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Spoopy Unboxing Fridays #3

Hey lovelies! Are you all excited for another Spoopy Unboxing Fridays post? Because I am! I've really enjoyed reviewing all of these spooky blind boxes that are just perfect for Halloween-time! Should I do a Christmas version? *my bank account tuts with disapproval* haha! Whilst this post goes live, I'll be in Manchester city again! This time, my best friend & I are going to watch a musical, Joseph & The Technicolour Dreamcoat! Of course, I'll be taking advantage of the Arndale centre with it's Disney store, Lush, Waterstones and a whole array of other fabulous shops that my hometown doesn't have. I'll also be heading to Build-A-Bear because OMFG NEW VULPIX PLUSHIE! Okay before my excitement gets me going too off-topic... let's get on with today's post :) I hope that you've all been liking this mini series, and please let me know what you think of the collectables that I review today in the comments. Enjoy! 

Spoopy Unboxing Fridays The Third

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite movies to watch around this time of year. Even though it's technically a Christmas movie (or is it? What do you think?), it will always be one of my favourite Halloweeny movies! Whilst spending hours watching unboxing videos on Youtube as always, I came across this awesome The Nightmare Before Christmas collection and was delighted that they were part of the Mystery Minis range by Funko, as their blind box figures are fantastic in my opinion! The boxes that I purchased for today's review are from Series 2 and I found them for sale at one of my favourite alternative stores, EMP. Here's a link to the product page on their website; they were £6.99 a box which is a pretty standard price for Funko Mystery Minis. So here are the figures that my boxes revealed... 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Mystery Minis

The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Mystery Minis

''I am the Clown with the tear-away face! Here in a flash and gone without a trace!''

I'm sorry, I cannot look at this figure without instantly bursting into song. I was constantly singing along to the iconic 'This is Halloween' song from the intro of the The Nightmare Before Christmas movie whilst I was taking the photographs of my figures and when I was writing up this post! I now can't get it out of my head either, although I'm not complaining... I love it! 

Anyhow, I was so so happy when I opened my first blind box and was greeted by this creepy yet adorable clown figure. He was one of the characters that I most wanted to get, yayyy! Firstly, I love how colourful he is! His entire costume is great, with an awesome eye-catching array of patterns. I really like his belt that is filled with all of his jokester supplies: a horn, a rubber chicken, a yoyo?, etc. All of these props remind me of vintage clowns, and immediately make me think of Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story: Freak Show. I think this little guy definitely has a spooky smile to match Twisty's; it just has such a sinister sharp-toothed grin! I love how his facial features are printed on VS being painted on. This way there's less chance of errors and it just looks great. 

Something that makes this clown even more fantastic is that he's backwards! His face/head is twisted all the way around so that the front of his body is actually at the back of the figure. I love this little touch to his character! His big red nose is very noticeable and it certainly adds to the overall look of the face, which I love! Yeah, I'm thrilled with this figure :) 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Mystery Minis

The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Mystery Minis

Fellow TNBC fans, do you all recognise this guy? It took me a while to picture him in the movie, but then I realised that he's the one who's pulling Jack as the Pumpkin King scarecrow into the town centre during the intro song! At least I'm pretty sure he is. I did not know until I was writing up my notes for today's post that this characters name is Behemoth. According to google, a Behemoth is 'a huge or monstrous creature', which I also didn't know! I wouldn't say this character looks very monstrous so he doesn't live up to his name, but he still looks pretty ghoulish and so he's a great addition to the movie 'cast'! 

As much as I love this set of TNBC Mystery Minis because they have included some of the more obscure, less well-known characters from the movie, Behemoth is not one of figures that I wanted. I think his design is pretty boring! It certainly doesn't stand out in any way in my opinion. Other than the bright sunshine-yellow of his gloves, he doesn't have much detail and is not eye-catching. Although, the more I look at his expression, the cuter it appears! It looks to me like he's in awe of something. Like someone who's in a daze staring at their crush, hahaha! Nevermind, he's still a spoopy dude and will look cool on the Halloween display I'm setting up in my bedroom right now :) I can't deny that the axe stuck in his head isn't brilliant though! What do you think of him?

The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Mystery Minis

Everytime I line up figures next to one another, they always look better to me! Maybe it's because of all the different colours and shapes and such, but this is why I am never content with just owning one figure from a collection. Which character do you prefer: Behemoth or Creepy Clown? Looking at these two figures standing side-by-side made me think up a meme, me when I see someone I know in public VS other people! Anyway overall I really like these figures, and they are much bigger than other Mystery Mini figures I've collected before which is cool. 

I actually ordered three boxes, however my third figure had some damage to it that I couldn't ignore. I usually don't mind small errors on figures, especially if they are hand-painted or whatever, but I got Santa aka Sandy Claws and he has a very noticeable mark on top of his hat. I have emailed the store to request a replacement so hopefully I get one! Sandy Claws was huge in comparison to these guys, more weighter too. If you were buying these in a store, you'd be able to tell which box he was in just because of how much heavier it feels. I wish I had a store near me where I could buy blind boxes! I'd be their No.1 customer! 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Mystery Minis

Here's a closer look of all twelve characters that are available to collect in this series. The one I wanted most of all was the blue monster.... ''I am the one hiding under your stairs! Fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair!'' (I can't stop!!). I also really wanted the waving clown (which I got!), Jack as the Pumpkin King and the vampire. I also wouldn't have complained if I'd have gotten any three of the children, Lock, Shock or Barrel. Who's your favourite character from the ones shown above? I like how all of the figures have a 1 in 12 rarity so you have a fair chance of getting the ones you want!

I liked how simplistic the design of the packaging was for these figures with just a few of the characters on the other three sides of the box, and a very nice horror-esque crimson red colour. I'd definitely recommend these figures to anyone who loves collectables or Halloween or the movie! I'm very tempted to get another box, even though I don't have any desire to complete the entire collection, but I shouldn't because I always end up wanting more and more. So, we've come to the end of another Spoopy Unboxing Fridays. I wish I had more than two figures to show you, but I still hope you enjoyed reading nonetheless. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Do you like The Nightmare Before Christmas movie?
If so, what's your favourite song? 

If you haven't yet seen it then this Halloween is the perfect time to!

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  1. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas. I've seen it so many times! I didn't know that these mystery boxes were a thing though but I totally need to get some!

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