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October Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist

Hi guys! I hope you've all had a lovely start to this week... what have you been up to? I'm so looking forward to tomorrow, because we are finally getting our new internet set up. We are changing from Virgin Media to TalkTalk, and I'm really excited about having a better connection. I will soon be investing in a new laptop, finally! So with these two things combined, I should be able to get my blogging game back on track and spend more time preparing posts :) I really enjoy sharing my monthly Kawaii & Geeky wishlists with you all, and I hope you enjoy reading them! Here's October's edition... 

Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist | October

1. TokiDoki Latte Milk Carton Handbag How adorable is this bag from TokiDoki!? It's one of their new releases, and even though I'm not a huge fan of handbags (I'm a crossbody bag kind of girl), I would still love to own this bag, because I mean, just look at it! Latte is one of my favourite TokiDoki characters. I love how this handbag is designed so similar to the milk carton packaging of the brand's Moofia blind boxes. The lining of the bag is really pretty too, but I wish that the 'handle' was silver instead of gold. 

2. Poke Love Mew Enamel Pin by CosmicMermaidPins I am a massive Pokemon fan and yet I've only just added a Pokemon pin to my collection! This one has been on my pin wishlist for ages though and now that I'm soon going to have my own bedroom, I can finally display my pins! I was putting off buying new pins because I had nowhere to show them off, and they just went into my designated pin tins (I love a good rhyme!). I'm so happy that I've been able to start buying new pins again for my collection! This mew pin is gorgeous! I love the colouration, the shape and the chibli look of Mew himself. The etsy store, CosmicMermaidPins also have a Jigglypuff & a Clefairy one available in the same design. They are all so eye-catching and cute! 

3. Rick and Morty Black Portal Tee I was introduced to the fabulous online store Geek La Chic over on my lovely friend Estelle's blog (check it out here)! There are so many products that I want from their website, however I would really like to add something Rick & Morty related to my wardrobe! I love the simplistic design of this tee, and that it's mostly green and black which are my two favourite colours! 

4. Sanrio Little Twin Stars Cushions I have a mighty need for the two Little Twin Stars cushions, one of Kiki and one of Lala, that Artbox recently added to their website. I fell in love as soon as I saw them and even though they are pretty pricey, with them being official Sanrio products and great quality (they look super soft!), I couldn't get one without the other. I have been looking for the perfect cushions to sit on my new double bed when I get it, and I now can't imagine any other cushions. They will go perfectly with the overall theme I'm going for. 

5. Pokemon Centre Eeveelution Vaporeon Poncho Plush I ordered one of these plushies pretty much as soon as I found out they were being released by the Pokemon Centre in Japan. If you didn't know already, Vaporeon is my favourite Pokemon of all time, so of course this was my go-to plushie, but it would be a dream to own each Eeveelution! I love how they are an Eevee plushie dressed in a poncho of the various Eeveelutions, and they look so cuddly! I pre-ordered my plushie through a store called YYKawaii (thanks for the tip Nat! ), through their instagram page which you can find via the link above. I can't wait for my new plushie to arrive! 

6. FIREBOX Crying Unicorn Candle This gorgeous candle was brought to my attention over on Pinterest. I'm a big fan of quirky homeware and my favourite of those are unique candles. I love that the unicorn candle holder itself is simple and white, yet the candle which is it's horn is a vibrant mix of rainbow colours. I think it's so cool how it looks like the unicorn is crying rainbow tears, and it's just a really lovely ornamental piece. For just under £20, you get the unicorn holder plus two rainbow candles, which I think is a great deal! Firebox has some very pretty items so definitely go check the website out. 

7. Funko Pop! IT Pennywise the Clown with Paper Boat An October wishlist wouldn't feel right without at least one spooky item! I went to see the new adaptation of Stephen King's IT in the cinema twice because I love it that much! It is a fabulous movie, and so I can't help but want to get the Pop! representing Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Dancing Clown! There are several variants of this character that have been released, but the main one that is not a specific stores exclusive is Pennywise with the little boat in hand. The original Pennywise (from the 1990 movie) has been on my Funko wishlist for a long time, so this new edition will be joining him there. Have you seen the new movie? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments :) 

8. Pocket Santa Rick and Elf Morty Pin Badge Set This awesome pin set featuring Christmassy versions of Rick and Morty was another Pinterest find. Pinterest is becoming such a bad influence! In the product description over on the Zen Monkey Studios website, it says 'Aw Geez, Merry Christmas Rick' and I couldn't not read it aloud in Morty's voice! It made me giggle and I won't be able to stop thinking it whilst I'm wearing the pins. It will just put an instant smile on my face and so I neeeeed these pins. I love the chibi style design and Rick & Morty's outfits are adorable! 

9. Kawaii Cakes Recipe Book Lately, I have been putting together an Amazon wishlist to help my family and friends get some inspiration for Christmas presents for me. This recipe book popped up when I was scrolling through a keyword search for 'Kawaii', and it was one of the first items that I added to my wishlist. I love baking and I'm pretty obsessed with Japanese Kawaii culture, so this is the best of both those worlds. I would really love to find out exactly what recipes are hidden inside the super adorable covers of this book, and at the moment it's only £6.94 for over 30 cutesy baking ideas. What a bargain!

Thankyou for reading!

What's on your wishlist this month?

Also, what do you think of the items I've included in today's post? 

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  1. Ahhhh everything is so cute I love it all although I haven't seen any of Rick & Morty yet but I've heard so much about it so I'll have o add it to my watchlist xoxo


    1. Thankyou lovely! You neeeed to watch it :) it's so funny! x

  2. Oh my I have had my eye on that Mew pin for AGGGGES! I'll definitely be ordering it in the near future. ^_^

    Aww I'm so pleased you ordered your Vaporeon plushie and especially through YY Kawaii! She's so lovely to chat to. ^_^

    I also want the unicorn candle, but I'd never want to burn it. :P

    As usual, LOVE your wish list! :D


    1. It's just such a gorgeous pin, right!? They neeeed to make a Sylveon or Espeon in that design in the future!

      Cheers for the help :) YYKawaii were great, and so much cheaper than I expected, especially shipping! I can't wait until we get our new plushies!

      Aww thankyou; I'm so glad you enjoy them! x


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