Wednesday, 28 October 2015

International Plush Animal Lover's Day

I don't usually post on a Wednesday but today is International Plush Animal Lover's Day so I just had to share with you all my love of Amuse plushies Amuse is a Japanese company that make many things, including adorable plushies with their most well known probably being Alpacasso. I have always collected plushies (or teddies as we mostly call them in the UK). I remember having a massive collection of TY beanie babies when I was little and because I was so interested in animals, everytime I saw a teddy of a new species, I wanted it. My passion for teddy animals has not changed, if not it's grown because of all the kawaii plushies that are available online. I first noticed Alpacasso's on tumblr, and how I have lots of products by Amuse. This post is going to be very photo heavy! 

 If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen this photograph of my favourite Amuse plushie. This alpacasso was the first amuse item I bought and yellow is one of my favourite colours, so this is why it's my favourite. I named 'her' Lemony. Who else names their plushies? 

 This is the second alpacasso plushie I bought, because how I resist purchasing a giant rainbow alpaca!? Alpacas are one of my favourite animals, and the mixture of bright & pastel colours are just gorgeous! I named this alpacasso 'Sherbet' because 'he' reminded me the rainbow dust straws that I used to eat when I was little, which was sherbet. 

 This is the only medium-sized alpacasso in my collection. How adorable does he look with his little spotty scarf & earmuffs? It's from a winter themed set, and I bought him this year at MCM Manchester Comic Con. I was determined to come home with a blue alpacasso, so I did! I named him Icegem, inspired by the McVities snacks 'Iced Gems'. 

 Are you starting to think I'm slightly obsessed with alpacasso's yet? If so, you'd be right! I love them! I also purchased these two cuties at comic con this year. It was like paradise for me there, filled with so many stalls selling kawaii Japanese & Korean plushies. These two small alpacasso's are from the Makiba Kids collection and Makiba translates as 'prairie' but they remind me of the traditional outfits of Switzerland. I've named the blue one Hansel and the pink one Heidi. I love the detail of their ribbons with the cute mini bells!

This is the final alpacasso in my Amuse plush collection and is the last one I bought. I got her from the super kawaii UK store Tofu Cute. She is from the Goodnight collection and is wearing an old fashioned night cap. She's a mini-sized  keychain, and I've named her violet after Parma Voilet sweets because of her pretty lavender colour. 

The next few plushies in this post are some of the other awesome 'characters' designed by Amuse. This giant ball of adorableness is from the Coroham Coron series and is a hamster! He's my second favourite Amuse plushie because he is soooo squishy and soft, and I use him as a pillow! He was another comic con purchase and I am so glad I went back to the stall before we left to get him. I found out that this hamster is called Coron, but at the moment, I just call him Ham-Ham. Does anyone else a Coroham Coron plush?

This is another plushie from the Coroham Coron collection, and he's a mini keychain. He reminds me so much of a Syrian hamster I had when I was younger. I want to put him on one of my bags but I don't want him to get dirty or ruined. I checked online and found out his name is 'Purin' which means pudding in Japanese. I think this name is adorable and so I'll keep it as that. 

Ignore the state of my backpack, it needs a good wash! I bought this adorable little bunny keychain in my first ever order from Tofu Cute, and it's from the Pote Usa Loppy bunny series. It's tiny and cute, and I immediately put it on my backpack as soon as I got it! Below is another Pote Usa Loppy plush that I bought at comic con. It is really really soft and feels like the fur of a Rex rabbit. 

 I just had to take a photo of the label because those bunnies are incredibly kawaii! I hope you all enjoyed this post dedicated to Amuse plushies! They are such lovely, well-made plushies and there are so many animals available, ranging from otters, to fennec foxes, to sheep! There's something for everyone and I highly recommend them for any teddy lover!


Does anyone else have an Amuse plush? or a favourite plush of another brand?  


  1. There are all just so adorable. I legit wanna buy like forty and just totally cover my bed in them. x

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thankyou :) haha me too! I already have a few more on my wishlist! I'll have no room to sleep in my bed at this rate!

  2. I collect Pokemon Plushes aha! All of yours are soo cute!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. That's great! What's your favourite Pokemon? Mines vaporeon :) & thankyou


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