, so I had to improvise! Since the candy sticks are used in the original recipe to create the iconic bolts in Frankenstein's Monsters' neck, I had to find something else that could work for that... I used the white sweets from the Strawberries & Cream ones from the corner shop close to where I live. The ice-cream sweets were to be used to make the stalks on top of the pumpkins, so I got fizzy dummies to create those instead. Keep scrolling to find out the method...

Here's how you make the Halloween Rice Krispie Treats...

You will need to make two seperate batches, one for each character. Start by weighing out all of your ingredients, and melting 30g of butter or margarine (I used Stork margarine) in a big pan. It needs to be large enough to accomodate all those rice kripsies and marshmallows!  

1) After your butter is all melted down, you can add your first 300g of mini marshmallows. Keep stirring them so they don't stick and then burn to the bottom of your pan. Stir until all of the marshmallow is melted. This part of the process smells AMAZING in my opinion, and the melted-down marshmallow made me think of that American Marshmallow Fluff stuff *nom nom*

2) Still stirring your marshmallow mixture on top of the hob (I had mine set to 3 at the start, and once the marshmallow was liquidifying, I turned it down to 2), it's now time to add your food colouring. I wanted to get a strong colour for my characters so I literally added an entire tub of gel colouring into my mixture, adding a little bit each time and stirring it so that all the colour was thoroughly mixed in. I did this until I had ran out of the gel colouring. 

3) Now it's time to pour your 100g of rice krispies into the pan, and stir everything up. Try to completely coat all of the cereal with the melted marshmallow so that you won't have random dry pieces of rice krispie dotted throughout your Halloween treats. Once you've done this, take the pan off of the heat. 

4) Leave the mixture to cool down for a few minutes, I probably waited close to five minutes before starting this next process, which is to shape your rice krispie treats. This part can get very messy, especially for me because I used those smore marshmallows which were so gooey! Stick your hands into the pan and scoop up a handful of the mixture. 

5) To make the pumpkins, you need to roll your orange marshmallow-cereal mixture into balls and place them onto a baking tray. For your Frankenstein's Monster treats, you need to roll the mixture into longer, flatter shapes. Imagine how his head looks when doing this, like a cuboid-ish shape. 

6) Before you put your rice krispie treats into the fridge to set for around 3o minutes, you'll need to add your sweets. For the Frankenstein's Monster heads, push your candy canes or whatever sweet you decide to use for his 'bolts' into the bottom of his face. For the pumpkins, turn your ice-cream sweets upside down so that the cone is pointing upstairs. This will create your stalks.

7) Once you've taken them out of the fridge, you can decorate them. Yay, my favourite part! I used the black tube of icing to draw on the Monsters' hair and smile. I used to black to draw on the pumpkin's faces too. I then used the red icing to draw scars onto the Monsters' face and add a little blood effect onto the end of his bolts, because I thought that would look cool :) I also had a green tube so I added blobs of green icing for his eyes. I finished this eyes off with a black icing dot for his pupils. Additionally, I used the green icing to add a little colouration to the fizzy dummy sweets that I had to use for my stalks, just because I wanted to use as much as my green icing as possible.

8) Ta-da! You'll now have some very cute little Halloween rice krispie treats! They look great and the taste even better. Mine didn't look as fabulous as the ones on the recipe video, but that's because it was such a challenge to mold my characters into shapes. The marshmallow was acting like glue, and sticking to my hands relentlessly. Oh well, at least you can tell what characters they are supposed to be, haha!

So without further ado, here are my finished treats!

As you can see, it was a lot easier to shape the Monster's and decorate them because I could do this without having to pick them up. I'm really happy for how those rice krispie treats turned on! They look so spoopy! However, look at the mess that my Pumpkins are!? I couldn't roll them into perfect ball shapes because everytime I tried to put them down, they would stick to my hands. At least their faces look cute! In a way, I like how they look because they should look spooky and ghoulish, because they are Halloween characters! No matter how distorted they look, I absolutely loved the look of my nieces' and nephew's faces when they saw them! They really enjoyed them and that's what making and baking is all about! 

Just a note, how cute is my little Grim Reaper toy!? I've had since I was 16 years old. My mom made me an alternative-style birthday cake... a purple coffin covered with glittery plastic spiders and black writing, with this adorable little guy sitting on top. I really loved that cake so I've kept the Grim Reaper, some of the plastic spiders and the glittery purple candles my mom used! 

Anyhow, I hope that you all enjoyed this Halloween baking/making post and that I've inspired you to have a go making some of these super cute rice krispie treats for yourself. I can't say enough how easy it was and how fun they were to make! I wish that I had more time to make some other Halloween goodies, as today has got me in the mood to keep making!

Thankyou for reading!


 What do you think of my attempts at making these treats? 
(It's okay, you can laugh at my pumpkins!)

Also, have you got a favourite Halloween-themed recipe? I'd love some recommendations for what to make next!

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  1. OMG they look amazing and so cute I love them!! It has been forever since I baked anything and I really miss it there's just something so satisfying about making your own sweet treats xoxo



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