Thursday, 29 October 2015

Almost Halloween

Yayy! There's only 2 days left until Halloween and I'm so excited! I love the week building up to this awesome day as there are so many things to do in preparation... I've carved my pumpkin, done some halloween-themed baking, brought all my fancy dress ideas together to create my costume for my friend's party and put up all my decorations. Speaking of decorations, that's what today's post is all about. Yesterday, I filled my bedroom with decorations, some bought and some drawn. If it was up to me, the whole house would be covered in decorations and I'd probably decorate the garden, too! So, here's another photo filled post for you! 

I'm quite proud of my hand-drawn witch decoration

How adorable are these Cadbury's spider chocolates that my mum picked up from Home Bargins? 

The little wind-up grim reaper and the spider are keepsakes from my 16th birthday. My mum made me a spooky cake :) Here's a photo...

Finally, I decorated the dining room window with some orange pumpkin tinsel & my Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington inspired pumpkin, and today I added a witch and a spiderweb decoration. 

Who else has put decorations up? I'd love to hear all about them so please leave comments below. If you've written a blog post all about your decorations then let me know!

 Tomorrow, I'll be posting about my Halloween cupcakes. 


Hope you've all had a great day!




  1. Some really cute bits, I love DIY and just the fun of Halloween. I want to eat cupcakes now!

    lifestyle blog

    1. Thankyou :)
      I love DIY too (although I'm not very good at it!) so I can't wait to make some deco for Christmas.


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