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Lush Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb | Review

Hello lovelies! I realised the other day that apart from my weekly Spoopy Unboxings, I hadn't shared any further Halloween themed posts with you all yet this October. Last year, I took part in Blogtober (sharing a post every day!), so it feels a little strange that this year my blog has not been filled with spooky topics so far this month! I am determined to change that during these last few days leading up to Halloween. Omgosh, Halloween is so close now! I wanted to start off by sharing with you all my thoughts on one of the bathbombs from Lush's Halloween range. I included Monsters' Ball in the Lush Halloween haul that I posted last October, so this time around I wanted to talk more about what it's actually like! I hope you enjoy reading, and let me know which Lush Halloween products you've used before in the comments :) 

Lush Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb | Review

Upon first sight, this bathbomb definitely screams Halloween! It's so eye-catching with it's bold colouration and the singular big eye right in the centre of it's face. Plus it's so spoopy! I love how cute it looks, and the bright purpley-pink and blue shades make you instantly know that this bathbomb is going to create some gorgeous bath art. That's one of the reasons, if not the main reason, that Lush is my go-to for bathbombs... because of all that glorious bath art that some of their range create when added to your bath. I was very impressed with this bathbomb last year and so I couldn't not get another! I just adore Lush's festive releases, and I look forward to finding out if there's anything new available each year. Although, that doesn't mean that I don't like the classics like Monsters' Ball because well there's a reason why they keep coming back! 

Lush Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb | Review

Just look how awesome this guy looks!? Monsters' Ball is certainly a photogenic bathbomb! Being really pretty though isn't the only thing that makes me enjoy this bathbomb so much though. It smells amazing, in my opinion! However I'm probably biased because I'm a big fan of citrus scents. They are really refreshing and I love the way my skin smells even after I've gotten out of the bath and dried myself off. The description on the Lush website for Monsters' Ball is... 'Eye spy with this little eye something beginning with BOO! This monster mash-up of lime and neroli oils is a sure fire way to get the party started. Toss into a hot bath and watch it go. Olibanum oil relaxes and leaves you feelin' Franken-fine all night long'. First of all, how bloody brilliant is that description!? I love the introductory line! I'm also gonna keep saying I'm feelin Franken-fine all night on Halloween XD 

So, I won't keep you all waiting any longer! Here are some photographs of how epic your bath will look once you've added a Monsters' Ball bathbomb in there! 

Lush Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb | Review

Lush Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb | Review

Lush Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb | Review

Lush Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb | Review

Look how gorgeous the colours that fill your bath are!! 

Because it had been so long since I'd used my first Monsters' Ball bathbomb, even I got a lovely surprise! I couldn't remember just how amazing the bath art this product made was! I'm always impressed with how the colours spread through the water with Lush bathbombs, no matter how many times I've used them. I buy the 'Intergalactic' one all the time as it's my favourite from their year-round products, and yet I am still fascinated each and every time I watch it swirl across the surface of the water, and as I see all of the colours expanding throughout the bathtub.

With the Monsters' Ball, you first see a mix of different shades of pink, both light and dark, as well as a little blue from the ears? of the Monster. It's one of those bathbombs that starts dissolving pretty fast so it isn't long before the colours trapped inside the centre of the product are released, and then your water is filled with a vibrant blue! You are left with an array of colours, blue, white and pink that remind me more of a sci-fi scene than a Halloween one. Maybe it should be called Aliens' Ball instead! 

I've also included this collage from my phone to give you a better look at the whole bath :)

I totally forgot to get a photograph of the water after all of the bath art had fizzled away, but you can sort of see the colour in the photograph above. The water remained the most gorgeous shade of purple with little bits of glitter floating around. This shade was so so nice, and was that shade of purple that is always associated with Halloween, if that makes sense! There's always lots of decorations in this purple shade, and I absolutely love it! It made me feel like I was sitting in a tub of witches brew or something, haha! I always find that with Lush bathbombs, the water colour stays strong throughout, despite me adding shampoo, condition and bodywash into it, which is fabulous!

Overall, I think this bathbomb is fantastic and it's one of those seasonal products that I wish were available to buy all year. I'm going to be stocking up on a few of them whilst they are still available, that's for sure! Have you ever used this bathbomb before? I'd love to hear what your personal opinions of it are! If not, has my post encouraged you to go buy one for yourself? I hope so! I'd definitely recommend it :) You can find them here.

Thankyou for reading!


Are you a fan of Lush? If so, what's your all-time favourite of their bathbombs? 
Or any of their products in general?

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  1. What a beautiful bath bomb! Although I'm not a bath person since I moved into a place that only has a shower I've started to really miss them and bath bombs so I always make the most of them if I'm staying in a hotel or somewhere that has a bath xoxo


    1. I know right!? I'm so impressed with it :) I know the feeling, I really missed having a bath when I was away at uni because our accommodation only had showers! x


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