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Spoopy Unboxing Fridays #4

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Today marks the end of my Spoopy Unboxing posts. It's the last Friday of the month, Halloween will be fast upon us! I have really enjoyed collecting some new blind box series and I am pretty sad that there's not a couple more friday's left to go! I hope that you've enjoyed finding out what figures my boxes revealed as much as I've enjoyed showing you. So without further ado, here is my last round of Halloweeny unboxing...

Spoopy Unboxing Fridays #4

 I have been after some blind bags from the Pint Size Heroes range from Funko for a while now. Although I have watched so many unboxing videos of these types of figures over on Youtube, I was really curious to see for myself how much detail and quality would be put into such tiny figures. I was definitely impressed by what I found! For such miniature figures, they are very good quality with a lovely paintjob. There are quite a few different series of the Pint Size Heroes available: Spiderman ones, WWE ones, Sci-fi, Steven Universe, Disney ones. 

Personally, I was most excited about the Horror ones and The Nightmare Before Christmas ones, however this collection is pretty new and I've only managed to find them on Forbidden Planet for pre-order. I managed to find the Horror Pint Size Heroes blind bags that I will be reviewing today, on a online store called Geek Shack. They were also a pound cheaper here than the other websites that had them for sale, at only £3.99 each! I bought five. Keep scrolling to find out which figures I got...

My first blind bag revealed mini Mr Beetlejuice himself! I absolutely love his cheeky grin and sinister expression; it really reflects his personality in the movie, Tim Burton's Beetlejuice (1988). I like how his tongue is peeping out there too, haha. I'm lovin' his black & white pinstripe suit because of how eye-catching it is and how well it contrasts with his awesome green hair! The purple colouration around his eyes is cool too, and he's such a great figure. I was very happy to be off on such a good start! 

Spoopy Unboxing Fridays #4

OH MY GOSH! I am reallllllyy happy that I got Chucky!! He's a fabulous and very iconic horror character and I think this Pint Size Heroes version of him is so freakin' adorable! I am very much impressed with all of detail that's gone into his design! All of the colours too, he's a very vibrant little figure! The attention to detail on the Chucky figure is fantastic! I mean, just look at the miniscule 'Good Guys' lettering on his dungaree pocket. In the movie franchise, the doll that the main character possesses is from a line called 'Good Guys' so it's awesome that they've included this small detail. 

My favourite part of the design is all of the scaring and stitching on Chucky's face, which looks brillant when combined with his evil smirk. His ginger hair is wonderful too as it has a textured look. Chucky is one of the figures that I most wanted so I'm honestly over the moon!

Spoopy Unboxing Fridays #4

Upon checking out which figures were available in the Horror Pint Size Heroes blind bags, Carrie was not one of the figures that I wanted the most, however after actually getting her in the third bag I opened, she's definitely one of my favourites now! Just look how amazing she looks!? If you're a fan of Funko's Pop! vinyl figures, you may have seen that they recently brought out a Carrie version and this figure is also fashioned after the well-known scene from the 1976 film, the scene where the protagonist is covered in pig's blood by her high school bullies. I would love to add this Pop! to my collection, and I'm also very glad that this Pint Size Heroes version is designed to resemble this scene too. This is the part of the movie where Carrie's personality really changes from a shy, quiet girl to a badass horror character, and so I'm very happy that they've given this mini figure a smirk to show this. I love the way the blood is dripping down her face and how she has a few speckles on her arms and cheek. Doesn't she just look so cool!? 

Spoopy Unboxing Fridays #4

I have to admit that the only reason I want this figure is so that I can complete the whole set. As much as I think Elvira as a character is gorgeous and very cool, I am yet to watch her 1988 movie, Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark. Maybe I should add it to my Halloween night watch-list! Have you ever seen the movie? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments. It does make me laugh that on every single figure I've seen of Elvira across Funko's many collections, they always make sure to highlight her clevage. I know she's an alternative celebrity crush icon, but it's just funny to see that even on the tiniest of figures, this is not left out of the design. 

What I like most of this figure is the pretty colours of her eyeshadow, it does look lovely, and I also think the knife on her belt is an awesome little detail too. One of Elvira's most eye-catching features is her big hair, so I like how this has been incorperated into the design. I'm disappointed though that on the figure I received, there is a mistake and her hair has a massive dent on the right size of the figure :( It is somewhat visible on my photograph... see how the sides of her head don't match in shape? So I will have to open a few extra bling bags to try and get her again, this time hopefully undamaged.

Spoopy Unboxing Fridays #4

Yayy! I got another of my favourites! I was feeling very lucky that I didn't get any duplicates in my blind bags and that I got two of the characters at the top of my wishlist!! If you're not much of a horror fan and don't know who Pinhead is, he's the leader of a group of creatures from Hell, known as cenobites, in the Hellraiser horror movie franchise. Hellraiser, especially Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth, is one of my top five horror movies. If you're a fan of continous gore, then I recommend that you watch these movies! 

Something that I really like about this Pinhead figure is how they've managed to include all of the weapons on his outfit and also his exposed, bloody ribs, on such a small space. It is printed on rather than painted on, which I prefer on a miniature figure as there's less room for error. The coolest part of his figure though is obviously all of the pins in his head and just the way it looks! Due to the size of the figures, they couldn't really add much detail to his 'pins' but they will look great as little silver bumps across his entire head and face. It's a 10/10 from me!

Spoopy Unboxing Fridays #4
Ta-da! So here's all of the characters that I unboxed (or should I say unbagged?). Which is your favourite out of all of the ones I got?

Spoopy Unboxing Fridays #4

In the Pint Size Heroes Horror collection, there are twelve figures to collect and what's great is that they all have a 1 in 12 rarity, which means you have a better chance of collecting all of the characters! The characters that I wanted most of all were Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Pennywise the Clown, Pinhead and Michael Myers. Which one would you most want to receive?

I was supposed to take a photograph of the back of the packaging to show you that they have misprinted it (oops)! All of the blind bags I got and all the ones I've seen on Youtube have an incorrect packaging which shows two identical Gremlins in the collection, but when we open up the bags and take out the checklist leaflet inside, it shows a Gremlin and then another character who you can see on the bottom row in the middle. This guy is Krampus, and he's the figure missing on the back of the blind bag. Silly Funko! 

Spoopy Unboxing Fridays #4

How amazing do my new figures look all lined up next to one another!? I can't wait to get all twelve and have them displayed on a shelf in my bedroom, when I can finally start the decorating process. I love the chibi design of the Pint Size Heroes, with their oversized heads and tiny bodies. I love how different they all look to each other and how much they mirror the movie characters they are designed after. They all look bloody awesome and I've certainly got a mighty need now to invest in more Pint Size Heroes. I am well and truely obsessed with collectible figures! I'm going to be overrun with them soon, but I don't care!

I don't want to end this post because it means it's the finale of my Spoopy Unboxings (for this year at least :p haha!) but Stranger Things is calling me so thus I must go! Who else going to be binge-watching season 2 over the weekend?

Thankyou for reading!

Have my Spoopy Unboxing posts persuaded you to buy some for yourself?

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