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Halloween Look #5

Hey everyone! Another Halloween, Another Spooky Look :) At the moment, I'm pretty obsessed with the new version of Stephen King's IT, with the gorgeous Bill Skarsgard playing Pennywise the Clown. I've watched it three times now, and I'd happily watch it again and again! They've done such a great job with this movie; have you watched it yet? If not, you seriously need to! Because of my current obsession, I have been really wanting to create my own Creepy Clown look, and if you follow me over on Pinterest you may have noticed my regular pinning of inspiration for this. Today, I had a lot of fun creating my look and so I thought I'd share it with you all. 

Halloween Look: Clown

If you're a new reader of my blog, you may be wondering why today's post is titled as number 5... last year I took part in Blogtober, where bloggers challenge themselves to share a post everyday of October. During this time, I shared four different Halloween make up looks: a Vampire, Wednesday Addams, a Zombie and my version of Regan from the Exorcist. I was determined to create at least one new costume look this year, and I'm really glad that I managed to. So, what products did I use?

Halloween Look: Clown

Today was my first time playing around with liquid latex, and it was definitely interesting. It was my intention to create a SFX (Special Effects) make up look, but silly me forgot to get some scar wax! I tried following a tutorial recipe to make some wax-like material myself using flour and vaseline, but it just didn't want to stay stuck to my face! But nevermind, I used my new Makeup Revolution SFX face paint palette, and some other cosmetics and things to make a look I was happy with :) 

Products that I used to create my Creepy Clown look

- Makeup Revolution 'Mermaids VS Unicorns' Redemption Eyeshadow Palette  
- Makeup Revolution 'Acid Brights' Redemption Eyeshadow Palette
- Makeup Revolution Ghost Powder
- Makeup Revolution Spectre SFX Palette Face Paint
- Makeup Revolution Liquid Latex
- Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation (Ivory)
- Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer (Ivory)
- Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Eyeshadow Palette 'Brixton Brown'
- Rimmel London Black Kohl Pencil Eyeliner
- Collection Extreme 24Hr Felt Tip Liner 
- Loreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster Liquid Eyeliner
- Maybelline Color Sensational Mattes 'Divine Wine' Lipstick
- Tube of Blood (from a local Pound Store)

Halloween Look: Clown

(1) To start off, I applied my usual everyday concealer & foundation. Then I applied the Makeup Revolution Ghost Powder on top, adding as much as was necessary to make my face the shade of white that I wanted. 

(2) Because clowns are associated with colourful makeup, I decided to go for a bright purple and blue eyeshadow look, mixing together the two blue shades from the 'Acid Brights' palette by Makeup Revolution, and then applying the glittery purple eyeshadow from the 'Mermaid VS Unicorns' palette. Afterwards I put on my eyeliner, a line on top of my eyelid with a wing at the end using the Collection liquid eyeliner and using kohl pencil liner on my waterlines as well as under each of my eyes. I also used a thin makeup brush to add a little of the eye shadow colours under my eyes, to match with my eyelids.

(3) Next, it was time to create the iconic diamond shapes that are associated with clown makeup. I simply drew the outlines of these with my Collection liquid eyeliner, a triangular shape under each of the eyes and then again, from my eyelid up over my eyebrows.  After the outline was drawn, I then filled in the shapes using my Loreal blackbuster felt liner, which I also used to add some cute little black dots to the ends of these diamonds and the wings of my eyeliner. 

(4) Now for the 'Chealsea Smile' look. For my base, I created a bruise-like effect and I did this by using some of the eyeshadows from my Revolution 'Acid Brights' palette. First, I used the burgundy shade, drawing a line where I wanted my 'cuts' to be and then smuding it. Next, I added a little of the dark brown eyeshadow from my Rimmel Glam'Eyes palette, as well as some black from the Resolution palette (smudging this too) until I was happy with the colouration of my 'bruise'.

(5) Over this line of eyeshadow, I applied the Makeup Revolution liquid latex. It is very runny so I decided to add a little to a bowl and use a makeup brush to paint it on. It tells you to apply the latex in layers, so I added a little and waited a few minutes for it to dye before then applying a second coat. The liquid latex is white when it comes out of the tube, but it dries completely clear.

Halloween Look: Clown
Here are some of the pins that I found my inspiration from :)

(6) Doing the bloody bits is my favourite part! You need special SFX fake blood to apply over the top of the liquid latex, however I just one of those £1 tubes from the Poundstore so I had to apply it around the outside of the 'cut' that I'd created (I used cotton buds to do this). I made this very messy-looking because well, wounds are messy with jagged edges, so I wanted to create that look. This is perfect for me since I'm not the best at applying makeup, haha! I made it look like droplets of blood were dripping under the wound, and also under my lip. 

(7) To colour-in the 'cut' itself, I went back to the Makeup Revolution face paint palette, which is specifically made for SFX makeup and thus it can be applied on top of the now dried latex. This palette has strong pigmented, great quality paints inside, of which shades are labelled based on the effects that they create, e.g. dried blood, bruise, fresh blood. I again used cotton buds for this part of the makeup. I added a layer of the lighter 'fresh blood' red first, then went over it with the paler brown shade, and finally opted for the 'dried blood' dark crimson red colour. 

(8) I finished up this part of my face by adding a shade of lipstick that is the closest to crimson that I own, Maybelline's 'Divine Wine'. I really liked how this looked with the blooded cut effect surrounding it.

(9) The finishing touch that I did to complete my Creepy Clown look was to add a big bruise onto one of my cheeks, because I just felt like I needed something more. I used the same eyeshadow shades that I did previously as a base for my 'cut', the burgundy, brown and black. Then I used the dark red and pale brown face paints over the top, and then ta-da! I was fully transformed into a spooky Halloween-esque clown! 

I can now finally show you what my Creepy Clown makeup looked like... 

Halloween Look: Clown
(Yes, I used this adorable starry snapchat filter because by the time, I'd played around trying to create my own homemade wax and experimented with the latex and blood look, it was evening and the lighting was crap. Ooops #BloggerProblems. I really need to invest in softbox lighting!). 

Halloween Look: Clown

What do you guys think of my Creepy Clown look? I totally should have added a red dot to my nose as this is a symbolic clown feature but I'm still really happy with how everything turned out. I now know what else I'll need to do to create an even better clown next year, and for someone who's not the best at makeup, I thought this was a great attempt (I hope!). Let me know what you think in the comments. Something that was really cool about the liquid latex is how gory it looks when you're removing it. It looks like you're peeling off layers of your skin! I decided to wear my Jack-O-Lantern dress to finalise my look, which you can read more about here. I'm so excited for tomorrow, and there will hopefully be another makeup look up for you all! Do you dress up for Halloween? What are you dressing up as this year?

Thankyou for reading!

Which Halloween look have you always wanted to create yourself?


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