Friday, 2 October 2015

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Raiin Monkey: My Birthday

So yesterday it was my 23rd birthday. I had a lovely day (despite the fact that I'm still suffering with a chest infection that just keeps getting worse!). It was quiet, since I'd already celebrated my birthday with my friends a week ago. I spent the day with my mum & it was nice to be home on my birthday because for the last 3 years I'd have to go back to uni on the last week of September. I received some really nice cards; I especially loved one that I got from my mum. I'm a little obsessed with rabbits (little is most definitely an understatement!), and her card was an adorable 3D pop-up style bunny card. My sister also gave me a pretty rabbit card :)

Raiin Monkey: My Birthday
Raiin Monkey: My Birthday

I loved my presents ♥ I was bought my first ever filofax planner! I've been eyeing them up for months now, following planner-related instagrams and watching youtube videos showing how others have their planners set up inside. One of my favourite channels for planners, stationary and creativity in general is MyGreenCow. As soon as I watched her video featuring the A5 Domino Filofax in turquoise from the spring collection, I just had to get one of my own! It was purchased from Ryman and it's gorgeous...I can't wait to start using it.

Aqua Mint Turquoise Domino Filofax

My mum also bought me lots of other awesome presents... it's easier to show you than try and explain about all the items. She wrapped one of those lovely storage boxes up and when I opened it, I discovered it was also filled with lots of individually wrapped presents. It was so fun to open them all and was a nice surprise! I'm a big fan of stationary and so I got lots of it!

Raiin Monkey: My Birthday

Raiin Monkey: My Birthday

Stationery Love, Stationary Love

Stationery Love, Stationary Love,

Adorable Animal Page Markers

Since I have more photos, I thought I'd write two separate posts about my birthday!

 Happy Birthday to everyone else who celebrates their birthdays in October! 


Who else has a filofax or another planner? I'd love to read some blog posts about them :) 


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